If the starting population of the predators is higher than the prey, he resulting population of the whales will be higher than the population of the seals. Prediction 3: If the prey growth rate increases, the resulting population of the seals will be higher than the population of the whales (both starting populations set to 25.

) Prediction 4: If the death rate of the whales increases, the resulting population of the seals will be higher than the population of the whales. (Both starting populations set to 25. Materials: The Population Dynamic Lab Activity Population Dynamics Lab Report Procedures: ***Do not need to include here. *** Data & Observations: Table 1: Predation and Carrying Capacity Starting Seal population Starting Whale Highest Seal Population Highest Whale Trial 1 25 49 51 Trial 2 50 72 79 Trial 3 Table 2: Growth Rate and Capture Efficiency Seal birth rate Whale 0. 05 0. 005 48 0. 08 54 71 Whale death rate Whale capture efficiency 0. 07 45 1 . Using Table 1, which of the three trials produced the highest population for both the whales and the seals?

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Why do you think this trial had the best outcome for the whale and seal populations? Trial 1 &3 the same outcome, I Think this trial ad the best outcome for the whale and seal population because the higher the seal population gets, also the higher the whale population will be.

2. Using Table 2 and 3, explain how the birth rates of the seals and the death rates of the whales affected the population for both whales and seals. The birth rate of the seals will decrease of the capacity that they carry, so this will cause the Whales rate to increase.

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However, the death rate of the Whales will increase when both mammals population. 3. Climate change (an biotic factor) has slowly decreased habitat for the arctic ells. Predict how a reduction in habitat could change the capture efficiency of the killer whales. How would this affect the carrying capacities for both the whales and the seals? This will affect both capacities of whales and seals because the Whale population will increase, and because the seals produce a little faster, they will decrease because their habitat will slow down at this point and will be easy to consume. . If another source of prey were available to the whales, what changes in population size would you expect for the seals and the whales? Depending n the type of prey added to this chain will determine the Whales and Seals population. The population size of the Whales will probably increase and also will the seals because the whales will no longer have consume that one prey anymore, the whales will increase, the seals will also, but just not as fast 5.

In this lesson, you learned about two patterns of population growth and decline, the sigmoid and peak phenomena. Does the seal and killer whale relationship represent a sigmoid or peak phenomenon? Please provide supporting details. The pattern of the Seal and the killer whale relationship presents a sigmoid patter, it represents this because the fact that both species have a population that they carry that cannot go past a certain point that they’ll stop at.

If so their pact will drop. 6. What are the limitations of the population dynamics lab? Is the lab activity a realistic representation of an arctic marine ecosystem? Note: Please provide detailed support for your opinion. The limitation of this population Dynamic lab is from seals, whales, and killer whales. No this is not a lab the represents an arctic marine ecosystem because these three species feed on each other, almost calling them rivals.

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