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Explain The Ways That Participation In Political Campaigns And Elections
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The political participation of voters, campaigners, and elections in general changed drastically between the periods of 1815 and 1840, events such as the aftermath of the war of 1812, the age of reform, and political campaign styles were incredibly important in the changes of political participation. The aftermath of the war of 1812 was an explosion of nationalistic feelings. Many believed that it was a second war for independence, even though the war was mainly a stalemate. The election of…...
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The Deist faith did NOT embrace The concept of original sin Deists like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin endorsed the concept of a Supreme being who created the univers By 1850, organized religion in America had lost some of its austere Calvinist rigor Unitarians endorsed the concept of salvation through good works An early nineteenth century religious rationalist sect devoted to the rule of reason and free will was the Unitarians The Second great Awakening was NOT as large as…...
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Apush Chapter 15 Analysis
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Deists like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin endorsed the concept of a supreme being who created the universe Religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening resulted in a strong religious influence in many areas of American life The religious sects that gained most from the revivalism of the Second Great Awakening were the Methodists and Baptists Tax-supported public education was deemed essential for social stability and democracy The excessive consumption of alcohol by Americans in the 1800s stemmed from the…...
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apush chpt 15
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Sexual differences were strongly emphasized in nineteenth century America because the market economy increasingly separated men and women into distinct economic roles. The religious zeal of the Second Great Awakening led to the founding of many small, denominational, liberal arts colleges, chiefly in the South and West. "Civil Disobedience," an essay that later influenced both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., was written by the transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau. Two areas where women in the nineteenth century were widely…...
Civil DisobedienceCultureFlashcardsHenry David ThoreauSecond Great AwakeningTranscendentalism
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