An Analysis of the Study of the Field of Zoology

Zoologists study the animals of our world, and try to understand their actions, their origin, their diseases, and just plain what they do everyday to survive. When zoologists study those animals, they aren t usually studying them in a classroom, they are out in the environment the organism lives in. For the common human-being, it is important to be able to understand the findings and observations of the zoologist. The better the zoologist communicates with us humans, the better of a zoologist that person is.

A zoologist’s degree of communication skills depends on the field of zoology, and their exact job description. The better equipped a zoologist is with communication skills in both speaking and writing, the better they can perform in their job.

Zoology is a field that includes ornithology, the study of birds, mammalogy, the study of mammals, herpetology, the study of reptiles, and ichthyology, the study of birds. There is also two different sub- levels of each field.

There is a medical zoologist, someone who study more about the internal structure and the cellular components of an organism. A field zoologist is someone who studies more about the behavior of an animal. In each case, the zoologist needs to be able to communicate the information that he obtains throughout his testing and research. A medical zoologist may need to get a grant to continue research on something. If that zoologist can t easily communicate his current findings, and his goals for his future research, it will be hard to get money to continue his research.

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Most of the time, grand money is the only way to get money, and if that isn t possible, there aren t many options left for that zoologist. If a zoologist has gotten all the research that he/she went out to get, then they need to show the group or company that gave them the grant the information that was obtained. Through a vocal presentation, or through a written presentation, the zoologist needs to be able to communicate his/her ideas. Most commonly, the preferred way is through a vocal presentation with charts and facts. A field zoologist may work with a team more than likely, and if information can t be passed from one person to another, then the information that each zoologist gets will not be transferred completely, or it will be transferred inaccurately.

Also, field zoologist work in foreign areas, sometimes in deserts and dry lands, or swampy, wooded areas. In either case, the environment is dangerous, and the more information known about the communication skills need to communicate with the natives, the better. Be it through language, symbols, of body gestures, the accuracy of the communication is very important. Also, field zoologist may encounter the same type of problems as medical zoologists. Dealing with grants and proposals, or displaying their information in an understandable manner, the communication obstacles are still there. A zoologist not only has to focus on the information that he/she is obtaining, that person has to be able to communicate that information efficiently to be accomplishing the full job description of a zoologist.

A zoologist s job is to understand the animals of our world, whether it be their behavior or wellness. Once a zoologist can do that, the next and equally important step they must accomplish is the communication of the information they have obtained. If a zoologist can t communicate his/her research, then that person won t be able to continue with their work, or they won t even be able to start it.

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