Information engineering refers to the aggregation of tools that make it easier to utilize. create. manage and exchange information. One of the exciting ways in which the computing machine serve as a general service tool is in the field of information retrieval and operation. the hunt for facts which. together with the operations done on it. are stored in a cardinal storage. Computer-based information retrieval operates through the usage of package that can offer information services for an establishment. An information service provides a manner to electronically entree.

retrieve. and transmit that information. As for the minute. the barangay workers ( Barangay Caramutan. La Paz. Tarlac ) are utilizing the manual procedure in most services the barangay is giving to its occupants. For illustration. in maintaining records and publishing the barangay clearance.

Example Of Barangay Clearance

The chief job refering the barangay is that they do non hold a centralized and accurate system for hive awaying records they have for these are really of import to them.

How they will hold a file care system and will decrease the job of plants they normally do in acquiring. maintaining and updating the files. To work out these jobs. we proposed a system which is called BARANGAY COMMUNITY RECORD. which will be the file care system of the barangay to be used in maintaining their records. The proposed system will besides be a census-like system of each occupant of the barangay for each and every occupant will now hold an designation figure incorporating their personal records.

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Undertaking Context

The proposed system will hold an of import consequence on both the occupants of the barangay and barangay employees who manages the system every bit good as the barangay itself. The execution of the system will alter the methods and procedure that the barangay is being used for maintaining their files. This will besides guarantee that all the records will be in piece of land and updated. The system will besides make a nose count based environment to supervise the population of the venue. The barangay will besides be guaranteed that the file will be protected and safe for it will necessitate mandate before person can entree the system.

The survey will besides profit its employees who manage the files and information of the barangay for it will convey easy entree of the information they need. This will besides extinguish dozenss of documents they normally keep and let the system to hive away it in such a manner that can be easy entree. The survey besides benefits its abode for they will be accommodated easy for they will hold an designation that can be used to entree their histories if there are some alterations to be done in their portion. It will besides be easy for them to easy demand some information and services because of the information that barangay have about them. This will besides guarantee the occupants that their information is right secured and maintain through the usage of the proposed system.

Purpose and descriptionFor the user to hold a system that can assist them


1. To turn manual system into modern system to the said barangay 2. To convey easiness in accessing the records needed for there will be an option for seeking with the usage of designation figure issued by the barangay. 3. To guarantee that the file will firmly hive away in the system and do a backup of the files if accident occurs. 4. To publish enfranchisement:

* Barangay Clearance* Barangay Business Permit* Certificate of Indigency* BARC ( Barangay Agrarian Reform Committee ) Certification

Scope and restriction

The survey lone trades with the information the barangay. This includes all the indispensable information of all the occupants of the barangay. This information includes personal information and character mention of the individual. Assetss and medical record of each occupant is non included every bit good as the usage of biometries in acquiring the barangay clearance. The proposed system can bring forth studies as the barangay normally done. The information stored can be edited if there are alterations to be done and saves the alterations being done. It can besides cancel information that is no longer needed to maintain.

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