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A Fishing Trip in Miami, Florida During Childhood Days. Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Fishing

At the age of seven, me and my brothers went to Miami for summer vacation. Being there I wanted to do fishing as one of my brothers did once before and told me that it would be the toughest for you to do such a trip. But I was confident that my rugged, strapping body could conquer any obstacle

As we were in Miami, one of my elder brothers contacted the Miami Fishing charters company to organize our fishing trip. As the bookings were done, the next day we went on a special adventure in the ocean. I was so completely absorbed in my thoughts that the lengthy journey to our favorite fishing spot seemed fleeting., I fumbled for my fishing pole. Dangling the humble rods end over the edge of the boat, I released the bail on the reel and plunked the cheap plastic lure into the water. Once I had let out enough line and set the rod in a holder, I sat back to wait for an attack on the lure. The low hum of the motor at trolling speed only added to my anxiety. And suddenly A sharp tug on the line pulled me to my feet faster than an electric shock. I bounded to the pole and I was so nervous that when I tugged on the rod, I nearly plunged headlong over the side of the boat and saw the mahi-mahis. The mahi-mahis skin gleamed with radiant hues of blue, green, and yellow in a breathtaking spray of surf. Brilliant sunlight beamed upon the spectacle, giving life to a scene which exploded into a furious spectrum of color. The exotic fish tumbled majestically back to the sea amidst a blast of foam. With this incredible display, the fish was transformed from a pitiful victim to a brilliant specimen of life. I cared no longer for any ritual I must perform, but rather, I longed only for the possession of such a proud creature. I hungered to touch such a wonder and share the fantastic bond that a hunter must feel for his kill. I needed to have that fish at any cost.

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Despite my brothers cheers and praises, I rode back to shore in bitter silence. I could not help thinking about the vast difference between the magnificent creature which I saw jump in the sea and the pathetic beast which I saw gasping for life in the bloody pit of the boat. What struck me most forcefully on that day, though, was the realization that I was the sole cause. Had I not dropped the hook into the water, the fish undoubtedly would still be alive. I, alone, had killed this fish.

Although my views about many things, hunting and fishing included, have changed considerably. One cannot dispute the frightening potential of the human race to induce the permanent extinction of every life form on the planet. Even though I was happy before when I caught the fish, but then I felt extremely terrible after I saw the fish dying in front of me. We must keep one thing in mind that all forms of life on earth are of natural habitat. One cannot dispute the frightening potential of the human race to induce the permanent extinction of every life form on the planet.

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