Data Flow Diagram For Car Rental System

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Identify suitable business data, data elements, data types, and resources, based on the following interview between a database analyst and a lecturer from Sutherland University: Business Data Data Elements Data Types Resources Course Course code Course name Course start date Course end date Integer Character Date Admit Classes Class name Start date End date Time Location Class capacity Date time Variable Students Student ID Student name Grade a.

Describe the characteristic of second normal form in a normalization process A relation is said to be in Second Normal corm (NP) if and only if it is already n first normal form and all non key attributes are dependent on the whole key. That is all partial dependencies are removed. B. Conduct a second normalization procedure for the following data Class ID Class Name Class Location 100001 0021 Algebra 101 Wentworth Lecture Room 2 100002 0264 Organic Chemistry Holmes building Room 312 100003 2816 Software development Webster Theatre A 100004 The dependencies suggest 2 tables.

Class Details Table Class table 3.

Business Rules One customer can only book one photographer per session One photographer is assigned to only one customer per session Many photo sessions can running together at one time Customers are required to pay a 100 deposit to secure the appointment 4. Level O Data Flow Diagram of an online book purchasing system Functional Requirement Information Needs Users Group Customer can search, select, check availability and purchase a book Book ID ISBN Number Book Title Book Author Book Genre Executive summary of the book Book Available Quantity Book Price Customer Information Customer Staff S.

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Car Rental System Data Flow Diagram

Case Study -? Pizza Supreme Context diagram Develop a level O data flow diagram from the context diagram. The level O data flow diagram must show the same data flows form and to the external entities as appear on the context diagram. Develop a level 1 data flow diagram for any of the processes you have identified in the level O data flow diagram. Develop a Data Dictionary for a data flow- “Pizza order = pizza quantity + pizza size t pizza type * pizza price * pizza total” by using the template below.

Type Length Description Example Pizza Quantity Number of Pizza ordered Pizza Size Size of the Pizza 17 (inch) Pizza Type Type of the pizza Vegetarian Pizza Price Currency Individual price of the pizza 525 Pizza Total Total price for the order $2,350 Driver’s Name Drivers name Mark Thomson Counter Staff Name 25 Counter Staff name Lena Watson 6. Use case diagram for Student Enrolments: Consider the above use case diagram and Mite a narrative description (or scenario) for the “Student Full-fee Enrolment” use case by using below template.

Use Case Name Student Full-Fee Enrolment A student interacts with enrolment staff to enroll in a course. Enrolment staff will then generate a student invoice, Actors Student Enrolment staff Precondition Enrolment staff must have logged into the system successfully Activities A student initiates an enrolment with enrolment staff Student indicates which course he/she wishes to enroll in Enrolment staff check course availability

If the required course is unavailable, students can choose another Enrolment staff enter student and course details Enrolment staff generate student invoice Assumptions Suitable course is available Alternative Activities Student concession enrolment Postposition Enrolment is recorded in the system database Invoice details are recorded in the system database 7. Case study: Easy Drive Easy Drive is a car rental company that offers the best car hire prices in Australia. The company is located in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Easy Drive branches could be found at all major airports and in downtown locations, In addition, online car reservation system is also provided for the ease of the booking experience, Easy Drive is not only providing affordable prices, but also providing the best car rental experience. The company is well known for its excellent customer service. Moreover, Easy Drive has more than 1 2, COO vehicles that range from car, Van, and busses. The company’s goal is to keep increasing their service offering but partnering with various service providers.

Due to the growth and expansion of the company, Easy Drive currently is in deep need of renewing its database system. Easy Drive as trusted WICK to model its data objects and to provide the company With a documentation of its business data model. It is vital for easy drive to have an accurate and reliable data, across all of its business processes in order to provide an excellent car rental experience to its customers. Thus, a detail list of business data and normalization procedure is required to model the company’s data.

Interview Documentation WICK Representative: Hello, Good Afternoon. Name is Sarah. I am one of the representatives from WICK I would like to conduct an interview regarding Easy Drive car rental system to model the data objects. Admit Staff: Good Afternoon, its my pleasure to help you. WICK Representative: How would you like to describe Easy Drive daily routine? Admit Staff: Basically our daily routine is to record customer hooking information and assign the booking to the that we have.

It is crucial tort us to have timely and accurate information about our customer hooking and number of cars that are available. We would like to record customer personal information, customer booking information, car information, and information of our staff. WICK Representative: What information you would like to capture regarding your customer personal information? Admit Staff: We would like to capture our customer name, address, and their phone number. WICK Representative: What about car and staff information?

Admit Staff: We would like to capture our car type, color, seating, capacity, availability and rent price. For staff, we would like to capture our staff name, address, phone number, salary, working hours, and rate per hour. WICK Representative: Is there any specific information you would like to capture regarding customer booking besides booking start date and end date? Admit Staff: NO, we only need to know the booking Start and end date. WICK Representative: That is all for my interview. Thank you for purr time. Admit Staff: It’s my pleasure to help you.

Thank you Now, based on the interview documentation and project in information provided, you are required to: Document relationships in an entity relationship diagram undertake normalization of business data and document results Compare normalization results with entity relationship diagram and reconcile differences between data, if any Identify the suitable business data List the steps involve in resolving issues or recommendation arising in the data del validation process with the client and document the detail information about the activity that you have conducted for each of the steps.

Document the entity relationship diagram after the normalization procedure and database table Create a client approval form for the final approval 8. Below is a list of activities that are required to gather client’s business data to understand operations, All of the activities are correct, except ‘ a. Document analysis b. Interviews c. Observation of current business processes d. Construct an Entity Relationship Diagram e.

Research through company’s website and publication 9. What is the purpose of identifying boundaries of the system? A. Data validation b. Identifying what is included and what is not included in the system c. Listing the value range of data d. Business data identification e. Identifying errors in the system 10. Conduct a business rule analysis based on the following scenario: Wasteful Cinema has 5 theatres all together, The cinema is famous for its unique movie packages. However, due the high demand of the movie packages, one customer is restricted to only purchase one movie package deal. Wasteful Cinema strategies is to provide a unique and excellent customer service.

In the point of entry, the customer is grouped according to their movie package deal and each group is assigned to one staff that will provide them a tour around the cinema complex that has a lot of entertainment quarter, Customer is free to enjoy the entertainment, while waiting their movie schedule time. Which of the business rule is best represents the above scenario? A. One movie package deal group is handled by many staff b. One staff guide many groups

c. Many to one customer could purchase one to many movie package deal d. One customer could only purchase one movie package deal e. None of the above 11. What is the main activity involved for validating data model with client? A. Ensures that the data model meets a specified set Of requirements and correctly reflects the real world process. B. Find alternative model and evaluate the trade Off for different data model decision. C. Conducting client’s business data analysis. D.

Client signing off documentations for final approval. E. Identifying system boundaries. 12. A book store sells a lot collection of book that range from science and technology, novel, autobiography, and arts, The book store has a vast number of loyal customers that have joined to become a member tot the store. Currently, there are fifteen knowledgeable staffs that are employed by the store to provide an excellent customer service to their customers. The book store is well known for its excellent customer service and relaxing environment, Based on the scenario above identify the entities and the relationships between those entities. (Note: Ignore normalization for this question) a.

The entities are Manager, Employee, and Store. One Manager has one to many Employee. One Employee is supervised by one Manager. One Store has many Manager _ One Manager belong to One Store. B. The entities are Book, Genre, Employee, and Customer. One Customer could purchase one to many Book. One book belongs to one Customer. One Book belongs to one Genre. One Genre consists of one to many Book. One employee service One customer. One customer is being served by one Employee. C. The entities are Book, Customer. And Staff. One Customer could purchase one to many Book. One kick belongs to one Customer. One Customer is served by one to many Staff. One Staff serves one to many Customers. D.

The entities are Staff, Customer, and Payment. One Staff serves one Customer. One Customer conduct one to many Payment. One Payment belongs to one Customer. E. None of the above 13. What kind of information is required in indenting boundaries of the system? A, System mission, Objectives, Goals, Functional requirement, Information needs, and users group b. Entities, Attributes, Data types, and Relationship between entities c. Row, Columns, Attributes, Relations, Domain of attributes, and Cardinality d. Role, Required data, Data elements, Data types, and Data resources e. Data flow diagram, Normalization, Entity Relationship Diagram, and Business Data 14.

What is the main difference between the used of primary key and unique key in modeling data objects? A. Primary key is used to represent more than one attribute that act as the key b. Both of the key has a similar function and attributes c. Unique key may have a NULL value, while primary key value cannot be NULL d. Unique key is automatically generated by the database system when we create a primary key. E. Primary key is used to represent more than one attribute that act as the key 15. Entity Relationship Diagram Compare and identify the differences between the third normal form and the entity relationship diagram. Which of the following statement is TRUE? A.

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