Conclusion Of Separation And Purification Of Organic Compounds

If a saturated hot solution is allowed to cool, the solute is no longer soluble in the solvent and forms crystals of pure compound. Impurities are excluded from the growing crystals and the pure solid crystals can be separated from the dissolved impurities by filtration. (rougher. Colorado. Due) A desirable solvent for crystallization has the following properties: 1) dissolves the solute readily at an elevated temperature, but only sparingly at a lower temperature (room temperature); 2) gives no chemical reaction with the solute; and 3) is sufficiently volatile so that it may be removed easily from the purified crystals.

Essay Example on Separation And Purification Of Organic Compounds

The crystallization process consists of two major events, nucleation and crystal growth. Nucleation is the step where the solute molecules dispersed in the solvent start to gather into clusters, on the nanometer scale (elevating solute concentration in a small region), that become stable under the current operating conditions. These stable clusters constitute the nuclei. However, when the clusters are not stable, they rediscover.

Therefore, the clusters need to reach a critical size in order to become stable nuclei.

Such critical size is dictated by the operating conditions (temperature, superannuation, etc. ). It is at the stage of calculation that the atoms arrange in a defined and periodic manner that defines the crystal structure ? note that “crystal structure” is a special term that refers to the relative arrangement of the atoms, not the macroscopic properties of the crystal (size and shape), although those are a result of the internal crystal structure.

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(Wisped. Org) INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS The experiment consist of two parts, Experiment A was the Crystallization of methyl blue.

This experiment used heating and filtration process as well as rapid cooling process. The methyl blue mixture was boiled then mixed with animal charcoal to purify the solution. Then the filtrate was then labeled in slow cooling and rapid cooling, Ice was used as a catalyst to rapidly cool the solution. The slow cooling solution revealed large and fine crystals while the rapid cooling solution revealed small crystals. Another experiment was the purification of the brown sugar solution.

The brown sugar solution also follows almost the same procedure as the crystallization of methyl blue, the only difference is that after the filtration the filtrate of methyl blue was cooled while in this experiment the brown sugar solution doesn’t need any cooling process. The mixture between brown sugar ND water was yellowish in color and then it was heated, then animal charcoal was added after it was nearly boiling it was filtered, The filtrate was then observed and it turn a clear colorless solution.

According to science. PC. Autobahn’s. Ca Charcoal (aka. North, activated carbon) is added during a rationalizations to bind high molecular weight, colored impurities. Charcoal is added once you have a hot saturated solution of the desired product, and, once added, needs to be removed (along with the adsorbed colored impurities) by hot gravity filtration. The decolonize filtrate contains the desired product, and the charcoal with the adsorbed colored impurities is retained on the filter paper.

CONCLUSION After the experiment and the data that was gathered, the findings have revealed that animal charcoal was essential in purifying the solution thus the concept of crystallization was clearly understood. Also the objectives of the experiment was accomplished and we are able to separate and purify compounds by crystallization, it give us a on hand experience on how to purify the solution thus it turned out enjoyable though there are some miscalculations that was made during the experiment it was researched and learned the mistake that was committed.

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Conclusion Of Separation And Purification Of Organic Compounds
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