The Benefits and Drawbacks of Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation became one of the major achivements of the let century. Using this method, doctors are able to save more and more lives every day. Although organ transplanting is still in a the early stage of development, many people consider it as a life saving procedure Several human organs can be transplanted from deceased people for example, hearts, lungs or pancreas. But there are also people who are alive and willing to donate an organ to someone who is in need.

Organs like kidney,liver, and intestine can be donated if someone is willing to help, Kidney transplants are the most popular nowadays, though the waiting lists are very very long. Many people still die while waiting for an available organ. Just like everything in life, organ transplantation has it’s drawbacks. There are certain groups of people who live to make money with organ theftt They pick their victims randomly and they abduct them and ,,steal” their organs without their agreement.

But there are also other cases of organ thefts. Some people attempt to sell their organs. They only get a fragment of the actual selling price of the organ but for some people it is a way of getting money There are certain websites made for selling and buying organs, but we have seen people selling their organs on such popular sites as ebay. Compared to organ theft, these people at least give their organs to people who are in need but on the other hand they are risking the own lives.

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The operations they go through to get the organ out is unhygienic and of course there are no professional doctors to help out I do believe organ transplanting is still a very good thing. It saves lives afterall. There are times when people do not care how much they have to pay for an organ let it be legal or illegal, Saving a relative is always top priority and people would do everything to save their loved ones.

There are interesting researches about organ transplantations. In some special cases (like heart transplanting) the receiver goes through a change Some specialists say that their personalities could change when receiving a new organ. Of course this has not been proved so far but the research are still going Like I said, organ transplanting is still in a very early stage of developments Specialists are working on several new methods of transplanting an organ and they are also experiementing with brain Lransplantations too. In my honest opinion organ transplantation could play a very important part in society’s life. Many lives can be saved by this technique.

The chances of surviving by getting a new organ are getting higher and higher and it is great to see the development. Even though we must pick up the fight against the evil people who are trying to make money out of this and ruin the image of organ LransplanLing. The researches are going every day and specialists are working on alternative methods too, like producing artificial organs and replace the living organs with those. I cannot list anything against organ transplantation, I really do believe it is going to be a wonderful thing of the let century.

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