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Maritime Archaeology And Cultural Heritage
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It was one of the biggest excavations in Istanbul, and they were trying to dig a tunnel for railroad when they come across what was use to be a Theodosian Harbour, the largest harbour in the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. They discovered among other things 37 well preserved shipwrecks dating from the 5th to 11th centuries AD (Kiziltan, 2013, p.3).Over the course of more than three full years working at the site, the INA team developed a standard set of…...
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An Overview of Johnson’s Island and Its Importance in the History of Our Nation
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This site, Johnson’s Island, is an island that played a monumental role in our nation’s history, so it is important to properly preserve important artifacts that might be found. The island was a prison that held confederate prisoners-of—war. Some of the goals were to gain a better understanding of the time period and the events that occurred here, Learning about the people who lived here, were imprisoned here, and the people who are buried here could contribute valuable knowledge. The…...
The Significance of Archaeology in the Study of Language
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Archaeology is vitally important when studying the evolution of language. In 2012 archaeologists unearthed numerous tablets in the palace at Tushan (Keys, 2012). Upon investigation, researchers were surprised to see that the language inscribed in the clay was previously unknown. Linguists and archaeologists are still trying to decipher these tablets. Archeology contributes to language in more creative ways as well. In 2015, scientists formed a language study based off of what they knew from artifacts such as Oldowan tools. Using…...
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Archaeology Interpretation of Hasta Lavista and Tacos
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Archaeology Interpretation of Hasta Lavista and Taco's The available evidence that was discovered in the site of Hasta Lavista and Taco's seems to suggest that the people of Tacos were conquered, and possibly enslaved by the people from Hasta Lavista. Common knowledge tells us that ancient cultures used to build many architectural structures to worship and appease their gods. It also tells us that the role of religion and politics are intertwined, especially in pre-historic societies. Hasta Lavista contains the…...
Do you remember your first encounter with archaeology? Quite likely
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Do you remember your first encounter with archaeology? Quite likely it was a movie, TV show, or perhaps a book. Regardless of the medium, the first few encounters with archaeology likely shaped your conceptions about the field as a whole. As a result of the overarching giants such as Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, parts of the general population view archaeology as an adventure, a dramatic experience full of danger and hardships at every turn that leads to a priceless…...
Mayans And Egyptian Civilizations Comparison
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This essay sample essay on Mayans And Egyptian offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below. To the eyes of a 21st century westerner, the developments of the ancient Egyptians seem manifestly more impressive that those of the Mayans over two thousand years later. Yet it is important to note the fact that there is no real benefit in dating the achievements of these peoples, as…...
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
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When was the discovery at Sutton hoo made? How did international events complicate the first excavation? What were some later findings? Studies show that the discovery at sutton hoo made in 1939. It contained lots of wealth and artifacts. International events complicate the first excavation because the original excavation of the mounds was destroyed in World War 2. The only evidence was the picture of the reverts in the sand. Included in the treasure are some of the finest pieces…...
Essay About Artifacts
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Many people who know little about archaeology probably have little clue of the difference between artifacts and ecofacts. Yes, the prefixes of the words are different, but they’re both a type of “fact”. That’s probably what most people would seem to figure out between the two terms, and before I knew what they meant, I would just stick with artifact as it’s a more commonly used word to describe something found from the past. As far as I was concerned,…...
Mortimer Wheeler Archaeologist His Methods
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 What led the archaeologist to the site? Through his work, Wheeler had acquired an interest for excavating and examining sites in Britain. He had previously excavated Roman remains in Essex, Wales and Verulamium, a Pre-Roman settlement near St. Albans in England1. Maiden Castle, in Dorset County, offered much in the way of archaeology. It was thought to contain much evidence from Iron Age and Roman periods and offered a challenge for archaeologists to unearth its rich past. Mortimer Wheeler was…...
Essay Example on Auguste Mariette Deir El Medina
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Mariette’s research methods were made easy as he had an ability to interpret practically anything. His ability to decipher hieroglyphics and codes led him to many discoveries. An example of the use of Coding in his excavation is the tablet which lay near the Sphinx. This tablet had the path to the Temple of Serapeum but in hieroglyphics. Mariette deciphered the text and discovered one of the most sought for sites in the history of archaeology. Auguste Mariette’s excavation methods…...
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Garbage: It’s Role as a Reoccurring Element in Nikolski
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The following sample essay on Garbage: It's Role as a Reoccurring Element in Nikolski. A driving force and reoccurring symbol and element in Nicolas Dickner's novel Nikolski is garbage; representing connected yet distinct meanings for each of the three main characters. For the unnamed narrator it represents putting old memories to rest and starting on his own path. To Joyce trash also catalyses a new beginning, however this is caused by the reinvention of things discarded much in the same…...
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