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Free essays on geography are academic write-ups that explore the physical characteristics of the Earth, such as its topography, climate, and natural resources, as well as the human activities that shape its landscapes and shape its cultural and political geography. These essays typically cover topics such as the interactions between humans and the environment, the impact of climate change on ecological systems and local communities, and the role of geography in global trade and politics. They are often written by students, researchers, or academics and provide valuable insights into contemporary issues related to geography and global sustainability.
IGCSE Geography: Storm Hydrograph of a river and River Regimes
Words • 554
Pages • 3
IGCSE Geography: Storm Hydrograph of a River and River Regimes Hydrographs: A Hydrograph is a popular way of representing data for geographers, and to get a good understanding in the RIVERS topic, you must be able to know its features. Definition: A Hydrograph shows the discharge of a river as well as its total rainfall over a period of time, before, during, and after the storm. Linkages and analysis can thus be made, e.g., more rainfall, faster discharge, etc. Discharge:…...
IGCSE Geography: Flooding: Why it happens, and how to prevent it
Words • 598
Pages • 3
IGCSE Geography: Flooding - Why it happens, and how to prevent it Flooding: Causes of Flooding: Precipitation - Rain, Snowmelt: High levels of precipitation can cause a river to burst its banks and flood. Steep Slopes - Gradient of Land: If land is particularly steep, normal storm events may escalate into small floods. This is due to a short lag time. When there is rain, the steepness of the land means that not long after, there will be discharge or…...
Exploring Weathering, Erosion, Transportation, and River Profiles in Edexcel IGCSE Geography
Words • 138
Pages • 1
Edexcel IGCSE Geography: Processes Topic 1- River environments: Processes Key idea: Running water has a significant influence on the development of landformsKEY TERMINOLOGY: Weathering- involves elements of the weather, particularly rainfall and temperatures Mass movement- movement of a large part of the landscape. Soil Creep- weathered material moving down the slope under the influence of gravity Factors affecting these processes: stream velocity, slopes, geology Deposition- the laying down of material transported by the river because of a decrease in energy,…...
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IGCSE Geography: Formation of interlocking spurs, waterfalls, meanders, oxbow lakes, floodplains and levees.
Words • 367
Pages • 2
IGCSE Geography: Formation of interlocking spurs, waterfalls, meanders, oxbow lakes, floodplains and levees. River features formed in the Upper Stage of the river Interlocking Spurs - Are caused by erosion. It is formed in the upper stage of the river where the river erodes vertically. - Are ridges produced when the river twists and turns around obstacles of hard rock along its downward pathway. - These ridges INTERLOCK with one another to form INTERLOCKING SPURS. Waterfalls 1) A layer of…...
The Mystery Surrounding the Waters of the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 457
Pages • 2
For years, many planes and ships have disappeared in the area of the bermuda triangle. The bermuda triangle is an area of the world located to the Southeast of the United States and it is also referred to as the "Devil's Triangle." The triangle is formed by drawing imaginary lines from Melbourne, Florida, to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Melbourne. One of the many tales about the Bermuda Triangle is that there has never been any wreckage or…...
Bermuda TriangleGeologyNature
The Legendary Bermuda Triangle
Words • 2065
Pages • 9
Bermuda A legendary triangle of Ocean lies between 3 countries upon the Atlantic Ocean. The Cities are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale. Ships, people and airplanes have been reported mysteriously disappearing off the face of the earth whilst travelling inside this triangle. It soon acquired the name Devils Triangle owing to peoples superstitions that the devil was at play on this stretch of ocean and gobbling up weary and lost travelers with great delight, but what actually was at…...
AviationBermuda TriangleTransport
An Analysis of the Disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 1328
Pages • 6
Is the really a place where strange powers are at work? The is a very complex and mystifying area that is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. From reading this paper one will learn geographic features of the famous disappearances, and possible explanations for them. There is a section of the western Atlantic, off the southeast coast of the United States, forming what has been termed a triangle. It extends from Bermuda…...
Bermuda TriangleDisastersWater Transport
The Unsolved Mysterious Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle
Words • 1320
Pages • 6
Have you ever heard of the mysterious disappearances in the Devil's triangle, the unsolved mystery that leaves many people oblivious as to how it has taken away the lives of countless amounts of humans? Is the legend true and is there something extraordinary truly going on, or is it just the imagination of tired, jet lagged people. Perhaps it could be the work of attention seekers? For all we know, any of these could be right! What is the Bermuda…...
Bermuda TriangleOceanWater Transport
Change in the Relief of South Florida
Words • 709
Pages • 3
Over the course of time, the earth’s landforms have gradually changed to the form they are today, both the continent and local regions. South Florida is no exception and its landform has changed over geological time. According to the publication Florida’s Geological History of Ginger M. Allen and Martin B. Main (2005:2), the main geological factors that contributed to shaping Florida’s current landform are alterations in sea level that therefore changed Florida’s bedrock. This affected other environmental features, such as…...
GeographyNaturePlate Tectonics
Geography Determines Car Preferences
Words • 624
Pages • 3
After interviewing Damon, I knew about the fact that he restored an old car with his father and turned it into a new one. I noticed that he was interested in American Muscle cars, and so was I. Though, being interested in American Muscle cars was abnormal in my country. Most if not everyone was interested in Four Wheel Drive cars. I guess the reason for that is that geography can really determine car preferences. Meaning that depending on the…...
Electric CarGeography
Ample Paper on CBD Geography
Words • 1555
Pages • 7
Newcastle is located in the north East of England (as shown in map 1). Newcastle upon Tyne is located in between Sunderland and Northumberland and is situated along the River Tyne. Newcastle is a major commercial and retail city but it has not always been. In the medieval period and late 18th century Newcastle had a totally different function as a city. Today where the current Quayside stands used for Leisure and Entertainment purposes was previously used as a port…...
Negative decision
Words • 885
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on how would you respond when someone makes a decision that adversely affects you while saying “its nothing personal its just business”. Is business impersonal? Ethics are a subjective set of standards used by an individual to guide their actions, and to identify any obligation. They are uninterruptedly evolving code of conduct dependent upon conditions and the life involvements of the individual. With movements that can be measured by “right’ and ‘Wrong”. Ethics are not concerned…...
ContentmentEthicsGeographyHappinessPhilosophical TheoriesScience
Geographic Determinism
Words • 669
Pages • 3
History shows many examples of how geography and environmental determinism played a huge role in the development of early civilizations. It can be seen as early as Mesopotamia, where the constant tension between nomadic and settled lifestyles was an important aspect of early historical development. The Sumerian culture developed in southern Mesopotamia, near the Persian Gulf. The civilization was generally pessimistic in outlook, an observation based mainly on the evidence of religious sources that depict a gloomy picture of the…...
Geography Essays
Words • 231
Pages • 1
Essay #6- I n today's society there are many people that don't like others religions. This is becoming a huge problem especially in the middle east, were many people are killed every day for no reason. The biggest problem going on right now is the problem between the Israile's. (Jewish people) and the Palastiniens. They both are fighting over land they both call their own holly land, which at this time the Isralians control. However this is not the only…...
Live weather maps traffic maps and election maps all use
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Live weather maps, traffic maps, and election maps all use Geographic Information System(GIS) technology. Ever since the 1960’s, when Roger Tomlinson developed the first concept of GIS technology, it has been expanded upon and has evolved into a widely used and useful technology, especially in the last decade. Although GIS is widely used and beneficial, many people do not know that technology behind their favorite weather app or election map is the same. This research paper will describe what GIS…...
GeographyInformation TechnologyNatureWeather
Examples Of Geography Personal Statements
Words • 518
Pages • 3
It is true that good geography personal statement examples can prove to be an effective guide for those applicants who don’t know how to begin and conclude it. Personal statements are basically an important part of your college admission process. When you seek admission in any college you have to create statement relevant to your field and submit it along with an admission application. No matter which college you choose to apply to, you have to tackle such essays even…...
Research Proposal In Geography
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Proposal essays
Physical geography is the science about the nature and the anthropogenic changes of the landscape of Earth, which is the environment for the living organisms of the planet. Physical geography is a complex discipline which studies the planet’s geography and its peculiarities: the landscape, palaeontology, the structure of soil and rocks, etc. Being a complex and varied discipline physical geography includes also the narrower disciplines which focus on the separate elements of the planet’s geography: geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, oceanography, the…...
GeographyNatural EnvironmentResearch
Geography Research Proposal Example
Words • 525
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Proposal essays
Human geography is the system of geographical sciences which embrace the territorial organization of the society, its rules and laws of its existence. Human geography is divided into the economic, social, political and cultural geography. Human geography is a very complicated science which consists of numerous branches – the research of the geography of the human settlements and the peculiarities of the human choice of the place of living; health geography; geography of development, etc. Human geography originated as the…...
GeographyHuman NatureResearch
Essay Examples on Geography
Words • 581
Pages • 3
1st Essay Sample on geography Essay Geography iskey to understanding historybecause it's a stage where all the history takes place. In basic sense geography isthe study ofpeople, their environments, resources available to them. Geography can be summed up in five themes witch are Location, Place, Human-environment interaction, Movement, Region. In the following essay I will describe how river valleys, Technology, and Neolithic period would change early civilizations lives.River valleys played a great part in early civilizations since a lot of…...
Maps Are Never Value Free Images
Words • 794
Pages • 4
The following sample essay talks about cards and how they are used. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Maps are never value-free images except in the narrowest sense that they are not n themselves either true or false. They are selective in their content and in their styles and signs of representation. Maps are a way of articulating the human world which is affected by particular sets of social relations. Political, social and religious powers…...
Why Do Geographers Need Religion?
Words • 238
Pages • 1
The following sample essay on "Why do geographers need religion?" talks about main arguments and facts regarding Religion. Find out about Religion In Schools below. Religion is essential for geographers to understand how humans occupy Earth because It Is an Important element in culture, and leaves a strong imprint on the physical environment. Geographers stay focused on the elements of religion that are geographically significant (el: migrants carry their religion with them to a new location). Geographers distinguish religions Into…...
CultureGeographyHuman NatureTaoism
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IGCSE Geography: Flooding: Why it happens, and how to prevent it
...Natural Levees - When river speed decreases due to friction with the floodplain, the load it is carrying is deposited. The coarser, heavier material is deposited first onto the floodplain. Over time, the material layers together and forms a barrier o...
Why Do Geographers Need Religion?
...The US displays regional variations. In adherence to religions and the distributions are the result from patterns of Immigration to the US attempt by adherents of one religion to organize Earth by spatial distribution. A group convinced that Its reli...
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