Importance of Accountability Marines

Within the Marine Corps, everything is set for you on paper. Where to be, when to be, and how to be at the designated location is something that is passed to you by your superiors, and in most case, requires your presence. Whether it’s for something as simple such as passing word, or something serious such as making sure everyone is accounted for during a time of confusion and dismay, accountability is something which is stressed especially for the Marine Corps.

Being accounted for will relieve stress within the command knowing that everyone is safe, and present at the time required. While the Marine Corps does stress accountability to an extreme, the private sector prioritizes accountability to a very similar extent.

While it doesn’t have such a dire consequence on the survivability to those around you, it does have consequences. Within the private sector, the worst consequence you can receive is a notice of termination. This will leave you unemployed for a certain amount of time until you can pick yourself back up and start hunting for a job once again.

And if being unaccounted for is a habit, most likely, you won’t be able to keep your new job for very long, as everyone is looking for someone who can take care of themselves, take care of their job, and take care of any personal issue that may come up, as their priority is their business. Being accounted for is a necessity wherever you go. The main question to this is, why be late to begin with?

The military and the private sector both need you to be present from a set time to another time and they both have a dire consequence that affects both yourself and those around you.

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From losing confidence to your work ethics to setting a bad impression about yourself, being late to anything should be avoided and prevented. But while you are trying to wake yourself up or trying to get through the thick of traffic, people are getting to their designated point of place on time which results in good habits and a positive atmosphere. Just for being on time, it forces you to time manage which is priceless no matter where you are. By being able to time manage; you are able to juggle your personal life and your professional life with great ease. From showing up on time for work to completing your taxes on time, being able to time manage is something which will assist you in everything and anything that you do.

And by time managing, you also force yourself to be responsible by ensuring everything is completed within a set time and day. As you have noticed, by being on time, it helps with productivity. Finally, being on time shows that you care about the time and effort that respected party put in to set up whatever appointment; from a job interview to a get together with old friends. As you have read, being on time is something which should be preached and practiced at all times. There are only good things that come out of being on time and being late is just a bad way to start the day. By being on time, you show that you are responsible, self-reliant, mature and ready to start the day with a positive influence.

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