Greek Mythology: Greek Literature and Archetypes

Name the archetypal character who fits this definition: a strong, capable female who may disguise herself as a man in order to achieve her goals.
the Lady Warrior

Which archetype fits the character Arachne best?
the Outcast

Homer’s The Odyssey is an ancient Greek poem about a man who goes on an epic journey home after years in captivity. This classic work most likely influenced the film…
O Brother, Where Art Thou?, about a man who escapes prison to find a treasure and reunite with his family.

Which archetype fits the character of Hero best?
the Ingènue

Which archetypal character is the “enchantress” in the story “Rapunzel”?
the Wicked Witch

Which character archetype fits Perseus best?
the Hero

The story of Arachne, as told in the lecture, illustrates which of the purposes of mythology?
ethics and behavior

What is an example of the influence of the early Greeks on modern entertainment?
the development of theater and the dramatic structure

Why are ancient archetypes useful and relevant to today’s world?
The people and situations they describe are timeless and cross cultural barriers.

Which situational archetype consists of two lovers who go through many trials but find a way to be together in the end?
the Power of Love

How does knowing the story of Pandora enrich the viewer’s experience and understanding of this painting?
If you know the story, you realize that what she is about to release are all the evils of the world

Which of the following is the best statement of purpose for the story of Echo?
This myth explains the natural phenomenon of echoes and has elements of religion as well.

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Which aspect of the contemporary novel The Lightning Thief best illustrates the impact of mythic literature on modern literature?
A young man discovers that his father is actually a god.

Which moral or theme is represented by the myth and in the image of Pandora by John William Waterhouse?
Both represent the danger of being too curious about something that isn’t your affair.

Which archetype is described best as one who is young and beautiful but doesn’t do much to determine his or her own fate?
the Ingénue

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