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Bilaan Story Of Creation Essay

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For millions of years people have made myths about how the earth and the people on it were created. I decided to compare the Iroquois creation story compared to the Bilaan creation story. The Iroquois lived inthe low lands of Southern Ontario and Quebec and parts of the United States as where Bilaan is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Midanao.This Philippine language is spoken by approximately 300,000. Iroquois believe that along time ago before the world was fully formed, there were two worlds: that of the sky, and the lower, darker world. The lower world had only water, and water creatures. A woman fell from the cloud world, and she was pregnant with twins; one good and one bad. Some birds saw her falling and decided to break her fall. She was too heavy for them, however, and so a huge turtle offered to hold her. The water creatures wanted to save her from the waters, and so decided to get some earth from the bottom of the sea for her. First the beaver dived down for some earth, but the sea was too deep, and when he came back up, he died from trying. The otter then tried, and died the same way. Finally, the muskrat tried, and when he came back up he had managed to get some earth, and the huge turtle put it on his back, where it grew to form the Earth we know today. The woman was in the final stages of pregnancy, and the bad twin wanted to be born through his mother’s arm pit. The good twin tried to stop him, but didn’t succeed. Both twins were born, and their mother died in the process. The good twin didn’t like living in the dark, and so decided to make some light for the world. He took his mother’s head, and made it into the sun, and made the rest of her body into the moon. He also molded animals out of clay and eventually, created people. Meanwhile, the bad twin didn’t like what his brother was doing. As his brother was creating the peace and comfort in the world, he went around and created …

Bilaan Story Of Creation

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Bilaan Story Of Creation and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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