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What Caused National Superiority?
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Both Japanese and Nazis during World War II use dehumanizing language and attitudes of national and racial superiority. Dehumanizing language and symbols helped them to commit atrocities and made them feel national superiority. Both German Nazis and Japanese use dehumanizing language. During World War II, the Nazis called Jewish people rats, snakes, octopuses, and other kinds of animals. These animals all have a common. They all represent bad. Also, the Nazis used euphemisms terms, for example, special treatment means execution,…...
Marine Biology and Octopus
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Coleoid cephalopods are shell-less molluscs such as octopuses, cuttlefish and squids (Amodio et. al., 2018). There are about 700 cephalopod species currently in existence and they can be found in oceans throughout the world; in all climates and various depths of water (Ikeda, 2009). The loss of the external mollusc shell is seemingly linked with an increase in brain size and as a result, increased cognitive abilities (Kuba, Byrne, Meisel, & Mather, 2006). In fact, cephalopods are considered among the…...
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The Octopus is a Symbol Of The Perfectionist Principle of The Circle: Know Everything
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Dave Eggers’ The Circle uses images of aquatic life from the Mariana Trench to demonstrate the dynamics of the circle. These images include seahorses, an octopus, and a shark; each revealing a significant aspect of the Circle. The seahorses are a representation of the users of the circle and their inability to defend themselves from the totality that is the circle. While the octopus is a symbol of the circle’s superficial desire to know everything and to connect with people,…...
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How Humans and The Octopus Can Benefit From Regulating Hunting
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The reef octopus, like any other organism within an ecosystem, ideally plays a role as a food source for another organism’s diet and is itself a predator that can ensure that the balance between a variety of species remains stable. In many coastal communities, such as those in Madagascar, locals recognize the reef octopus as a major source of livelihood; as both a means of sustenance as well as an economic benefit. In recent years, the growing market demand for…...
Blue Ringed Octopus
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Micro distribution of Tetrodotoxin in two species of blue-ringed octopuses. The study that took place is unknown due to the fact of having many years of studies involving Tetrodotoxin. (TTX) After years of studying the distribution of TTX, it is known for a fact that the 3 scientists got results after testing 6 male octopuses. 3 males of the H. Fascista and 3 males of H. lunulate, all octopuses were adults. The objective of this study was to find out…...
Blue Ringed Octopus Size
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The blue-ringed octopus lives in shallow reefs and tide pools in the Pacific Ocean. normally at deepnesss runing from 0 to 20m ( Sheedy and Beasley. 2003 ) . There are four sorts of blue-ringed Octopuses ( genus Hapalochlaena ) : ( 1 ) the greater blue-ringed octopus ( Hapalochlaena lunulata ) ; ( 2 ) the southern blue-ringed octopus or lesser blue-ringed octopus ( Hapalochlaena maculosa ) ; ( 3 ) the blue-lined octopus ( Hapalochlaena fasciata ) ;…...
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What Caused National Superiority?
...These dehumanizing language and propaganda caused cultural and racial hatred and massive eventually. People without conscious and started using innocent people to do biological experiments. Unit 731 is a team who uses Chinese to do their horrible exp...
How Humans and The Octopus Can Benefit From Regulating Hunting
...Since the success of the preliminary research and application of periodic octopus closures, neighboring Madagascar communities have implemented the same conservation practices in an area currently known as the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area ...
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