Master Patient Indexi Master Patient Index Master Patient Index1 Master Patient Index (MPI) and the Primary Key are important parts of a health care organizations database. They help in the retrieval and organization of data in an organizations data base. The Master Patient Index (MPI) is an electronic medical database that holds information on every patient registered at a health care organization (TechTarget, 2011). The information that is contained in the patient record is things such as age, race, social security number and the patients’ health history.

The Primary Key is a Key in a database that is unique for each record and identifies patients. This Key can be a driver’s license, a social security number, or a telephone number. The database can only have one type of Key for each record, otherwise it would be too confusing to search for patient records. An organizations IT system can use the MPI and the Primary Key in the integration of information from different systems into one system.

The organization will have to come up with the idea of what that Key will be and use it in all of its data bases. The IT system can use these two components for organizing information, finding that patient quickly in the records system, and any previous visits that they may have. A Health Information Management System (HIMS) analyst can also use this information in the clinical, financial, and marketing aspects of the health care organization.

The Master Patient Index Is A/an

They can use the clinical information in any follow-up of their visit, any diagnosis that is given, any lab work that can or will be done, and any medications that are prescribed.

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The financial information can be constructed from the same information, and billed accordingly, by lab work, visit level, and any clinical supplies that were used. Lastly, the marketing information is also taken from this database as well. The demographics that are in this information can help in the marketing of Master Patient Index2 information to certain age groups, or gender.

For example, if there are more retired people than younger people, there would be a shift in drugs or supplies that would normally be used by older persons than younger persons. As stated earlier, the MPI and the Primary Key are very important in setting up an organizations database and the use of that database. The Primary Key can help in finding a patient’s record in the MPI. Bibliography TechTarget. (2011, February). What is Master Patient Index. Retrieved December 4, 2011, from SearchHealthIT: http://searchhealthit. techtarget. com/definition/master-patient-index-MPI

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