The Importance of Ethics in the Field of Environmental Health

There are plenty of environmental health concerns throughout the world Unfortunately, most solutions and preventative methods for environmental health problems face a great deal of scrutiny. More often than not, this scrutiny is directly associated with ethics, or a lack thereof. In the field of environmental health, it is incredibly difficult to create a code of ethics that can be followed by all participants. One of the largest concerns is that research studies are designed and conducted with the involvement and regard of those being studied.

More simply put, the ethics of everyone involved in environmental health matter. Ethics are incredibly important in the field of environmental health. If the public feels environmental health researchers are not being ethical, then they will likely not advocate the field.

This can cause serious problems down the line for researchers, There may be a lack of funding as the researchers lose support, and there may also be disbelief from the public that could cause harm depending on the severity of the environmental issues.

If the public feels environmental health researchers are being ethical, then they will likely advocate the field. This can lead to great things for researchers. The overwhelming support can bring in funding that could help research and/or solve important environmental health issues. In order for the field of environmental health to be more appreciated, ethics must be implemented throughout.

While this is not an easy task, it is a task that must be completed to the best of the world‘s ability.

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If an ethical environment is desired, I feel it would be best if environmental health researchers: take the ethics of every individual involved into consideration create a positive, trusted relationship with the community to make all environmental research entirely public. The public should not fear that something other than the truth is happening behind the scenes.

In my opinion, the most important of these three suggestions is making environmental research public. Most individuals in society are not comfortable advocating for something they know nothing about, research, in general, has a pretty negative stereotype in today’s society; people feel it is a waste of money or is harmful to participants. It is, in part, the responsibility of environmental health researchers to help change this stereotype. If the public is made aware of the topic at hand, the research necessary, and the methodology behind the research, they will likely realize the positives outweigh the negatives.

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