Criminal intelligence Analysis

Criminal Intelligence Analysis

In my work as an analyst in this police department, I feel that I am not providing the best possible results to the investigators, and I feel that I need to learn more skills in criminal intelligence analysis. I feel this way mainly because I do not get to share information with other intelligence analyst associations, which is necessary in order to achieve the best results as possible. Sharing of information with other associations of intelligence is crucial because one is updated on the new techniques of analyzing information using the best tools available.

I feel that joining an association of criminal intelligence and getting training on m ore analytical techniques will key in achieving the best results for such a dynamic current criminal world. In this essay, I offer information about the association I would like to be a member, and the technical analytical training that would best fit our department.

The association I want to gain membership is the International Association of Law Intelligence Analysts, IALEIA, which is an international organization based in the United States.

The main purpose of this organization is advancing high standards of professionalism in the law enforcement and intelligence analysis at both local level and international levels. The organization aims at creating a strong understanding of the purpose of intelligence analysis in law enforcement, by recognizing the role of the intelligence analysis as a professional venture. In this regard, IALEIA has taken upon itself to develop standards that are highly recognized internationally, as well as competence among its members.

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It would be quite appropriate to develop such competence for our department, which makes me prefer the organization.

Moreover, IALEIA engages in other services of offering training in the intelligence field, with the aim of highlighting the professional ideas, coming up with training needs and high curriculum standards for the profession, offering advice services, and other related issues in the field. The organization also engages in conducting analytical research studies for advancing standards in the field, while at the same time, the studies aim at providing the best ways of disseminating analytical information collected by the investigators I their fieldwork easily and more tactfully. Such services from the organization can be a key resource for developing enhanced production in our department with the information that I receive daily from the investigators, that would help me in analyzing the information to achieve better results, and help the investigators in their work.

IALEIA engages in training programs for its members, where it offers a course in law enforcement course that they call Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training, FIAT. The course is five-day training that was developed from experiences in criminal intelligence, making it ideal for our department in refreshing about the basics of intelligence analysis. The course is meant for civilians in most part, and it could be useful if we would enlighten the civilians around our department so that they can assist us in our investigations. The organization organizes this course in many areas to the people, and maybe, attaining membership could encourage them to hold it in our area.

In addition, the IALEIA is in collaboration with other intelligence associations such as the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers, AIPIO. The two organizations work together to advance the intelligence professionalism, also, the IALEIA closely works together with Law enforcement Intelligent Unit, LEIU, where they hold joint conferences. The working together of such organizations ensures that all current information about intelligence are shared among all members of the organizations, and finding out trends in criminal activities can be achieved from comparing information from all the members, hence predicting what might be the next stage of a crime can be achieved. Predicting criminal activities help in preventing crimes before they happen, further preventing damage that comes along with crime. This way, crime rate will go down, and sharing of information will help the investigators in leaning more ways of dealing with their work to enhance better results.

The organization also engages in publishing intelligent documents for the purpose of reference for its members. The organization is a non-profit body, and members range from intelligence analyst, military official, and academicians in the intelligence studies. Most of the members re professionals in the intelligence analysis, and interacting with them through sharing information will be of great benefit to our department, since we lack more techniques of analyzing information gotten by the investigators. In attaining membership in the organization, I will be in a better position to acquire more techniques of intelligence analysis, and learn more about criminal trends that happen in other areas, which might resemble those in our areas, hence, enhancing my role as an analyst.

Today, crime has advanced in many ways, and combating it will require a great deal of information that can help predict and make quick decisions to shorten the intelligence analysis cycle. Technology is highly needed for this purpose; hence, I propose to have funds to take training in the use of Geographic Information Systems, GIS in analyzing intelligence information for law enforcement, which at the end, I will attain a professional certificate in GIS. GIS is a tool that is widely used for several purposes, and it has been used in various ways for criminal intelligence especially by intelligence groups. Among the users of the tool are law enforcers, public safety personnel, detectives and intelligence analysts too. The GIS provides ways of collecting, analyzing and disseminating information more quickly with ease, and helps in transformation of data into operational intelligence for its users.

The main task of GIS is providing maps that are used by all people for making intelligent decisions in their field of work. In our role as law enforcers, we deal with crime, which starts at a certain location. GIS is very useful tool for providing location of crimes, and the events that are taking place there, and one can know what they need for the specific area and how to get there quickly by providing information on the infrastructure. With location of potential crime locations, the GIS will be a helpful tool in addressing the premeditated challenges in the area for further investigation. Use if the GIS mapping for a time helps in the prediction of where crime is likely to happen, since it shows the crime patterns and trends when used for sometime. This way, the GIS provides a way of viewing the crime threat and alerts in a particular place. A good number of bigger police departments use the GIS maps to view the geographical locations of crimes and incidences that enable them to analyze patterns of where crimes are most likely to occur.

The GIS can reduce the entire intelligence cycle since one can effectively collect information from several sources at one time from the office without having to take too much time in the field work, and the results from the information collected can be disseminated easily using the maps. Once the information is gotten from the maps, several things can be done easily, such as knowing the requirements and resources needed to focus investigation on the area, analyzing of the information for the investigators on the field and integration of data to enhance intelligence. In addition, it can help in exchange of information among several commands, which is useful for analysis of information. This makes the GIS a valuable tool for the investigators on the field since information can flow to them using their mobile computers from the offices, and they can be sure of where to go.

In our department, we lack enough information due to limited number of sources where our investigators can get information. With GIS, we shall be in a position to know exact locations of the problems, and it offers a visual aid to help in combating the crime. More so, the GIS are available to civilians, and they can share information with us, and enable community policing, which is quite helpful in combating crime. This way, we can understand the neighborhood including the people in it, and the streets as well as the infrastructure that can help us in understanding the unsocial behaviors in a particular area, which in most cases relates to crime. We can also be in a position to identify the business areas and locations that can easily attract criminal or unsocial behaviors such as nightclubs, where some of the criminal activities take pace. After such an understanding of the place or neighborhood, we can be in a position to allocate resources that are necessary in each specific place.

As an analyst, a good knowledge in the use GIS in intelligence analysis will be of great importance to the department considering that it is a tool that is used from a computer, and communication between me and the investigators can be easy, and development of more tactics and strategies of combating crime in our area can be achieved. With GIS crime we can tackle from all sides, since a visual view of the crime places means less time wastage, provide easy to understand information, help me in observing what the investigators are engaged in. It will to help find out the trends of crime in our area such as when the crime happens, and where, hence we can deploy more investigators in the identified places at the right time. I request funds to help me take up the training, which I believe will be of great impact on our department especially in helping the investigators in getting the right information that they need.

Generally, our department is new in the area if intelligence analysis, and in order to help the investigators at the ground, more techniques will be required to analyze the information, as well as useful tools. With the membership in the IALEIA organization, I will be exposed to enough knowledge and be updated on the methods of analysis in intelligence. Coupling this with the GIS, maximum results and an easy way of combating crime will be realized, and the investigators will have an easy way of hitting the targeted areas and the trend, as well as saving costs since GIS is used online and only few charges occur, yet, it is quite effective. I feel that these two proposals will help me create value for my role to the department and the investigators in combating of crime.

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