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An Overview of the Ankle Injuries in Anatomy and Medical Research
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Yes, if we did not have it or if it is broken, fractured, sprained, etc, life can be a little difficult. The ankle is a very important tool in the art of walking, running, even standing. The average ankle consists of bones such as the Talus and Calcaneus. The thickened portion of the fibula called the medial malleolus forms the ankle joint or talocrural joint sometimes- called ankle mortise. The ankle joint allows two motions: plantarflexion and dorsiflexion. Stretching, strengthening…...
The Contrasting Ideas of Paracelsus and Vesalius on the Concepts of Anatomy
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In the early to late 16th century, the writings of Paracelsus and the Galenists, namely Andreas Vesalius, gave the impression that they inhabited very different intellectual worlds with very different, and sometimes opposing, ideas about how the human body works, how one goes about studying it, and how one goes about healing it. One concept on which Paracelsus and Vesalius had almost completely contrasting ideas on was "anatomy". The intellectual rift separating the medicine of Paracelsus from that of Vesalius…...
Sex Hormones Influence on the Difference Between Male and Female Anatomy
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The various factors, which account for the difference in male anatomy as compared to that of female anatomy is the sex hormones, the personal meaning of human sexuality, and the personality psychology pertaining sexuality. These factors contribute to the difference that occurs in males and females anatomy. According to Craig, "females should be taught about their anatomy early in their life, to get used to their anatomy (Hill 28).” The implications of the lack of early knowledge on later sexuality…...
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