Rat Dissection Lab Report

The Public Meeting and Watchtower Study are often led on Sundays. The first is a 30-minute Bible-based lecture that is designed to be of interest both to members of the congregation and to visitors. The context of the bible based lecture was talking to your children about sex, the speakers started to explain how talking to your children about sex is part of your God-given responsibility as a parent then reads a passages from the bible (Ephesians 6:4).

After the Bible based lecture the speaker comes off stage and someone introduces the next song from the song book to sing before covering the Watchtower, The watchtower discussion is a one-hour question-and-answer overage of a recent article on a Bible topic published in their main religious journal, The Watchtower after reading a section of the watchtower the conductor ask one of the question after choosing someone from the audience to share their thoughts someone who is a baptized Jaw’s walks towards the row or seat to hand them the microphone.

One particular instants’ I recall being impressed by was this little girl the speaker invited the audience to look up a passage in the Bible, I just so happened to noticed that the little girl quickly found the verse in her own Bible and attentively followed the reading.

As very much impressed how involved and attentive Jaws are regardless of age.

After the service I received a welcome from almost the whole congregation it was not only most brotherly and sincere but full with feelings of warmth I was even invited to come to their service on Thursday.

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The Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School and the Service Meeting are usually held on a weekday evening the one went to was on a Thursday while there I noticed the Congregation’s Bible Study, books or brochures published by Jehovah Witnesses are used to direct a 25-minute question-and-answer Bible discussion.

Rat Dissection Lab Report Introduction

After that the 30-minute Theocratic Ministry School begins, the elder goes onto the stage dismisses the second and first school so all bible students can give their parts simultaneously, the theocratic ministry school is designed to help Jaw’s improve their public reading and speaking, While I was there I noticed that students receive assignments on a rotating basis. At each meeting, three students give brief speeches on presented Bible topics, and an instructor comments on the speech. Witnesses and non-Witnesses of all ages and ethnic background can enroll in this school.

The 35-minute Service Meeting focuses on helping improve Java ability to teach the Bible to others. Topics of discussion have included how to show good manners when approaching others with a Bible message and how to discern what Bible topics may be of interest to people in the community. In addition to these services, Jaw’s are encouraged to read the Bible daily and to study the Bible at home with their families. The purpose of meditating on Gods word the Bible helps you to create your own love and understanding on God’s word.

On both days I went Sunday and Thursday the Jaw’s dressed very formal all of the men ore button up shirt tie suit with dress shoes and the women wore dresses that were very moderate and conservative, there was no class distinction nor racial exclusion just the message they conveyed based off bible principles I also noticed that the speakers never spoke loud or aggressively they spoke with just the right amount of pitch as to where I could be moved by the words without wanting to cover my ears. After the meeting Jaw’s pray to conclude the service the context of the prayer would usually reference what was just lectured, may even mention someone who is sick or going through difficult times. Jaws have no clergy-laity division though there are members of the congregation who “Sheppard” the “flock” such as the elders. All baptized members are ordained ministers, and all who attend services, including children, have an opportunity to participate.

Most services are led by elders, who are spiritually mature members of the faith, or by qualified assistants, who are known as ministerial servants. Jaws meet for religious services at houses of worship called Kingdom Halls. What a Kingdom Hall looks like varies from country to country. In Papua New Guiana, a Kingdom Hall is an open-air structure with a thatched roof. In Kansas, U. S. A. , it might be a renovated athletic club. In Kobo, Japan, it might be a newly constructed building.

They are organized into congregations, generally each with fewer than 200 members. Congregation membership is based on geography, and most attend the Kingdom Hall closest to their home. Often, several congregations share a single Kingdom Hall by alternating meeting times. Jaw’s often build or renovate their own Kingdom Halls, keeping them clean and well maintained. In countries where they have experienced rapid growth or where economic conditions don’t low for construction, Jaw’s may rent buildings for use as Kingdom Halls.

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