Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is the intelligence exhibits by machines. AI enable machines to believe and work out jobs somehow human-like and act or execute in human-like mode. AI is uncomparable with human intelligence. However, AI can be implemented in humans’ day-to-day lives to help them with complicated undertakings. One of the human intelligence issues is holding barriers in executing good determination devising. The facet in determination devising is besides applied in a few AI field such as health care and robotics which will be discussed farther in this paper.


Technology is emerging twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours where people are hunger for more sophisticated engineering to help them or give them new positions or cognition. Artificial Intelligence or normally abbreviated as AI is the intelligence shown by machines or package, which normally involves human-like intelligence. It has become an academic field of survey that focused on making intelligence. The term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by late John McCarthy of Stanford University in 1956 and after two old ages, he published his paper which regarded by many as the first 1 on logical AI ( Bogue, 2014 ) .

Alan Turing, a British mathematician, cryptographer, computing machine scientist and life scientist, proposed a trial called Turing trial to find the machine’s ability to expose intelligence. The trial requires a human justice to hold natural conversations with a human and a machine that is designed to bring forth human-like public presentation. If the justice is failed to separate which 1 is human and which one is machine, the machine is considered demoing intelligence.

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Human intelligence is considered as the most powerful tools in determination devising. Definition of human intelligence is that a individual has the rational capacity of a homo, which characterized by perceptual experience, consciousness, self-awareness every bit good as will. Through their intelligence, worlds possess a cognitive ability to larn, organize constructs, understand, use logic and ground. The abilities besides include the capacities to acknowledge forms, comprehend thoughts, program, work out job, make determinations, retain and usage linguistic communication to pass on. Intelligence enables worlds to see and believe, while determination devising can be viewed as cognitive methodological analysis used to find a strong belief or a design among a few options of imaginable results. Each determination settling on process delivers a last determination that could perchance arouse activity. Choice or determination devising is the probe of acknowledging and picking picks focused around the qualities and disposition of the head. Decision devising is one of the focal exercising of disposal and an huge piece of any methodological analysis of use.


Application of AI as the most important and exciting field in robotic development had been argued by many industrial observers. AI engineering has the potency to play a function in a diverseness of automatons including comrade and caring automatons such as independent land, sea and air vehicles, humanoid types, hunt and deliverance automatons, swarm automatons, military automatons and robotic playthings. The component of AI have a function to play for case deft use, independent pilotage, machine vision, address acknowledgment, pattern acknowledgment and location and function ( Bogue, 2014 ) . Humanoid automatons and independent, nomadic automatons are two field of robotic that represent the greatest figure of AI construct. Honda’s Asimo, android automaton is a consequence of two decennaries of research in humanoid robotics by Honda applied scientists. Asimo has the ability to acknowledge traveling objects, gestures, positions, sounds, faces and interact in a human-like mode.

Figure 1 Honda’s Asimo

The intent of developing robotic vehicles and independent nomadic automatons is to carry on specific undertakings such as hunt and deliverance operations. A robotic vehicle called “Stanley” is developed in 2005 at Stanford University has won the Defense Advances Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) Grand Challenge by driving autonomously for 131 stat mis along a trail that the vehicle ne’er gone through earlier ( Bogue, 2014 ) . In the conference of the Robotic Industries Association ( RIA ) in November 2006, John Felice, VP Manufacturing Technology and Global Enterprise, Chrysler Group discuss the fabrication challenge confronting Chrysler. Reducing costs while remain competitory in the concern is the obvious challenge. However, the chief job arises from the increasing figure of auto theoretical account and the frequence of theoretical account alterations. These conversions are clip consuming and could be 1000000s of dollars. John Felice proposed that robotic is the cardinal to work out the job ( Wilson, 2006 ) . Major companies should heighten their research squad to applied AI component in industrial robotics.


The promotion in machine technology has swayed the scientists to make programming with the intent of helping specializers in settling on pick without reding the governments specifically. The package development misuses the capableness of human learning ability, for illustration, concluding, doing pick, accommodating ( by meeting ) and legion others. AI is non a new thought, yet it has been acknowledged as an issue invention in package technology. It has been connected in legion scopes, for illustration, direction, concern, curative and piecing. In most making nation’s deficient of medicative pro has built the mortality of patients, experienced different infections. The deficient of renewing pros will ne’er be overcome inside a brief clip of clip. The constitutions of higher acquisition could be that as it may, do a prompt move to present whatever figure specializers as would be prudent. In any instance, while sitting tight for standbies to stop up specializers and the specializers to weave up experts, legion patients may already decease. Current pattern for renewing intervention obliged patients to advocate maestro for farther analysis and intervention. Other curative specializer might non hold adequate command or experience to pull off certain high-hazard illnesss. In any instance, the delayed period for medical specialties typically takes a twosome of yearss, hebdomads or even months. When the patients see the specializer, the complaints may hold officially spread out. As the greater portion of the high-hazard illness could merely be cured at the early phase, the patients may necessitate to pine away over whatever remains of their life ( Ishak & A ; Siraj, n.d ) .

Machine plan known as Medical Decision-Support System was intended to assist well-being experts settle on clinical determination ( Shortliffe, 1987 ) . The model manages medicative information and larning country in naming patients’ conditions and proposing suited medical specialties for the specific patients. Patient-Centered Health Information Systems is a patient focused renewing informations model created to help checking, supervising and decipher apprehension ‘s medical history ( Szolovits et al. , 1994 ) . Likewise the system gives support to patient and curative specializer. The system serves to heighten the quality of medical pick devising, construct patient consistency and minimizes iatrogenic unwellness and medical mistakes. In medical, communicating is critical as new informations or new disclosure is the key for the hereafter endurance ( Shortliffe et al. , 2000 ) . In enlargement, communicating helps specializers sharing their penetration or expertness ( Detmer and Shortliffe, 1997 ) . As an illustration, a pro from Sydney can give online curative assistance to specialist at Kuala Lumpur who is handling a patient that suffers from serious malignant neoplastic disease job. An alternate specializer from other state, for illustration, United Kingdom can leave his experience pull offing the same instances. Communication between specializers or expert from other country helps specialist at Kuala Lumpur naming his patient and gives appropriate intervention.

Figure 2 Example of communicating between specializers ( Information Sharing )

For illustration, AI is implemented in Healthcare is Remote Monitoring Of High-Risk Patients Using Artificial Intelligence by utilizing scheme and model for distant monitoring of bad patients utilizing unreal intelligence. A bulk of high hazard patients can be at the same clip checked without patient intercession. A patient hears inquiries in the specializer ‘s voice at each monitoring brush and responds. The patient ‘s reactions are recorded at a distant focal monitoring station and can be examined on line or subsequently ( Langen, Katz, Dempsey, & A ; Pompano, 1993 ) . Artificial intelligence ( AI ) and voice engineering ( DECvoice ) are consolidated to show to the patient, during an observant session or experience, inquiries which would be chosen from a bulk of typical recorded enquiries. Inquiries to the patient are picked utilizing AI, in visible radiation of the patient ‘s reaction, by parsing. The screen could take a few constructions, for illustration, for e.g. , uterine action strips, glucometers, blood force per unit area turnups, pulse proctors, electroencephalographs, and so forth. Four phone lines are committed to every patient, one for the screen, one for the voice, one as a backup and one to feel failures. Dual tone matrix frequence signals ( DTMF ) may be utilized for transmittal of checkered marks and other informations which can be perceived by Decvoice, which is yet one sample of the voice technology which can be utilized ( Langen et al. , 1993 ) . The Artificial Intelligence model is determined by an easy to use Natural Language interface which guides the Voice model to direct ( “ talk ” ) appropriate inquiries, perceive ( “ listen for ” ) the patient ‘s replies, update the patient ‘s database, direct the telephone-patient monitoring, and rede the HMO office sing know aparting patient conditions. The informations obtained from the patient calls is accessible to the curative specializer on both a real-time footing when the calls are being made, or on an ad-hoc footing after the calls are logged ( Langen et al. , 1993 ) .

Figure 3 Example Remote Monitoring Of High-Risk Patients


Experts and scientists are eager in doing machines which can copy humans’ intelligence. Somehow, AI shows undeniably great public presentations, in some instances even better than a human being. AI well has indefatigable public presentation by making undertakings without experiencing tired, unlike human. AI besides provides more logical decision-making, which is really utile in some instances. Completing undertaking besides easy as AI is like a false head, taught to make specific occupations.

Human intelligence have barriers to acquire do a good decision-making. Harmonizing to Dr. Edward Russo and Dr. Paul J. H. Schoemaker, a simple method have been produce to avoid the determination barriers faced by human intelligence and can be categorized into four chief component. The first component is bordering which is forming the enquiry where this implies qualifying what must be chosen and make up one’s minding in preparative manner what standard would do us tend toward one pick to an surrogate. Another component is garnering intelligence by looking for bot apprehensible actualities and reasonable ratings of “mysterious” that we will necessitate to settle on the pick. Third component would be coming to conclusion where sound framing and good intelligence do non vouch a wise determination. Humans merely unable to systematically do good determinations utilizing seat-of-the-pants judgement entirely, even with first-class informations in forepart of them. Worlds need to larn from the feedback that they have acquired which is the last component for a good decision-making. Everybody needs to make a model for deriving from the effects of past picks. This usually means remaining informed sing what is expected to go on, deliberately guarding against functioning toward self-clarifications.


Good determinations are difficult to do and there are several barriers that occurs when a individual or people seeking to do or happen good determination. A good decision-maker must, consciously or unconsciously go through each stage of determinations doing procedure ( Westernberg, 1993 ) . As in the facet of human intelligence, one of the most common barrier that can disrupt superb determination devising is immersing in. In this state of affairs, people begin to garner information and range decision without first taking a few proceedingss to believe about the nucleus of the issue they are confronting or to believe through how they believe determinations like this one should be made. Peoples besides undergo frame sightlessness, which is another barrier to a good-decision devising. Frame sightlessness is where people puting out to work out the incorrect job because they have created a mental model for their determination with small idea, which causes them to overlook the best options or lose sight of of import aims. Lack of frame control is another barrier faced by human being in determination devising where they failed to consciously specify the job in more ways than one or being unduly influenced by others. Some people besides tend to experience overconfidence in their judgement. This state of affairs besides could blockade a good-decision devising as people failed to roll up the cardinal factual information because they are excessively confidence and excessively assured of their premises and sentiments. Another obstruction faced by people in acquiring a good-decision devising is unforesightful cutoffs, where they rely in suitably on “rules of thumb” such as implicitly swearing the most readily available information or grounding excessively much on convenient facts. When doing a determination, worlds have the inclination to believe that they can maintain all the information they discovered directly in their caputs and hence, improvise with small readying. They should follow a systematic process when doing the concluding pick. When doing determinations within a group, common thing that happens is a group failure. Peoples in the group assume that with many smart people involved, good picks will follow automatically and this action will caused failure in pull offing group decision-making. Worlds are likely to protect their self-importance doing them gulling themselves about feedback. In this instance, they are failed to construe the grounds from past results for what it truly says. Worlds besides anticipating that experience will do lessons accessible of course and they tend to neither maintaining path of the effects of their picks, nor look intoing the consequences in ways to bring out their cardinal lessons. Decisions procedure needs to scrutinize and failure to this action means failed to make organized attack to understanding their ain decision-making, so that they remain invariably exposed to all the errors mentioned before.

As in the affair of AI, machines have the possibility of dislocation which is disadvantageous. No affair how easy the undertaking can be completed by AI, if there is a instance of malfunction occurring, the whole thing means nil. AI besides have the inclination to lose the indispensable information or erroneously modified or overwrite them. AI or a computing machine system needs to be switched off on a day-to-day footing as consequences for care which restrain the end product and efficiency of the machine.


AI has the possible in assorted field of engineering such as computing machine scientific discipline, robotics, health care and even music. There are now turning attempts to unify these Fieldss of research and make new engineerings out of them. However, despite of all the mode of advanced attacks, there are still a far spread between unreal intelligence and human intelligence. Some people might reason that Ai is merely the affair of treating power, but some people believe that true AI will bring out the deep apprehension of how human intelligence plants. AI capablenesss are still questionable but in several decennaries to come, AI can assure infinite possibilities of growing in engineering.


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