A Day of Fishing and Swimming

It was a beautiful sunny day to pack up and drive to South Padre Island Beach. As I got closer, I rolled the windows down as I crossed over the bridge of beautiful ocean water and my hair blew in the wind. At times, it appeared the bridge would never reach the other side. Once I arrive on the other side, it felt like the first time the thrill of going to eat, fish, and swim in the ocean. First, I arrive at a restaurant called Joe‘s Oyster Bar where I always go to eat located on the beach.

It is a small restaurant/bar that has a store and a meat market all in one place. Walking inside and knowing have a variety of fresh fish. Some include redfish. red snapper and not to mention shrimp in all sizes. After ordering the food, waiting for what seemed an eternity and then I see the waiter walk up to the table with my huge plate that smells amazing piled high with fried fish, shrimp, plus sides of fries, coleslaw, hushpuppies, and a cold glass of sweet tea.

Taking a bite of the crunchy fried fish, I always notice the owners make it feel like home with the décor and music they are so friendly. After finishing some of my plates, I take the rest and my drink to go, paying and leaving satisfied. This is what makes me want to come back for more food and hospitality. Now that my stomach is full, it is time to fish.

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When I arrive at the jetties at the beach, I unload my rod and tackle from the vehicle as I start to walk for what seems to be forever to get to a good spot. I put everything down and began to set up my rod by putting on weight, a hook and attaching a live shrimp, Casting out the line and letting it set, I look out at the calm, still ocean water with the rod in my hand, enjoying the view of boats passing by and other people fishing anticipating a bite to hopefully reel in something.

The birds were flying above me, waiting for their chance to steal my bait. I wait for hours until I finally feel a bite at the other end. I struggle at first then finally it gives in and I am able to reel it in. My hand is tired from the fight, but when I pick it up, it is a beautiful, huge, speckled trout. Smiling, I take it off the hook and enjoy my catch, admiring the beautiful markings I tiredly placed it in the ice chest to take it home later to be filleted and cooked I am glad I caught it because it is time to go swimming in the ocean. Lastly, I get ready to enjoy a swim in the ocean water. As I am walking down into the ocean water at the end of the day of fishing I felt the soft sand brush against my bare feet and the wind through my hair.

As I enter, the cool, salty water hits my skin, and it feels so refreshing after a long hot day. Making me cleansed and renewed as I jump into the waves, I find the perfect spot to float in. I stay near the shoreline and take in the view of the endless ocean and the sounds of the beautiful water and everything around. As the sky darkens, it is time to go, and I make my way to my towel, I start feeling cold from the wind I changed and took in the ocean view one last time. When the day was done, I packed my belongings and drove away from South Padre Island beach with a sun-kissed tan from swimming in the ocean, fish in my ice chest, and leftover food. The sunset as I drove back over the bridge, yet this time it felt quick to arrive to the other side. Maybe since it was time to go home, a sense of sadness came over me, wishing to stay and not ready to return home until the next time.

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