Physical And Psychological Changes In Puberty

As adolescents begin the arrival of puberty, trying to meet physical and psychological needs brings on major health concerns, hormonal changes are occurring, in particular, the production of androgens in young people of both sexes lead to an increase in their sex drive (Halpren, Udry, & Suchindran, 1997). Making their own decisions is very important as they become independent.

For both adolescent females and males, entering puberty is a somewhat confusing and challenging part of life. Having to manage the hormones on their own is strenuous enough, they also have information from a variety of outside influences telling them what to do.

The sexual curiosity of children and adolescents are different worldwide due to the culture they are living in. When adolescents begin to get curious about their sexuality and their sex drives, they tend to turn to their parents for advice or support, which they receive little or no new information. Adults who are asked these questions they become slightly uncomfortable and direct the conversation elsewhere.

The talk about sex or public displays of affection abruptly stops when children are present.

Adolescents, unfortunately, have been given information that has only further left them to wonder for themselves. Many have been informed that engaging in sexual activity before marriage is entirely wrong, whole social media and television, not only promotes sex, they glorify it with excitement.

Eating disorders are very common with young females. Girls who are not satisfied with their bodies and how they look, or who grow up listening to concerns about being overweight and the need to be thin are at high risk for eating disorders.

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Severe dieting is the biggest concern for adolescents (Lock & Kirz, 2008). This is a concern worldwide.

The most severe cases of eating disorders are Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa, one of the most significant tragic eating disorders, is brought on in adolescents because they are scared that they are fat or are getting fat. With females, it is generally brought on by cultural admiration of female thinness. With male’s anorexia nervosa is most common in gays or bisexuals because they are uncomfortable with the strong muscular appearance (Raevuori et al., 2009; Robb & Dadson, 2002). Adolescents with anorexia nervosa tend to starve themselves or are continually working out because they are always viewing themselves as overweight.

Bulimia nervosa with young people, gays, and bisexual boys are at risk, but it is mainly found in young girls, commit themselves to strict diets and extreme exercising. They purposely make themselves vomit after they binge eat. These adolescents are usually aware of their problems and often seek help from others.

Bulimia nervosa, although very serious, is easier to treat than anorexia nervosa. For both eating disorders, there are many support groups readily available that provide proper nutrition education and re-training individuals on their eating habits.

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