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Siberian Husky BY fallibility’s Siberian Huskies I chose Siberian huskies because they are my favorite type of vertebrates. I like them because they have a very nice coat and they can have multi- colored eyes. Siberian huskies will get to be very big dogs when they mature and they will also get more muscle on there body.

A male will get to be around 21-23. 5 inches to the shoulders, and will be 45-60 pounds in weight. A female will get to be around 20-22 inches to the shoulder, and will be 35-50 pounds in weight. Both genders will be slightly longer then they are taller.


Their coat can come in four different types of color. Most common colors are black and white, gray and white, copper and white, or all white.

All huskies no matter what color will have white paws, legs, faces, and tail tips. They have a very thick double coat, which mainly helps them survive the cold climates. The topcoat will protect the dog from ticks, thorns, burs, and anything that will get stuck in its coat. The inner coat is for warmth and it enables them to survive in cold climates. They will shed their entire coat two times a year, but they will shed lightly year round.

If you own a Siberian husky be prepared to find dog hair on couches, chairs, and on the floor.

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If you do not want a Siberian husky to shed as much you will need to brush them at least 3 times a week. Siberian huskies have a very sensitive stomach. You should feed your husky the more high in foods that are naturally made. Raw meat should also be in your huskies diet. You should always let you husky outside to run and play before you feed them because if they run after they eat they have the possibility of getting Gastric Volumes (bloating).

The Siberian husky was bread to be a working dog in the cold environments. They can survive in cold harsh environments with ice and snow because of their heavy coat. Although a husky would prefer a cold place they can adapt very easily in a warm humid environment. The Siberian husky originated in Siberia and was brought over to the United States. Since huskies are bigger dogs they will not live as long as a smaller dog due to their health problems. A huskies average life expectancy is around 12-15 years if treated properly. A female husky will have around 5-7 pups in each litter.

A female sky can begin to breed at the age of 15 months and a male husky can begin to breed at the age of 6 months. Siberian Huskies are classified like a human in the first stages of classification. Their kingdom is animal, their phylum is chordate, and their class is mammalian, Just like the humans. Their order is carnivore, their family is Candida, their genus is cants, their species is c. Lupus, and their subspecies is c. I. Familiars. The behavior of a Siberian husky is very dependent on how it is raised and treated. Most of the time you receive a playful and friendly husky pup. They are very intelligent.

They should not be used as guard dogs because if someone were to come into your house they would greet them with many licks. If you are walking your dog and run into another dog you should expect your husky to want to play with the other it to play with. Huskies are very difficult to accommodate when it comes to housing. They should live in a bigger house that has a bigger backyard for the dog to run and play with. They should have some parts of the day that they can lay out because they are very loving and attention-searching dogs. If you are lying on a couch you should expect our husky to come and lay on top of you.

The Siberian husky is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They can easily open doors, cabinets, and they can Jump on top of tables to get anything that interests them. If you own a husky you should have locks on every cabinet and door so they cannot get your food or get loose. The Siberian huskies are very well populated in the world. There are around 278,456,732,338 billion huskies in the world today. The Siberian husky is nowhere near being extinct. The husky will be in the world for thousands of years to come, unless a disease kills them off.

When Siberian huskies are not tame and are living out in the wild they are very good at hunting. One of the Siberian huskies biggest predators is the human because they kill them for their beautiful coat. In the wild bears, mountain lions, and mostly any animals that are bigger then them will kill them for food. They are normally not seen out in the wild because they are tame and living with a family that will give them food and water. The Siberian huskies have the same senses of the human but the huskies senses are much better then a humans.

Huskies can sense movement at a greater distance then we can, but they cannot see as well close up. They can hear four times better then a human. They see well in the dark so they can hunt in the wild, but they cannot distinguish between colors. With their noses they can smell a trail that is weeks old. Many huskies are used as police dogs in Alaska because of their sense of smell. Dogs have fewer taste buds then a human does, and they will be more acceptable to trying different things. The Siberian Huskies first Job was to be sled dogs, so people in the snowier limitless could get around easier.

Later people with huskies realized that they were good at herding and they enjoyed doing it. They started using the huskies has dogs to herd reindeer. Siberian huskies can suffer from many genetic disorders. They can get cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy. The most common genetic disorder is hip dysphasia. From January 1994 through December 1998, a total of 12,087 Siberian Huskies were evaluated by OFF for hip dysphasia. Out of this total, 30 percent of the dogs received excellent hip ratings, and only 2 percent have been ignored with hip dysphasia.

The Siberian husky was originated by the Chichi people of northeastern Asia as an endurance sled dog. The Chukkas needed a sled dog capable of traveling great distances at a moderate speed, carrying a light load in low temperatures with a minimum expenditure of energy. Shortly after 1900, Americans in Alaska began to hear accounts of this superior strain of sled dog in Siberia. The first team of Siberian Huskies made its appearance in the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race of 1909. In 1925, the city of None, Alaska, was stricken by drivers, including Mr..

Sepal, were called upon to relay the lifesaving serum to None by dog team. This heroic “serum run” focused attention upon Siberian Huskies, and Sepal brought his dogs to the United States on a personal appearance tour. He was invited to compete in sled dog races in New England, where the sport had already been introduced. The superior racing ability and delightful temperament of Sepal’s Siberian Huskies won the respect and the hearts of sportsmen from Alaska to New England. It was through the efforts of these pioneers that the breed was established in the United States.

The Siberian huskies need many hours of exercise. They need around an hour of running and around 2 hours of walking. If you have an enclosed backyard you can Just let the husky outside and it run and play for hours. Training your Siberian husky can be very long because it will want to run and play. You have to be patient when training the husky. If the dog sees the point you it will obey your commands. You have to assert your dominance when training because they will want to be the leader or the alpha male. You have to reward his good behavior and scold it if it has bad behavior. A purebred

Siberian husky will cost around 2,000 dollars because they are bred for racing. A regular Siberian husky will cost around 1,000 dollars. Food will cost around 30 dollars a month, toys will cost around 20 dollars, and vaccines and flea control will cost around 205 dollars every six months. Siberian huskies can be a handful at times, but they are worth having if you are energetic and ready for a companion. You have to be patient with the training and they will start listening to you. They will be great dogs if they are raised right and will not be as good if they are not raised right.

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