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Select the best answer for each multiple-choice question. Which description best describes Ginger in Chapter 1? All Quiet on the Western FrontAn experienced war hero b. A soldier who died on the front c. the commander of the army d. A stingy cook e. A French traitor What does Kemmerich giving up his boots to Muller symbolize? His acceptance of his own death c. His love for Muller His submissive personality d. That he thinks the shoes are ugly What…...
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Western Front and Testament of Youth
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World War One is well-known for the horrific amount of men who died in it, many of whom did not fully believe in or understand the causes they fought for. War literature presents the modern reader with peoples' experiences from the period. Their views are integral in shaping our own opinions on war. Although war literature often differs in its composition, many themes are concurrent throughout the genre. All Quiet on the Western Front by Remarque and Testament of Youth…...
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