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Fasting is practiced by all religions, it’s performed around the world. Fasting is when people are limited to what they can eat or they have to give up the usage of something they enjoy doing for a whole day it depends on each person. The reason why people fast is so they cleanse their bodys from sin.

The orthodox religion practices fasting on various days of the year. Throughout the whole year this religion has different days for fasting each fasting day has their own limitations on what they should and shouldn’t eat on that day and also the amount you eat.

The greek orthodox church is different from any other churches because they believe that people should only practice one religion because there is only one god,when it comes to fasting this religion is very strict on what you can and can’t eat, they take fasting very serious.

They call other religions “fake” just because they don’t follow the same views on fasting, they don’t agree that other religions fast on other days of the week that it has to be on wednesdays and fridays.

They also fast on days that other religions don’t, orthodox religion fast to celebrate saints and christianity does not because they don’t believe in saints.

Greek Orthodox churches perform fasting during The Great lent or any other holy days. The great lent is an important event to this religion, it has been performed for years to imitate the 40 days Jesus Christ walked through the desert without eating anything but for every religion they do 46 days because on sunday’s they don’t have to fast it’s considered a feast day.

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The great lent limits the amount of food you can eat, During the great lent you can’t eat: meat, chicken, and foods that have dairy in them; but you can eat fish and can drink wine or alcoholic drinks. Eastern for this religion is “ the Holy Week “ this week is holy because it was when Jews double-crossed Jesus and he was also crucified days later so the whole week they can only eat certain things each day. Like any other religion they can’t eat meat on the day Jesus Christ was crucified but in the orthodox church they do it every friday.

When it comes to religions the way they practice things is very complex. This sort of diet is not followed because of any diseases or infections, it’s follow based of faith that it’ll clean their sins and be able to go to god pure of sin. This religion as well as others believe that fasting is a way to follow God’s word. They have a choice not to follow it but it parts of their believes and what they’ve grown into . It’s just like any other diet , but the only difference is that it won’t affect them physically if they don’t follow it.

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