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Why Was The Albany Plan Of Union Rejected Essay

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British officials and lawmakers today applauded the decision of the colonial assemblies to reject a colonial unity plan, the Albany plan of Union, of which they did not approve of. On a hot summer day in June of the year 1754 of our Lord, Benjamin Franklin, delegate to the colony of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts colony governor Thomas Hutchinson proposed and drafted a plan for uniting our thirteen colonies in North America, in the face of the coming war with France. Colonial delegates to the convention in Albany, New York accepted the plan and sent it to the colonial assemblies to approve, none of which did so, rightfully. Although, atfirst English officials had suggested a “union between ye Royal, Proprietary & Charter Governments,” but later did not push for such a thing, for “various reasons,” as one senior British official put it. The plan called for the creation of new layers of government, including a president-general who would be appointed by the Crown and exercise broad powers over relationships with the Indians, making war and governing the frontier areas until new colonies were created. Also, a grand council was also to be created, in which members would be appointed by the existing colonial assemblies and whose representation would be determined by the amount of financial contribution (or taxes) paid to the organization. But ultimately the plan was rejected by all thirteen of the colonial assemblies and it would have been doubtful our Lord, King George III and royal officials in the colonies would have approved of such a preposterous consolidation of power in the American colonies.…

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