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Free essays on Environmental Science are written documents that explore different topics related to the environment, pollution, climate change, biodiversity, and ecology. These essays are often written by students, scholars, or environmental enthusiasts who are passionate about protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. The essays cover different aspects of environmental science and discuss various issues such as air pollution, water contamination, deforestation, natural resource depletion, and global warming. The purpose of these free essays is to create awareness among people and motivate them to take action to save the planet.
The Rooted Symbolism in Kingsolver’s “The Bean Trees
Words • 523
Pages • 3
Barbara Kingsolver's "The Bean Trees" is a vibrant tapestry of human experience, beautifully woven together through the power of narrative. The novel captures the journey of Taylor Greer, a strong-willed woman from rural Kentucky, who embarks on a life-changing adventure that leads her to adopt an abandoned child and create a makeshift family in the arid landscapes of Tucson, Arizona."The Bean Trees" is much more than a coming-of-age story; it's a profound exploration of human resilience, community, and the complexity…...
Promoting Sustainability with S&S Recycling: A Commitment to Green Practices
Words • 497
Pages • 2
In the age of sustainability, recycling firms play a crucial role in managing waste and conserving resources. One such company that stands out is S&S Recycling, a company that not only takes care of discarded materials but also places a high emphasis on environmental responsibility and community contribution.Established several years ago, S&S Recycling has made a name for itself in the recycling sector. The company serves both residential and commercial customers, offering a wide array of recycling services. Whether it's…...
Environmental Science
Discovering the Charm of Grayslake Village: A Beacon of Community and Nature
Words • 478
Pages • 2
Nestled in the heart of Lake County, Illinois, lies the village of Grayslake, a community that effortlessly fuses a small-town charm with natural allure and rich history. Known for its idyllic setting, community-driven initiatives, and the renowned Grayslake Heritage Center & Museum, the village is an undiscovered gem waiting to be explored.Grayslake is a unique blend of past, present, and future. As you wander through its quiet streets, you're bound to notice the mix of well-preserved historic homes standing proudly…...
Environmental Science
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Tropical Rainforest Food Web: Exploring The Fascinating World
Words • 522
Pages • 3
When one conjures up an image of a tropical rainforest, a panorama of lush greenery, vibrant colors, and an orchestra of sounds typically come to mind. But hidden within the depths of this ecological splendor, there exists a richly complex world that often goes unnoticed - the world of the tropical rainforest food web. This intricate network of energy flow, encompassing all forms of life in the rainforest, forms the backbone of this incredible ecosystem. The tropical rainforest food web…...
A Stitch in Time: The National Response Framework Explained
Words • 551
Pages • 3
In the fabric of our nation, unforeseen emergencies such as natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist attacks can cause the threads to unravel rapidly. To fortify and mend this fabric, the United States has woven a pivotal tool into its emergency management tapestry: the National Response Framework (NRF).Defining the National Response FrameworkSo, what exactly is the National Response Framework? The NRF is essentially a guidebook designed to make sure that the nation works in concert during times of crises. With this…...
A Tapestry of Seasons: The Middle Colonies’ Harmonious Climate
Words • 532
Pages • 3
In the symphonic chronicles of American history, the Middle Colonies—comprising present-day New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware—hold a special place. These colonies, revered for their cultural diversity, fertile soils, and economic vitality, were not just bound together by these virtues. There, thrived an underlying melody—a gentle harmony of climate—that played a crucial role in shaping the tapestry of life in the Middle Colonies. Join me as we embark upon an atmospheric sojourn through the Middle Colonies, basking in the…...
The Veldt: A Tapestry of Earth and Sky
Words • 513
Pages • 3
If one were to venture on a journey through the pages of the world's geography, certain words would evoke the spirit of places so vividly that the aroma of the earth and the whisper of the wind might almost be felt. 'Veldt' is one such word. Etched in the annals of southern African topography, the veldt is not just a term, but an emblem of a landscape that stretches beneath the heavens. In this expedition of letters and imagination, let’s…...
Environmental Science
Sephora’s “Bring Your Own Bag” 2019: An Initiative for Sustainable Beauty
Words • 553
Pages • 3
In 2019, Sephora, a renowned global beauty retailer, made headlines with its laudable “Bring Your Own Bag” initiative. This was part of the company's broader commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. A makeup haven for countless beauty enthusiasts, Sephora sought to marry the world of cosmetics with environmental consciousness through this initiative. In this post, let’s dive into the vibrant palette of Sephora’s “Bring Your Own Bag” 2019 campaign and its implications for sustainable consumerism.Sephora has always been at…...
Environmental Science
The Timeless Embrace: Ivy at Ariston – Nature’s Living Tapestry
Words • 503
Pages • 3
In the quaint embrace of Ariston, where history and charm hold hands, there dwells an unsung hero of verdant grace - the enchanting ivy. This seemingly humble flora is not just an adornment but a harmonious symphony of nature, culture, and soul. As you journey with me through the enthralling lanes of Ariston, let the ivy's whispers guide you through tales untold.As you tread through the cobblestone streets, your gaze will be inevitably drawn to the ivy's verdant cloak, lavishly…...
Environmental Science
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: The Environmental Health Connection
Words • 468
Pages • 2
Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory that breaks down the fundamental human needs into five levels, from physiological to self-actualization. What's intriguing is how environmental health interweaves with each of these levels. This post aims to explore the correlation between Maslow's hierarchy and our environmental health.At the base of Maslow's pyramid lie the physiological needs – the basic requirements for human survival, including air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. The quality and accessibility of these essentials are…...
Environmental Science
Navigating the Retail Landscape: An In-depth Look at Walmart in Chandler, Arizona
Words • 421
Pages • 2
Walmart, the multinational retail conglomerate, has become an inescapable part of our daily lives with its expansive inventory, competitive prices, and widespread availability. This prominence is evident in cities like Chandler, Arizona, where Walmart has significantly impacted the local retail ecosystem. Let's embark on a journey through the Walmart experience in Chandler, understanding its strategic location, offered services, community impact, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.Walmart's locations in Chandler are strategically chosen, considering several factors like population density, economic…...
Environmental Science
Dale: A Beautiful and Often Overlooked Definition
Words • 515
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Narrative essays
In the vast world of the English language, certain words tend to remain hidden in the nooks and crannies, only making an appearance on rare occasions. One such word is 'dale', a term that is not commonly used in everyday speech, but that holds a beautiful and picturesque meaning, worth exploring.The term 'dale' is derived from Old English 'dael', which has its roots in Proto-Germanic and Old Norse languages. It is a noun used to describe a wide, valley-like landscape,…...
Environmental Science
Remembering a Tragedy: The Our Lady of the Angels School Fire
Words • 457
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Informative essays
The Our Lady of the Angels School Fire remains one of the most heartbreaking and transformative tragedies in American history. Occurring on December 1, 1958, in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago, the disaster resulted in the loss of 92 children and three nuns, shaking the city to its core. This post explores the event, its aftermath, and the enduring impact on safety standards in schools.On that fateful winter day, nearly 1,600 students were attending classes at Our Lady of…...
An Enthralling Journey: Delving into the World on the Turtle’s Back
Words • 557
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Descriptive essays
Step into a realm where reality intertwines with mythology - the Iroquois' world on the turtle's back. This tale, infused with deep cultural significance, offers an extraordinary narrative of creation, teeming with intrigue, power, and the essence of life itself.The story begins in the celestial sphere, the Sky World, replete with celestial beings and divine entities. Sky Woman, the central figure of our tale, is no ordinary deity. Pregnant and curious, she falls through a hole left by the uprooted…...
Environmental Science
Walmart’s Trade-in Program a Unique Opportunity for Consumers
Words • 494
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Common App essays
Walmart's trade-in program gives customers a one-of-a-kind chance to find new uses for their gently-used possessions. The initiative is evidence that Walmart is serious about its mission to create a sustainable shopping environment that satisfies the needs of both its customers and the earth.A great way to recycle gadgets that might otherwise wind up in landfills is via Walmart's trade-in program, in which consumers may exchange their gently used electronic equipment for Walmart gift cards. The company's commitment to sustainability…...
Environmental Science
Romanticism in Oh Captain My Captain and When I Heard the Learned Astronomer by Whitman and To a Waterfall and Yellow Violets by William Cullen Bryant
Words • 1345
Pages • 6
When I think of the word romance, I always envision the stereotypical fancy candlelit dinner with the mood music quietly playing in the background as a couple, dressed to the nines, sit, engulfed in their own little bubble of bliss. Sometimes I think of the balcony scene of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliets the two young lovers profess their undying affections for each other. In the realm of literature, the word "romantic" takes on a whole new meaning, alluding to a…...
A Speech for the Persuasion of the Audience to Embrace Conservation of Water Resources
Words • 1265
Pages • 6
Function of the Speech The purpose of the speech is to persuade the audience to support the clean water centuries Act of 2011. The speech will focus mainly on the pros and cons of the bill. Impacts of the passing of the bill will also be featured on this speech Introduction Attention In the year 2011, an amendment to the clean water estuaries act of 2010 was made to the federal water pollution control act that was seeking to restore…...
Water Conservation
Understanding the Agile Methodology and the Waterfall Development Method and Their Comparison
Words • 534
Pages • 3
Agile vs. Waterfall Methodology of Software Development This essay discusses the agile method of software development which is widely used globally by millions of software development companies to help save valuable time, money and resources. This essay also discusses the traditional method of software development, also known as the waterfall development method and compares it with Agile methodology. To understand the benefits of agile software development, let us first look at waterfall methodology of software development. This was the traditional…...
An Overview of the Waterfall and Extreme Programming Methodologies in Informative Technology Projects
Words • 935
Pages • 4
Waterfall and eXtreme programming Methodologies A methodology defines a series of steps or processes that build upon one another to reach a conclusion of some sort, whether it is implementing a major software program, updating an existing system, building and deploying a data warehouse, or performing countless IT projects. All methodologies have strengths and weaknesses that make them more suitable for some projects than others, or focus more heavily one part of the development or implementation process than another. And…...
The Focus of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments to Water Conservation
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
Watersheds are the areas of the Earth's surface that drains downhill to surface water bodies large or small, watersheds have discrete boundaries established by mountains, hills and valleys, and include all lakes, rivers, wetlands, streams, and other surrounding landscape. Watersheds often cross national, state and local borders, watersheds transcend as many political, social and economic boundaries as they do ecological boundaries. In recent years, significant progress has been made in achieving cleaner and healthier watersheds that support both aquatic life…...
Water Conservation
A Description of the Large Within the Community of Sutherland Shire Council Concerning the Proposed Desalination Plant At Kurnell
Words • 1366
Pages • 6
There has been large debate within the community of Sutherland Shire Council concerning the proposed desalination plant at Kurnell. The government has announced that this plant will be built to solve Sydney's current water crisis, however this comes at a heavy price. The S2 billion project will not only cost the government but it will also raise the water bill for Sydney households. There are many arguments both for and against this proposed plant and it simply comes down to…...
The Mystery Surrounding the Waters of the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 457
Pages • 2
For years, many planes and ships have disappeared in the area of the bermuda triangle. The bermuda triangle is an area of the world located to the Southeast of the United States and it is also referred to as the "Devil's Triangle." The triangle is formed by drawing imaginary lines from Melbourne, Florida, to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Melbourne. One of the many tales about the Bermuda Triangle is that there has never been any wreckage or…...
Bermuda TriangleGeologyNature
An Analysis of the Disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 1328
Pages • 6
Is the really a place where strange powers are at work? The is a very complex and mystifying area that is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. From reading this paper one will learn geographic features of the famous disappearances, and possible explanations for them. There is a section of the western Atlantic, off the southeast coast of the United States, forming what has been termed a triangle. It extends from Bermuda…...
Bermuda TriangleDisastersWater Transport
The Unsolved Mysterious Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 1320
Pages • 6
Have you ever heard of the mysterious disappearances in the Devil's triangle, the unsolved mystery that leaves many people oblivious as to how it has taken away the lives of countless amounts of humans? Is the legend true and is there something extraordinary truly going on, or is it just the imagination of tired, jet lagged people. Perhaps it could be the work of attention seekers? For all we know, any of these could be right! What is the Bermuda…...
Bermuda TriangleOceanWater Transport
An Analysis of the Boston Sewer System
Words • 2685
Pages • 11
At the turn of the century, Boston had one of the most advanced sewer systems in the country. Through decades of neglect and a failure to truly update the system until the 1980's, the pollution in Boston Harbor became so bad that the harbor became a national embarrassment. The two sewer treatment plants in Boston Harbor were only equipped for primary treatment when most plants in the country were providing secondary if not tertiary treatment for their waste water. The…...
Effluent Treatment PlantPollutionWater Pollution
The Importance of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
Words • 1176
Pages • 5
The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) was created in order to help regulate and monitor point sources of pollution into surface waters. As part of the Clean Water Act of 1972 Section 402, the NPDES was created as a permit program for any type of facility that has a point source of water discharge (EPA, 2014). According to federal law, a basic definition of a point source can be anything such as: a pipe, tunnel, ditch, manhole, or a…...
Effluent Treatment PlantEnvironmental ScienceWater Pollution
American Themes Phillis Wheatley in James Fenimore Cooper’s Pioneers and Its Connection to the Works of Other Writers
Words • 537
Pages • 3
The American themes in Cooper's writing have both to do with the country itself, and some core ideas established by writers such as Benjamin Franklin. I believe the main theme of Pioneers to be that America arose quickly because of hard work. Cooper writes mostly about how America was previously, and at the time of writing, largely untamed wilderness; Cooper wrote, "only forty years have passed since this whole territory was a wilderness”. It was because of dedication and perseverance…...
CultureEthicsPhillis WheatleyWilderness
A Glimpse of the Power of Nature in Stephen Crane’s The Open Boat
Words • 2067
Pages • 9
Nature is known to play significant roles in Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”; it leaves a major impact on the lives and survival of the four main characters. Throughout the story, the characters’ lives are threatened after a shipwreck and seem to attribute their horrible experiences to nature. The author also uses language to suggest that nature can be a fifth character in the story meant to lead the group to their failure. The characters have a pessimistic view of…...
ExperienceNatureThe Open Boat
A Personal Statement for the World Bank Young Professionals Program
Words • 588
Pages • 3
Being part of the World Bank Young Professional Program (YPP) will enable me to use my research and field experience to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in our world. As a person with research skill being part of the problem will enable me to contribute to developing nations’ sustainable economic development Being raised in a Sub-Saharan country where economic inequality and gender bias were not just statistics but day-to-day realities had a profound impact on my educational and…...
EducationPovertySustainabilityWorld Bank
Water’s Impact on Pi in Life of Pi
Words • 826
Pages • 4
Trapped by the vast Pacific Ocean for two hundred twenty-seven days is no mere coincidence for sixteen-year-old Piscine Molitor Patel. Varying from uncomfortable sea- sickness to deathly thirst, the element of water affects Pi constantly throughout the entire novel in numerous aspects. However, the greatest influence of the different types of water on Pi is in a spiritual and mental manner, in the form of his own mentality and attitude Piscine Molitor Patel’s name had been brought to life by…...
Life Of PiPsychologyWater
GM & Shell’s Sustainability Efforts
Words • 1276
Pages • 6
Sustainability is the process of efficient resource utilization in order to create capacity for reuse by future generations. Many sustainable efforts have been developed in order to ensure that natural resources are used in a way that creates re-users More emphasis has been placed on green energy and this allows the adoption of environmentally clean fuel sources for example geothermal energy and solar energy. Green energy is credited for creating of a pollution-free environment thus protecting the environment from destruction.…...
Climate ChangeGeneral MotorsNatureSustainability
Whitten’s Understanding of Greek and African Art
Words • 871
Pages • 4
The the article “Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture" by Katy Siegel, presents the story of artist Jack Whitten, an American-born artist of African American descent, whose travels to Greece and unique cultural heritage greatly influenced not only his own art but the understanding of art culture as well. Jack Whitten. due to his race, experienced the effects of segregation in his early life, however, he was able to overcome this strife and attend art school in New York. This helped Jack…...
African ArtArtCultureNature
Healthcare Improvements and Social Determinants
Words • 1318
Pages • 6
Historical analysis of health care information indicates that an increase in life expectancy in recent centuries has been because of improved health care and social determinants of health. Among the factors that lead to improvement in public health is the role played by the media in causing misperceptions about healthcare programs. Television programs have displayed the world of modern medicine and portrayed healthcare as having a lot of powers to restore health. The television programs educate viewers about the environmental…...
HealthRecyclingSmokingSocial Determinants Of Health
Answering Questions About Union Pulp Inc. and Environmental Management
Words • 549
Pages • 3
If I were Hans Amir, I would not grant Rudy Hartanto his request of round trip ticket or cash. The ultimate answer to his request will be no. About the issue of the "talking blanket", I would just recommend for him that, it's beyond my control if he wanted someone to warm his blanket while in the move of inspecting our company, and then he had to spend his money for that.  The reason behind my answer is that if…...
Environmental ManagementNatural EnvironmentPollutionWaste
Environmental Ethics & Hunting: Hunting Kingshed’s Impact on Ethics & Environment
Words • 307
Pages • 2
In 2011, life artist Revered Billy performed one of his most famous works in the lobby of the Tate Modern, a contemporary art museum in England. In this particular performance art piece, revered Billy, along with a gospel choir, acted out a symbolic “exorcism" on the BP company Reverend Billy shouted religiously toned chants, condemning the BP oil company to hell and labeling the company as the devil itself. A crowd of photographers and onlookers followed the Revered and his…...
CultureEnvironmental EthicsEthicsPhilosophy
The Importance of Ethics in the Field of Environmental Health
Words • 407
Pages • 2
There are plenty of environmental health concerns throughout the world Unfortunately, most solutions and preventative methods for environmental health problems face a great deal of scrutiny. More often than not, this scrutiny is directly associated with ethics, or a lack thereof. In the field of environmental health, it is incredibly difficult to create a code of ethics that can be followed by all participants. One of the largest concerns is that research studies are designed and conducted with the involvement…...
Environmental EthicsEthicsHealthPsychology
Environmental Ethics on the Topic of Animal Testing
Words • 772
Pages • 4
Are animals moral beings? Is it morally right for a person to test products on animals? I ask my self these questions when it comes to the topic of animal testing. All Iivmg organisms are part of an ongoing cycle; from the tiny panicles in the air to plants to human beings, were all correlated in one way or another. All the things in between plants and humans need to be present for existence because one could not be present…...
Animal TestingAnimalsEnvironmental EthicsScience
Intergovernmental Organizations and International Law
Words • 760
Pages • 4
An intergovernmental organization is an organization that is composed primarily of sovereign states, otherwise known as a member state. In an essence, it is an organization that is composed of multiple organizations working together with a unified purpose. Oftentimes, intergovernmental organizations are used as a broad term to include other nongovernmental organizations such as nonprofit organizations and multinational organizations. These organizations are established by a treaty that acts as a common goal, thus creating a group. Treaties are created when…...
ClimateClimate ChangeInternational LawPolitics
A Comparison of Luegenbeihl’s, Michelfelder’s, and Bauer’s Code of Ethics
Words • 940
Pages • 4
In the previous paper, determined that I agreed most with the ideology that Michelfelder had about the code of ethics. In the grand scheme of the article. the article came down to one question for the reader. If the codes of ethics are supposed to protect the public, should that not include the safety for the environment as well? Another way to ask this question is, does sustainability or environmental just include social justice? Or is it the other way…...
Code Of EthicsEducationEngineeringSustainability
A Day of Fishing and Swimming
Words • 699
Pages • 3
It was a beautiful sunny day to pack up and drive to South Padre Island Beach. As I got closer, I rolled the windows down as I crossed over the bridge of beautiful ocean water and my hair blew in the wind. At times, it appeared the bridge would never reach the other side. Once I arrive on the other side, it felt like the first time the thrill of going to eat, fish, and swim in the ocean. First,…...
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Romanticism in Oh Captain My Captain and When I Heard the Learned Astronomer by Whitman and To a Waterfall and Yellow Violets by William Cullen Bryant
...Bryant is likened to the early European romantic poets, for the aforementioned mixture of neoclassic and romantic styles; Whitman seems to me to have been inspired by Emmerson and his early work. Even when Whitman sets up his poetry in a specific for...
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