The Rat Poison for the Dinner

Secondhand smoke is the third largest preventable cause of death in the United States. behind regular smoking and Alcohol use. Cigarette smoke contains 4.000 substances, With 400 of them are toxins and 40 of them have been proven to cause cancer. Some of the substances in cigarette smoke are arsenic. rat poison. lead. nickel. and chromium. 53.000 people die a year from secondhand smoke. Restaurant should be nonsmoking because second-hand smoke is dangerous. People who dont smoke do not want to have to smell and be effected by other people’s cigarette smoke while they are eating out.

When people go out to eat they want to be able to take their kids to a place where they do not have to eat their food with their faces 1 cm off their plate because of too much cigarette smoke. People go out to eat to enjoy them selves not to inhale secondhand smoke.

Even if someone isnt actually smoking the cigarette but they are around someone who is they might as well light up because they are still inhaling all the toxins.

The smoke that the smoke exhales l5 called passive smoke or secondhand smoke. by inhaling this smoke you are increasing your chances to have a wonderful blood clot which can lead to heart problems. Adults although affected by secondhand smoke are the least effected because there lungs are at full development. Teens and kids are a different story Teens Children and infants are the most effected by second-hand smoke because of teens children and infants’ evolving tissues.

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Second—hand smoke can cause asthma. pneumonia. lowers immune system. and can also cause them to start smoking. Infants who are around cigarette smoke are more likely to grow up with lung problems then infants who are not around cigarette smoke.

Teens have Jobs and if they have a Job at a restaurant then they probably have to work in the smoking section so they have to be around smoke all day. People say restraints should be smoking because they are too lazy to go out and smoke outside. People dont need to smoke while they are eating. They only have one mouth. If they want to die from lung cancer that is their problem. We should not be effected so much by other peoples choices. Smoking is sick and no one wants to inhale smoke while they are eating. Going out to eat is a privilege and privileges are supposed to be enjoyed. People cant enjoy eating out with smoke around them. unless they like rat poison with their dinner.

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