As West Africa is confronting dangers, for example, expansion of little Arms and light weapons (SALW), theft, hijacking, revolt and psychological oppression from fear based oppressor gatherings, for example, Boko Haram, Alqaeeda in Islamic Magreeb (AQIM). The propensities to spread wild like flame during the Harmattan season and to different nations in the sub-locale is an unquestionable requirement. Thus, the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) is there to verify and keep up/protect the regional respectability of Sierra Leone against outer animosity and inner uprising through the Mano River Union (MRU) an association in the sub-west African district.

2. The Intergovernmental Organization Mano River Union (MRU) was established on 3 October 1973 by the leaders of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Republic of Guinea and Ivory Coast individually under the Melema revelation. It is fascinating to take note of that the association was named after the River ‘Mano’ which is the impartial and surely understood limit between the part states. The point of establishing this association was to reinforce and to capacitate part states to frame the Sub-west African district into one entirety.

This association hope to incorporate the various economies and to synchronize development in territories, for example, harmony building, respective exchange advancement, modern improvement, power control age, agribusiness, regular assets, transportations, media transmission, fiscal and business of any benevolent that are legitimate in all parts of the financial and public activity of the part states. To continue further with this paper, realizing the meaning of aggregate security is Key. Aggregate security can be effectively be broken into two sections, whereby this thought of ‘security’ can be seen as anticipation of any type of contention that could influence the present condition of tranquility on any dimension.

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Aggregate then again, is viewed as more than one states acting together to look after this, through the methods for concurring and holding fast to certain arrangement of guidelines. Subsequently, I could draw the supposition that the blend of both of these would prompt the understanding that aggregate security is ‘any multilateral plan or move made for the sake of protection, harmony and profound quality.

3. This paper tries to show the noteworthiness of aggregate security procedures in the MRU; the job Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) has been playing since the association was found in the mid 70’s to present. The paper will investigate the orders of the MRU, it capacities and how the RSLAF have been acting in harmony building, soundness and security in Sierra Leone and around the MRU Communities.


4. The point of this paper is to unmistakably plot the job of the RSLAF in the aggregate security of the Mano River Union bowl in a view to making suggestions.


5. Mandate. Throughout the years since the association was shaped, there have been a few gatherings been held in light of a legitimate concern for it part states. In the no so distant past, in May 2008 Heads of state and legislature of the Union took a choice to recover the Union. The secretariat of the MRU was thus commanded on the May summit to seek after the contention, financial advancement, and mix of the sub-district inside the structure of four columns which are institutional, renewal and rebuilding with accentuation on the Union Secretariat and open division of the part states and there are key plans been assembled to manage all issues identified with the columns.

6. Functions. Coming up next are a portion of the elements of the Union:

a. MRU keeps up the inception of discourse at all dimensions between its part states to accomplish more prominent solidarity and solidarity, and advancing generosity, neighboring collaboration and quiet conjunction among its kin, advancing harmony, security, vote based standards and mainstream cooperation of natives in the quest for good administration.

b. MRU makes proposal to part states for certain move to be made and furthermore offer mandates to the secretariat and other subordinate establishments.

7. Achievements. A portion of the ongoing accomplishments of the MRU are:

a. Harmonizing approaches for handling Ebola-type dangers particularly exuding from the fringe zones or of a cross-outskirt nature, in accomplishing the condition of zero new diseases.

b. Instituting arrangements, activities and projects to address shortcomings at the sub-territorial dimension that have been uncovered by the flare-up and which are basic for modifying a stronger sub locale.

c. Highlighting present or arranged activities inside the MRU that could be re-organized to brace the territorial recuperation endeavors.

d. Implementing programs that alleviate the effects of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Crisis on the influenced populace in the sub-locale influenced States.

e. Ensuring reclamation of fundamental instruction administrations conveyance framework and building versatility in post-EVD MRU States, and reinforcing local incorporation and expanding on National encounters in the battle against the EVD to build up a progressively proactive territorial framework that reacts suitably to future events.

f. The foundation of Joint Border Security and Confidence Building Units (JBSCBUs) between or among neighboring outskirt networks.

g. Implementation of the principal pilot undertaking of the JBSCBUs activity and the introduction of the discoveries and proposals to the Joint Security Commission.

Aggregate SECURITY

8. Significance of aggregate security. Aggregate security is framework by which states have endeavored to avert or stop wars. Under an aggregate security game plan, an attacker against any one state is viewed as an assailant against every single other state, which act together to repulse the attacker. Aggregate security plans have dependably been imagined as being worldwide in extension; this is in certainty a characterizing trademark, separating them from local unions, for example, the MRU. Both the ECOWAS and the African Union were established on the standard of aggregate security.

9. Challenges of aggregate security.

a. In the present world, a risk to one is a danger to all. Globalization implies that a noteworthy fear based oppressor assault anyplace in the modern world would have destroying ramifications for the prosperity of millions in the creating scene. Anybody of 700 million universal aircraft travelers for consistently can be an accidental bearer of a lethal irresistible ailment. What’s more, the disintegration of the state limit anyplace on the planet debilitates the assurance of each state against transnational dangers, for example, fear based oppression and sorted out wrongdoing. Each state requires worldwide collaboration to make it secure. In any case, one of the significant difficulties of aggregate security is that part states must be progressively dedicated to raise financing for instance assets for the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) Standby Force (ESF) activity.

b. Because of the comprehension between part conditions of aggregate security bargain, there will be some measure of adaptability at the outskirt territories. Security of the different intersection focuses can be bargain and a risk may go to a national from outer or interior rebellion gathering to disturb the harmony inside the nation or in a neighboring nation.

c. Poaching, expansion of short weapons and illegal mining exercises inside our normal limits will increment.

d. Youth exercises like medication, human dealing and carrying will be on the expansion.

e. Training institutionalization and assessment of all troops serving inside the Sub-area is likewise another key test with regards to aggregate security.


10. Mission. The RSLAF’S essential job and mission is to guard Sierra Leone’s regional honesty against outer aggressors. To accomplish this, the RSLAF needs adequate powers to verify Sierra Leone’s fringes, land zone and regional waters.

11. Role in the MRU.

a. Internal tasks – Joint RSLAF/SLP (FBP/FOB). These are standing tasks led to verify our outskirts and regional waters mutually by the RSLAF and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) at the Forward Patrol Base (FPB) or in Forward Observation Base (FOB). It includes equipped outskirt nearness; and powerful inward and fringe watching.

b. The RSLAF has taken an interest in harmony bolster tasks (PSOs) as far back as in 1991 and 1998, the RSLAF contributed troops under the Economic Community Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) activity to carry harmony to neighboring Liberia which is a part condition of the MRU. Three progressive contingents were pivoted during that period. The main unexpected was among the power that kept Charles Taylor from assuming control over Monrovia. The last unexpected returned home after the 1997 AFRC Coup.

c. RSLAF additionally gives Standby power and preparing to PSO happens at the Peace Mission Training Center (PMTC) at Hastings.

d. Training of officers from the Mano River nations for instance junior staff course and Intermediate staff course at the Horton Academy in Freetown.

e. The RSLAF is there additionally to guarantee successful fringe security and the executives all through Sierra Leone’s permeable outskirts.

f. RSLAF is attempting additionally to build up the ability to capture, disturb, and deny bothersome outsiders section into Sierra Leone.

12. Challenges on outskirt security.

a. The making of designs for dealing with the fringe during emergencies.

b. The mix of arranging and coordination among fringe security elements.

c. Managing Border Security Risk

d. The coordination of outskirt security with complete migration and fringe the board strategies. Successful outskirt the executives requires more than capacity to capture unlawful load and individuals. It additionally requires seeing how estimates set up for security influence how products and individuals move over our outskirts.

e. Strengthening of access control at all perceived purposes of passage to and from Sierra Leone is additionally another test.


13. What can be seen with the MRU is that they have had the option to mostly express this thought of aggregate security into its points in its command. Aggregate security in the Mano River Union sub-district has been extremely useful in keeping up the inception of exchange at all dimensions between its part states to accomplish more noteworthy solidarity and solidarity and furthermore techniques for handling Ebola-type dangers particularly exuding from the outskirt zones or of a cross-fringe nature, in accomplishing the condition of zero new diseases. (Passages 6 and 7)

14. One key factor in planning fringe security exercises is the execution and the executives arrangements at the various outskirts. Compelling outskirt the board requires more than ability to block illegal load and individuals. It is impossible without setting up measures for security to influence how merchandise imported or being sent out and the relocation of individuals over our fringes. (Passage 11)

15. The job of Republic of Sierra Leone Armed powers in the sub-area as a component of aggregate security organization can be follow similarly as in the mid 90’s were we saw its second cooperation in harmony keeping task in Liberia. (Passage 12)


16. To proceed with the strategies for handling infections like Ebola-type dangers particularly exuding from the fringe zones or of a cross-outskirt nature, it is suggested that MRU JBSCBU’s help the foundation of general wellbeing units (PHU) with wellbeing specialists from individuals states to observation the fringe. These PHUs will serve likewise as information bases or storehouses of imperative data that can be utilized to plan proposition on the best way to promote and coordinate the idea of the JBSCBUs into the Security Mechanism of the Member States. Part States ought to likewise be very much educated about the JBSCBUs, bringing the JBSCBUs into national strategies with systems of observing and assessment that has been distinguished. Fringe units can operational and proficient with information base on the working of outskirt units set up. (Sections 6 and 7)

17. I accept with the foundation of the JBSCBUs there are strategies on how they work at the different intersection focuses. So as to found the right measures in handling the unlawful development of individuals and merchandise over the outskirts, it is suggested that the organization of state protections or fringe monitors at the different intersection focuses and the coherence of the joint RSLAF/SLP (FBP/FOB) watch/tasks keep on reigning in verifying our fringes and regional waters. (Section 11)

18. There is a typical saying that says ‘in time of war, you get ready for harmony and in time of harmony you get ready for war’. War like exercises and political hazards are normal in the sub-locale. In this manner, to battle such it is prescribed that ceaseless joint powers preparing be held if conceivable consistently all together for the part states armed forces to have more prominent thoughts of the techniques that are being utilized in aggregate security inside the MRU sub-locale so as to catch, upsets, or deny unfortunate nonconformist or guerilla bunch into Sierra Leone through it limits. (Section 12)

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