Answering Questions About Union Pulp Inc. and Environmental Management

If I were Hans Amir, I would not grant Rudy Hartanto his request of round trip ticket or cash. The ultimate answer to his request will be no. About the issue of the “talking blanket”, I would just recommend for him that, it’s beyond my control if he wanted someone to warm his blanket while in the move of inspecting our company, and then he had to spend his money for that.  The reason behind my answer is that if I grant Ruby Hartanto his request, then there is a possibility that the corruption allegation will be revealed, and the company will face serious corruption charges.

The fact that the company did not install one of the new filter units was addressable and could not foster a reason to be involved in corruption to blind the inspector. What if I give in to his request and the next thing the top government official respond immediately for post inspection reconnaissance? This will automatically destroy the reputation of the company and even the ruby Hananto’s.

The consequences of turning down Ruby Hartanto’s request are obvious; the very next result is that Mr. Ruby will write negative inspection results. On the part of the Drying plant where the construction crew had not installed the filters will have the most negative comments ever. He will conclude that we are the most contributor of the Mahakam River pollution. He would additionally say that we have breached the government pollution laws and safety; this will get the company a case to answer in the court of justice.

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The issue of the talking blanket will even add more trouble; Ruby will emotionally apply this to add more salt on the report. This will even make him comment that the company for that extended period of operation has been disposing the unfiltered waste directly to the river; lam sure that he will not even talk to the old dismantled waste filter unit which has been operational since then.

I would suggest for Union Pulp Inc. to employ all measures possible geared at environmental management and conservation all the time in their line of operation before, during and after inspection. This will encompass modern renovation of the facilities within the company, and also quick replacement or installation of the desired machines for effective environmental protection purposes. Consider for instance if the company had a timely response to the installation of new waste filters, then Ruby could not have a chance of fostering his greedy requests. Other environmental protection measures they should consider include proper treatment of their effluent before releasing the content into the Mahakam River to assure the state of their concern for water resources protection.

The company should also address the issue of solid waste management not at the disposal level, but at the generation state, they should devise means of attaining waste generation minimization through thorough utilization or alternative waste product use. The solid pulp they generate can be utilized as manure source. In air pollution sector, the company can achieve standards by installing standby incineration plant to design to take gasses from the mainstream and minimize venting into the atmosphere. The bad smell within the industry can be reduced by the use of oxygen-activated sludge and capturing with the progressive burning of gaseous emission.

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