The Strategy of Destinations Marketing Organizations

Responsible to implement effective marketing or formulate the tourism policy and also help to promote the local attractions, transportation, retail store, accommodation and attract the tourists to the destination thus increase the economics of the country. Firstly, the government of Japan can promote the Japanese culture such as geisha. This can help to change the misconceptions of tourists about geisha because many tourists mistakenly think that the career of geisha is similar to a prostitute and most tourists have no knowledge about geisha.

In order to promote the geisha becoming a sensation to all over the world, the government can provide some leaning opportunity and organizing the experience through watch and enjoy the performances to attract more local people even tourists to better understanding about the geisha.

The government can also cultivate people who interested in geisha especially the younger women. Furthermore, to discover the talent of geisha hence provide the most professional even comprehensive training to teaching the geisha presenting the perfect performance and carry forward.

Meanwhile, the government can encourage geisha to learn more languages such as international languages which is English. It can help to resolve the barrier of communications between geisha and tourists thus makes it easier for tourists to understand the culture by communicating with geisha. Secondly, the strategy of Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMOs) is help to promote the anime through improve the social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other.

Nowadays, most of the people from anywhere are using the social media therefore it is very popular around the world as a social media site for communication.

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This can help to connectivity people from all over the world to know the existence of anime regardless where the country is. For example, the government can set up a social media site via Facebook to attract more people to learn and share the anime because the social media can promote almost anything. Not only than that, can the painter of anime upload the video through YouTube, the people can comment or give some recommendation to intimate knowledge of what people like or do not like and help alleviate this problem. Moreover, the painter of anime can improve drawing skills to meet the people’s satisfaction and paint the characters more vividly. Besides that, it also can create a unique or interesting story to attract more people to watch.

The government can held the event of anime for the tourists in a specific month to cosplay the characters that they like and even selling the anime peripheral products for tourists to buy as a souvenir or collection. Most young Japanese people do not know what sumo is, maybe they have heard from the elders say but they do not understand the true meaning of sumo. Nonetheless, sumo is respected by the Japan local people therefore sumo wrestlers can perform sumo performances for the Chinese New Year Festival in Japan to attract more tourists or younger generations to know about the sumo. The government can also shoot the life record of sumo wrestlers as a documentary. From this film, more and more people can understand how the sumo training, clothing or lifestyle.

Moreover, now technology is very advanced, the government can organization more competitions for the younger generation to come and participate even let more people watch it through the live. Then, the younger people or tourists will have the knowledge of sumo. This competition is not only for local people to participate, but also for tourists to participate. Everyone who participates in this competition can get a certificate, but the winner can have some bonuses or awards. Furthermore, the travel agency can promote some travel package for tourists to experience the life of the Japanese people such as wearing a kimono to go to the street or temple.

This can attract a lot of tourists to enjoy this kind of experience and gain an unforgettable memory especially female tourist. The tourists can rent a Japanese kimono for a day and choose a variety of kimonos of different colors and the local people will help the tourists to dress up the beautiful kimono that the tourists choose, clothing accessories, tote bag, complicated hair styling, and elaborate hair ornaments. The local people are friendly and patient to help the tourists to dress up the kimono meanwhile the local people can explain the meaning of wearing kimono to tourists. This package not only for female tourists can also promote for the family, friends and other. Besides that, tourists can take pictures of famous sights in Japan by wearing kimonos and post photos to their social media such as Facebook to share their experience.

If the tourist has the interested of kimono, tourists can buy a full set of kimonos in Japan and some of the local people will give some discounts for them. On the other hand, the government of Japan can improve the gastronomy tourism such as sushi. Sushi is the most famous food in Japan and numerous of tourists visit to Japan is to enjoy this delicious food. Therefore, the government can encourage the local people to hold a sushi making course and let the tourists learn how to make sushi. In this learning process, tourists can learn how to prepare sushi materials and know how the chef made the delicious sushi for the customers. This method allows tourists to enhance their relationship between the Japanese people and create a peaceful or pleasant atmosphere.

Additionally, the chefs of sushi can create more creative sushi such as different styles of sushi rice balls in order to make children happier when they enjoy sushi. For example, cartoon shape, love shape, car shape, animal shape and so on. Furthermore, tourists can make the sushi by themselves in their home when the tourists participate in this sushi making course. The tourists can design the sushi and choose the material that they want to put inside the sushi roll. Making sushi is easily for the tourists and when the tourists know how to make sushi it can use to serve in any event or party to serve the guest. Lastly, the government can promote the samurai in order to becoming a sensation to all over the world. Samurai is one of the famous trend phenomena in Japan.

It originated from Japan and now already has become the one of the greatest influence of popular culture in Japan. The Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMOs) can carry out the samurai show and experience through this opportunity. In the museum, it can show the several type of samurai costumes to the guest and explain what are the use of the samurai costumes when using in the previously war. Therefore, the tourist can further understanding the use of samurai costumes. The government can hire people to act as a samurai station troops at a castle for defence purpose. In certain time, it also have the samurai show to all the tourist and it can help to increase the horizon of the tourists about the samurai. Furthermore, it can also organize a theme park of samurai. Through the theme park of samurai the tourists are able to learn the basic skill and know different type of weapons and using it to protect itself.

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