Conclusion Of Islamic Banking

Customers demanding Islamic banking and finance services. Even some attribute this to the greater awareness of religious values plus the argues that this Is by default as the only Islamic banks is owned by the government, but still this trend might have an Impact on the key determinants of demand towards the Islamic banks. Which In overall due to the survey it literally proves that 67 out of 106 accounts Is opened In

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Islamic banks, compare to the conventional banks which Is only 39 accounts opened by the overall 70 respondents.

Out of that 35 of the respondent had opened the Islamic bank only, while 20 had opened both conventional banks and Islamic banks. This shows the high demand of the Islamic banks from the 70 of the respondents. Respondents tends to choose In opening their banks accounts due to better quality services and also due to the bank good reputation, with this fact the bank should Allan their image in terms of It.

However, Islamic banks should really not implementing more in the high return on investment and the credit card, even from the survey conducted proves there is only little selection for it to both the Islamic and conventional banks, which is not even more than half of the respondent. So it is strongly suggested that even though having high return on investment and credit card still the feedback from the customers are not due to those factors as they may eve knowledge about the prohibition of Rib which lead them to not really into it.

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So what is the purpose for having it as their products. In splitting our sample to the Muslim respondent and the non- Muslim respondent it show that the demand of opening Islamic banking and financing is high in both type of respondent. On the other hand, with more established Islamic Banks may be able to give more opportunity for the public to be more expose to the Islamic banking and Brunet could be truly becoming economically Islamic country.

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Conclusion Of Islamic Banking
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