The Importance of Nutrition

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I have heard that ‘Life is what you make of it’, and ‘You get out of it what you put into it’ and this is true about this class. While doing the assignments in this class I noticed a change in myself before I started classes and after. Before this class, I was very conscious about my physical health. During this time, I did not have anything to do, so I had plenty of time to exercise and plan out what I wanted to eat.

My health was at an all-time high before this class.

After classes started and I took on a part-time job my schedule got more hectic. This meant I would have to squeeze in time to exercise and planning my meals became less important. This impacted my physical health by making my calorie intake much higher than normal and making me feel more sluggish throughout the day. I still tried to stick with my normal routine as much as possible, but with such a busy schedule fast food became such an easy and quick meal at some points.

Through it all, I faithfully stuck to drinking water and avoided all sodas to keep from any extra calories or from feeling any more sluggish. I also tried my best to stick with my intermate fasting in which I only eat from noon till midnight seeing that this best fit my schedule.

I have been off track with my eating habits seeing that I have not eaten any fast food until I started classes and taken on this new job.

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Now that I am starting to slip up on my intermate fasting I feel as if I need to change my habits. I would like to go back to the way I was consuming calories before. I have had chronic migraines for almost two years, and I have been on several medications for my migraines. The only thing that truly has been helping me not have as many migraines is my recent diet and calorie intake. I would hate for a few months to ruin this for me, so I need to get back to my old routine.

According to, there are links to food and migraines. Certain food trigger migraines such as dairy products, chocolate, eggs, citrus, meat, wheat, nuts, tomatoes, onions, corn, apple, and bananas. With this information, I can cut out more of the food that causes migraines. Also cutting out caffeinated drinks helps with eliminating migraines as well. I can switch to a more vegan diet to not only help with the migraines but to keep myself healthier.

Since school and work can be stressful, I thought to look and see if there is a diet out there for me to try to reduce my stress levels. According to comfort foods such as warm oatmeal can reduce stress hormones. Carbs creates more of the feel-good chemical in the body when digested which decreases stress. Spinach is a food that is packed with magnesium, too little magnesium can cause the body to feel like its stressed. Stocking back up on magnesium may be what the body needs to feel better. Almonds are full of vitamin E and A that boost the immune system and make you more resilient during stressful times.

Of course, when intermate fasting you are free to eat whatever you want but I would like to have a healthier and safer diet. Carbs are great because they are digested for fuel but do not have to make you feel stuffed. Fiber is good for keeping your bowels regularly flowing during the fasting. Milk is a source of vitamin D that the body needs to keep the bones strong and it can be ingested many ways. Red meat is linked to anti-ageing and long mortality rates.

I would love to try following a new regimen something along these lines to help get myself back on track to see if I feel better or worse. Ultimately, I will not know unless I try and track my results to try and find a balance that works for me.


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