Classical Greek Literature: Greek Mythology

The story of Arachne, as told in the lecture, illustrates which of the purposes of mythology
ethics and behavior

Which archetype fits the character of Hero best?
the ingenue

Which situational archetype fits this story best?
the Star-Crossed Lovers

Which character represents the archetype of the Hero best?

What archetype fits the wife of this story best?
the wicked stepmother

Which phrase defines “archetype” best?
a universal element such as a character or situation that recurs across cultures

Which archetype fits the character Arachne best?
the Outcast

What is not one of the purposes of mythology?
Mythology was an ancient ritual initiating a boy into manhood.

Which of the following is the best statement of purpose for the story of Echo?
This myth explains the natural phenomenon of echoes and has elements of religion as well.

Which theme does the story of Cupid and Psyche convey?
Have faith in those you love and don’t let others tempt you into betraying the one you love.

Which situational archetype consists of two lovers who go through many trials but find a way to be together in the end?
the Power of Love

Which archetype suits Pandora best?

“Cupid and Psyche,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and Shrek share which common archetype?
True Love’s Kiss

Which aspect of the contemporary novel The Lightning Thief best illustrates the impact of mythic literature on modern literature?
a young man discovers that his father is actually a god

Why are ancient archetypes useful and relevant to today’s world?
The people and situations they describe are timeless and cross cultural barriers.

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Twilight is a novel about a young human who falls in love with a vampire, even though it is difficult for them to be together. Which work by William Shakespeare most likely influenced this book?
Romeo and Juliet, about two teenagers who are kept apart by their feuding families despite their best efforts

How does knowing the story of Pandora enrich the viewer’s experience and understanding of this painting?
If you know the story, you realize that what she is about to release are all the evils of the world.

Which character archetype is defined as a strong, capable, intelligent woman who may disguise herself as a man?
lady warrior

Which theme is communicated by George Herbert’s poem “Heaven”?
Heaven is a place of eternal joy, light, and leisure.

The owl has become a symbol of wisdom in our culture partly because of its association with the Greek goddess of wisdom, __________.

Which theme can be found in the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”?
beware of talking to strangers

How does Melanion win the race against Atalanta?
He distracts her by tossing golden apples by the path.

Which character archetype suits the character of Perseus best?

Which character is a modern example of the Antihero archetype as discussed in the lecture?
silver surfer

Which phrase defines “atonement” best?
satisfaction or compensation for a wrong

What did Acrisius do to try to keep the prophecy of his death from being fulfilled?
He set his daughter and her child adrift at sea in a sealed chest

Which situational archetype is often found in fantasy fiction such as Lord of the Rings?
the quest

Why were Atalanta and her husband turned into lions?
to punish them for offending one of the gods

How does the prophecy of Acrisius’ death come true?
How does the prophecy of Acrisius’ death come true?

Which statement is false?
Words such as honor, duty, and courage were specifically kept out of the media so that people would view the space program without bias.

Which of the following was not a perception that the media perpetuated about the space program in the 1960s?
Astronauts were smart but foolish for wanting to go into space.

Which statement is false?
During the 1960s, people were completely trusting of television technology and felt that it promoted individualism and peace.

Which word is not one that a politician or news personality would use to support the space program during the 1960s?

Which statement illustrates social context best?
News media used technology to broadcast live the events of the Moon landing.

Which phrase defines “consumerism” best?
the concept that a high rate of consumption and spending are the basis for a sound economy

All of the following had a positive impact on promoting the space program during the 1960s except __________.
the penny papers

Which phrase defines “social context” best?
how ideas or things (e.g., inventions) are used and interpreted by people

Which phrase defines “rhetoric” best?
persuasive, influential, and pleasing speech

Which statement is false?
John F. Kennedy’s lack of likability in the media made his goal to walk on the Moon a national joke.

Who was known as the most trusted man in America during the 1960s?
Walter Cronkite

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