What Caused National Superiority?

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Both Japanese and Nazis during World War II use dehumanizing language and attitudes of national and racial superiority. Dehumanizing language and symbols helped them to commit atrocities and made them feel national superiority.

Both German Nazis and Japanese use dehumanizing language. During World War II, the Nazis called Jewish people rats, snakes, octopuses, and other kinds of animals. These animals all have a common. They all represent bad. Also, the Nazis used euphemisms terms, for example, special treatment means execution, and the term “final solution” means systematic extermination and mass murder of the Jewish peoples.

On the other side of the world, Japan uses these languages too. They called Manchurian people monkeys, logs. They did not even think Manchurian people were animals, they just think they are “things.” According to psychology, It is very difficult to kill another person at close range and in cold blood, or to commit atrocities against them, so when it does happen, treating other people like game animals or vermin or dangerous predators would help people overcome the fear (Smith).

An example in the TV series Black Mirror is those sliders were seen as normal people like the zombie and they called those people Roaches because of the chip in their minds. When they saw the roaches, they killed them without any hesitation.

Thousands of propaganda were drawn during World War II, and this propaganda is mostly to vilify the enemies. There was a propaganda draw by the Japanese, President Roosevelt have a monster’s hands and feet and his head has a single horn.

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He sits on top of ‘the statue of liberty” and is in sorrow. On one side of the President’s hand, he is waving the banner of democracy, and on the other, he had clung stubbornly to dictatorship. There is a striking worker, and a lackadaisical navy hanging on the crown of the statue, they all have a good time with the ladies. It shows that America is not as strong as it appears and that its stupidity will lead to its eventual demise (Navarro). This propaganda is all exaggerated things and has lots of symbolism. One of the German propaganda is drawn an octopus and this octopus is trying to swallow the whole world slowly. This octopus is represented the Jewish. This propaganda all encourages the strong nationalist pride and let them think others are all barbaric and sub-human. Propaganda is powerful; they are a silent weapon, aimed at human emotions and psychology.

These dehumanizing language and propaganda caused cultural and racial hatred and massive eventually. People without conscious and started using innocent people to do biological experiments. Unit 731 is a team who uses Chinese to do their horrible experiments. According to the data shows there are more than 3,000 died in the biological experiment. The official website “United 731” said, “ There are vile experiments on humans conducted by the unit in preparation for germ warfare.”(Unit 731. Org) Some of the more frightening experiments involved living dissection without anesthesia, and observing how much pressure a person can endure before his eyes protrude in a pressure chamber. A similar experiment was also conducted in Germany. Doctor Mengele was one of the doctors doing this kind of experiment in the Auschwitz concentration camp and more doctors are doing this horrible experiment in a concentration camp. Because of this racism, some people did not realize what he did until he died, and others live in pain every day.

WWII is an example of Dehumanizing and national superiority. These things will influence our generation but eventually, they will wither with the time(Miles).

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