The Importance of Controlling Sexual Impulse Before Puberty

Young adults should learn to control their sexual impulse before entering puberty. Puberty is a process of physical and emotional changes, in which a child start to mature into an adult capable of sexual reproduction. In puberty you start to experience sexual interest and attraction, and kids now days, do not know how to respond to that calling, and that is when misguided information, guides kids to the cliff of mistakes. Junot Diaz’s guide on ”How to Date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl and Halfie”, tries to show teenagers on how to get laid, but, would it not be better if this guide would give knowledge to kids on puberty.

In “How to Date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl and Halfie”, Junot Diaz writes a guide narrated in 2”“ person by a boy named Yunior. In this story we can see how this kid, from Dominican Republic, passes through his puberty phase and how he stans experiencing with his sexual impulses, how he starts to see a sexual relationship with different types of girls.

The story has a focused theme about stereotypes, but it also can define the sexual interest in Yunior. We can see that he has not had any lessons on how to on how to behave around girls, and that’s when the story turns around, and Junot Diaz starts to write on how to act around girls and how to impress they with different types of lies, just to get laid. This guide is a bad example on how to teach kids about their roles in this new part of their life, and how wrong would it be to do have sex in that time of their lives, Kids should have knowledge on puberty, and the different types of changes their going to experience.

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When a child reaches the range of 10-12 years old, they begin the process of puberty. This kids should be taught before puberty comes, of what to expect when they reach this stage, so when they turn eleven and hair starts to grown on strange places, they do not get scare or inappropriate about it.

The first signs of any change in puberty is when the body starts to change physically. On boys is when the voice change and becomes deeper. Puberty is caused when sexual maturity is near, and a child’s body has to change in order to be completed and maturated. The body of a child starts to produce hormones that take place in the physically and emotionally changes. A boy’s body starts to change, his shoulder broaden, his muscles strengthen, and they start to grow facial, leg, pubic and armpit hair. A boy‘s penis becomes larger and testicles will get bigger. they will begin to produce semen and they will begin to have sexual urges, and that is when all the talk on “birds and bees” comes. and parents try to teach their children about sex. The first signs of puberty on girls, is when noticeable changes occur on breasts development, and they start to use training bras.

They also start to grow pubic, armpit and legs hair, Hips will get rounder and their bodies will get taller, acne will start to appear. When boys start to produce semen, and experience with erections, the penis becomes hard and erect, because it is filled with blood, and at that same time, the menstrual cycle will begin for females, this is a process in which the uterus prepares to receive a fertilized egg from a male. All of this characteristics start when hormones are produced. but hormones does not only produce physical changes, they also make emotional changes that are crucial for the puberty phase in all teenagers. The second change in the puberty stage is the emotional one. When puberty comes, children leave toys and dolls. The mind of a child changes and matures, they leave games with the opposite sex, and instead get together with each other.

Boys tend to put their attentions on sports and girls on make-up and personal hygiene. Also in emotional changes, adolescents tend to rebel against their parents and think they own the world, They fight with siblings, and have more concerns about what people think about them. Boys start to like girls and girls to attract the boy’s attention. They start to look for their identities, and that‘s one of the principal causes of rebellion. They take more risks, and waste most of their time and have mood swings. A major part of the teenagers, experiment with drugs and have more problems in school. Sexual activities and attraction occurs in most of this part of a kid‘s life. In Yunior‘s life we can see that most of his changes are of an emotional kind, he rebels against his mother: “And even through your moms know you ain’t sick you stuck to your story until finally she said, Go ahead and stay, malcriado”; he starts to pay attention on what the girl is going to think about him, or be embarrassed about himself.

“Take down any embarrassing photos of your family in the campo, especially the one with the half-naked kids dragging a goat on a rope leash” “You’ll wonder how she feels about Dominicans”. Yunior is in that stage where you want to impress a girl, have a date, make her your girlfriend/boyfriend and have sex. We can see Yunior’s conflict as an example on what could happen if child before puberty is not properly informed about what would come next, it‘s a good example on bad communication between parents and their children, causing this to push kids to make bad decision. Emotional changes are one of the most important changes in a kid’s life, because this can influence a kid’s behavior or decisions. Helping a child understand puberty can perhaps lighten some of the horrible and damaging side effects that the child can cause when going through these changes.

Parents have to remember to teach their kids all of this information, because their children are not going to be children forever. And those sexual impulses that present itself in the process of puberty can be prejudicial to a child that does not have any sexual education and control about their emotions. Young adults should learn to control their sexual impulses before entering puberty. Puberty is a matter in which children have to take responsibility about their actions and behavior. In my opinion, How to Date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl and Halfie is a guide with misguided information to readers and their children, or teenagers that find the title interesting and want to read something. It lacks responsibility and moral, children should have something to read that would make them take good decisions in the future and not think about answering those impulses without a good cause, Luckily, know days we have classes about abstinence and sexual urges, and kids that can make the right decisions about sex.

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