George Washington University Social Intelligence Test

Social intelligence is the term used in parallel with the study of general intelligence. Among other things, intelligence research developed social situations evaluation through the set of tests. Bureau of Public Personnel Administration introduced own preliminary version of it in the late 1930’s.

In those days, the most popular social intelligence test was the George Washington University’s Test of Social Intelligence, among which were:

Social anxiety assessment; The speaker’s mental status evaluation; Human behavioral observation; Name and face memory; Sense of humor; Social information.

In addition, those students who are seeking to write their research papers on the topic have to know that social intelligence in the early studies and theories of criticism focused mainly on two factors, which are still there:

Social Intelligence Essay

Measurements are not correlated with other personality characteristics; Measurements are strongly correlated with the abstract intelligence.

The concept of social intelligence has risen up again in recent years, in an effort to expand the intelligence of the content of functionally over the wider area from the adoption of standardized tests.

The measuring is not possible to definitively resolve the above-described problems. Whenever you talk about social cognition and connections, you also address the “social intelligence” or social skills problem.

Social cognition or social situations cognitive information management has become a very central area of research in social psychology since the 80’s. Cantor and Kihlstrom have developed their own theoretical overall view of social intelligence around the concept. They have presented social intelligence as intended for development of social skills or social skillfulness of the whole body.

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According to Cantor and Harlow, social intelligence is very capable to combine the functional and personality intelligence at the same theoretical framework.

Social intelligence can also be defined analogue intelligence from a broader perspective. Successful performance in social interaction situations can be described as a game theoretical or moral theory concepts. If human interaction is a kind of game, the game needed the rules and even skills to play it. These skills should be social intelligence. If human activity, a key dimension of acts of moral content, reasons ethical behavior, making understanding the effect or making the content of the evaluation that the ability to seem to have the social intelligence comparable to that factor. Game theory is a general formal virtual method of interaction situations, analyze, moral philosophy, which aim is to find the laws and principles that govern ethical activity.

Social intelligence is the empirical context of social efficiency and is relatively independent of the abstract intelligence.

Social intelligence is deemed to measure the exact knowledge of human nature and sensitivity of the detection, but this assumption is rarely demonstrated.

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