Eating out Can be a very Enjoyable Experience Having lunch or Dinner

Eating out can be a very enjoyable experience. Having lunch or dinner with a friend, celebrating a special occasion with friends and family at a restaurant or eating at a lovely restaurant for a romantic date are all the things that I enjoy doing occasionally. Although I find it cheaper to eat at home which I do a lot because it is not only comfortable, but I can also monitor my healthy eating habits. It was the middle of May in the year 2016, the weather in Chicago was still stuck in winter and I decided to take a road trip with my best friend Barrett to Wisconsin.

It was my first time going to a different state in a long time, so I was excited to go fishing and try some new restaurants out there. It was a three hour and thirty minutes’ drive and as we got to our hotel, we rested, freshened up and we were ready to go out to eat.

We started looking up restaurants based on the reviews we read online, and we finally came to an agreement out of a few great options. Clear water harbor was our pick. We read that it was family owned, had one of the best menus, vegetarian friendly, had a lot of parking space and there would be no waiting. It was five o’ clock in the evening when we got to the restaurant and the sun had not set yet and as we got there, we struggled a little to find a parking spot, but we eventually did.

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As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly hostess, but I was captivated not only by the beautiful view of the lake, but also by the natural light coming through the glass windows, creating a beautiful atmosphere and immediately I asked for a table for two, possibly a table overlooking the lake as the restaurant was packed and there was a private party at the outer deck.

The waitress came over to see if we were ready to order but we asked for more time as we were still looking over the menu, but we ordered drinks as we decided what to eat. We ordered a bottle of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling which I was surprised that they had but happy at the same time. It was only $19.90 for a bottle which I thought was pretty cheap. We were finally ready to order, and I asked for the 8 oz Tenderloin served with a garden salad, onion strips and baked potato. My best friend is Jewish and does not eat pork or any type of meat, but we noticed a lot of the food on the menu contained pork. My friend was not too happy about that and growing up in Nigeria and being the only Christian living in a Muslim household I could understand his frustration when almost everything on the menu had pork.

However, he settled for the Veggie Burger, a gourmet 1/3-pound, meat free patty, naturally low in fat and cholesterol, with lettuce and tomato which according to the menu was considered a healthy alternative. We waited about 30 minutes for our food to get to our table. My plate looked presentable, but I could tell my friend was not too happy with his plate, but he wasn’t the type to complain. What I noticed was that a lot of the guests either ordered pizza or fried foods. For a vegetarian friendly restaurant, I expected different options to choose from their vegetarian diet menu.

Overall, the restaurant was good, the view and access to the lake was awesome, and drinks selection was outstanding, but the food was decent. It was more of cafeteria style, but I think most people enjoyed the atmosphere and sitting by the water more than they enjoy the food. Food does not only differentiate and represent a culture but can also reflect one’s personality and lifestyle. Over the years, my food experiences at restaurants have taught me that every state or community has certain types of food that they particularly sell to attract customers. Each food experiences a person comes across can give them a different view of a certain state or country.

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Eating out Can be a very Enjoyable Experience Having lunch or Dinner
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