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A Peer Review on the Research Interview Wiki
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Pages • 3
In this assignment, I will be doing a peer review on the research interview wiki. I will be looking at what peer review is and analyse what research interview is. I will create enough time to understand the topic and provide feedback that would facilitate learning for me and the research group. Peer review is critically looking at a draft research wiki thereby providing praise for what I find interesting and offer constructive suggestions where necessary. Research Interviews can be…...
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Moderate Stress Levels Observed Amongst College Students
Words • 517
Pages • 3
The author was able to provide rationale for the moderate stress levels observed amongst college students. Among them were competition for better grades, pressure from families to do better and also outside factors like bad relationships. As for the coping strategies, the author failed to provide clear mechanisms that can be used to cope with stress among males the author was focused on the stress coping mechanisms for females only. The author was also able to support his research as…...
BiasCommunicationDataHuman NatureMental HealthResearch
Distraction Is Not Effective at Reducing Procedural Pain in Children
Words • 1514
Pages • 7
I was allocated to topic 2 ‘distraction is not effective at reducing procedural pain in children’ and I decided to argue against this statement. This topic is based on strong evidence based practice and critical analysis of studies which were used to support my debate. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used for the purpose of investigation and analysis of non-pharmacological interventions Quantitative research is generally a systematic approach used to quantify variables, which are numerically quantifiable. Also, a quantitative…...
Child DevelopmentDataHealth CareResearch
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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College(Jntu)
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
When the financial crisis began almost six years ago,it seemed insignificant to me. Form political satires to articles on internet, the subprime mortgage crisis was all that was worth talking about. Default rates, financial bubbles, government stimulus and fiscal debates have been the buzz words these past many years. If it had not been for my Finance teacher in college, the crisis would have remained foreign to me.He sparked in me a zeal to explore the world beyond the usual…...
Helpful inhouse communication is essential to the success of
Words • 607
Pages • 3
Helpful in-house communication is essential to the success of your business. If your staff is not informed and engaged, it holds a flow-on impact on all that your firm embarks to achieve. Ventures that have brilliant in-house communications routines often have more profits and advanced output, and report better staff satisfaction.Once your helpful in-house communications strategy is ready, you will aid your staff to fully accept the values, culture, and goals of the business. Then, it would be easy for…...
CommunicationDataHuman NatureSociology
Updated Chapter 1&2 (revised)
Words • 2494
Pages • 10
Chapter 1INTRODUCTIONThe introduction of technology in the 21st century makes the booming of gadgets in every individual. Different inventions of the gadgets are borne that makes life so interesting which the goal is to have a positive technology that can enhance and improve the knowledge of students through information on the field of their learning process. These are cell phones, laptop, camera, ipad, and several cool gadgets. It enhances their communication process, learning, and information that focus on their emotion,…...
AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of
Words • 1600
Pages • 7
AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of Big Data(BD) approach and framework as a very efficient platform used in many applications. One of such applications is the Recommendations Systems (RS). A lot of algorithms had been suggested to implement this application. They are different in terms of complexity and the way they are following for implementation. Next sections will show how the Big Data could be apply in RS and the advantages it gives to comparing to others…...
Big DataCorporationFacebookInformation AgeInformation ScienceInformation Technology
Despite the high dealing with costs this approach causes storing
Words • 1989
Pages • 8
Despite the high dealing with costs this approach causes storing costs, particularly if everything is secured in a couple of tongues.PROBLEM WITH INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEMUnderstanding from a formal depiction to typical language .A system response should be successfully fathomed by the customer. The customer may encounter issues with a response in the inside course of action for data depiction or even with a rundown or table; elucidation into trademark language is then appealing. Yet again, such elucidation should be conceivable…...
DataLanguageLibraryMemoryPrivacyWorld Wide Web
Insurance is an immaterial product which is valued subjectively by
Words • 1033
Pages • 5
Insurance is an immaterial product, which is valued subjectively by its recipients. Buying insurance is buying a “feeling”. Because it involves the subject and insurance products, which differ from one person to another. On top of personal need, there are other differences between people that follow professions, the difference between countries (Hofstede, 1995). However, an insurance company maintains its business by providing “coverage in the form of compensation resulting from loss, damages, injury, treatment or hardship in exchange for premium…...
Artificial IntelligenceBankingBanking FraudsBusinessDataEconomics
Data Frameworks
Words • 415
Pages • 2
236220016383000Mazoon CollegeASSIGNMENT (1)Ist50NAME: ABDALLAH ALMAMRIID STUDENT: 16161231)Frameworks are the blend of individuals, data innovation, and business procedures to achieve a business objective.Each data framework (IS) has individuals, procedures, and data innovation. Truth be told, numerous IS experts include the greater part of their esteem working with individuals and procedures. They deal with the software engineers however commonly abstain from programming themselves. We can speak to a data framework as a triangle with individuals, procedures, and data innovation (PCs) on the…...
CommunicationDataFree PapersInformation AgeInformation TechnologyInternet
AbstractThis proposal intends to propose the implementation of
Words • 1637
Pages • 7
AbstractThis proposal intends to propose the implementation of a mobile responsive website to be used by City of Tshwane Municipality residents for the submission of their monthly water meter readings. According to Mazibuko (2014) the enabling function is important in that municipalities are able to level the playing field in terms of improving the quality of municipal billing systems to impact positively on revenue collection so that the participants in the economy are able to assist in the generation of…...
AdoptionBusinessDataFamilyMobile PhoneReading
Words • 970
Pages • 4
The Nano Library in Futuristic SocietyDr. Sambhu Nath HalderShimurali Sachinandan College of EducationShimurali, Nadia, West [email protected] new generation is constantly realizing that the large system paradigm shift due to innovationof new technology. Because of information exploration, people feel compressed by informationoverload. Many libraries are in the process of rethinking the effectiveness of the automation toolsthey're using to provide library services, both within and outside of their library buildings.Internally, the core component driving many of these services has been the integrated…...
AdoptionDataFamilyLibraryResearchScience And Technology
Words • 1204
Pages • 5
SEC-435Forensics Final ProjectCloud Forensics.Institutional affiliationDone by: Maryam AlTenaiji 201508490Instructor: Dr. Farkhund IqbalCloud forensicsAbstractCloud forensics is on the verge of becoming one of the most transformative computer technologies used for computing purposes. The optimum capabilities of cloud forensics are still under study to establish how they can be applied in different fields to support activities like criminal investigations among others. This paper looks at cloud forensics from different aspects and perspectives. It touches on challenges, opportunities and various ways in which…...
Cloud ComputingDataForensic ScienceInformation AgeInformation Technology
Implications This research on egovernance service delivery by Big
Words • 490
Pages • 2
ImplicationsThis research on e-governance service delivery by Big Data technology for the Nepalese labour migrants has come up with some important findings which need to be considered. This can be a starting point for the transformation of e-governance with Big Data applications in Nepal.Implications for PolicyAlthough this study conducted the mandatory needs for transformation of the existing system, it can be expandable to other needs like to incorporate the educated and studying working group in foreign countries. Large number of…...
Big DataCommunicationDataInformation AgeInformation Technology
The impact of coaching on employee
Words • 1717
Pages • 7
CHAPTER THREE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE 3.0 Introduction to Methodology This phase of the investigation characterizes the system that was utilised within the study; wherever it brings au courant the investigation structure, region of the exploration, the amount of inhabitants within the investigation, check size and inspecting procedures, the techniques utilised in military operation and knowledge study. Ultimately it offers the responsibleness and legitimacy of these instruments. 3.1 analysis style To do this analysis work i want to pick…...
Coaching and development
Words • 2182
Pages • 9
CHAPTER TWO REVIEW OF RELEVANT LITERATURE 2.0 Introduction This section is associate introduction of educational work embraced in each theoretic and experimental writing known with this Study. It consolidates speculations knownwith the preparation of staff at the work place. The regions shrouded during this half incorporate the characterizing of some elementary ideas utilised in workerdevelopment and coaching, coaching goals, sorts and techniques for coaching and problems braving coaching and advancement of staff. Likewise, it talks concerningdiscoveries of connected appearance into…...
DataEmploymentJob SatisfactionKnowledgeLearningTraining
without ref sample
Words • 1587
Pages • 7
Abstract-Presently educational institutions compile and store huge volumes of data such as student enrolment and attendance records, as well as their examination results. Mining such data yields stimulating information that serves its handlers well. Rapid growth in educational data points to the fact that distilling massive amounts of data requires a more sophisticated set of algorithms. This issue led to the emergence of the field of Educational Data Mining (EDM). Traditional data mining algorithms cannot be directly applied to educational…...
Artificial IntelligenceDataData MiningInformation ScienceInformation TechnologyLearning
Technical Communication System
Words • 916
Pages • 4
Chapter One1.1 IntroductionThe communication system is the system used to send information (data, voice, video, etc...) from place to another place.The purpose of this communication is not just sending the information but how the information gets at the other side the same as the sender send it.So, the reception of the information at the destination in high quality and less distortion is the main job of any communication system designs.The block diagram of any communication system consist of transmitter which…...
CommunicationComputer ScienceDataElectronics
Words • 1849
Pages • 8
BIG DATA WORKS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA TO KEEP US CONNECTEDAshley TurnerMIS 671Professor SrinivasanApril 3, 2019ABSTRACTIt’s great to think about how communication has evolved over the years from letters being wrote, phone calls, cell phones and social media. Over the past few decades as technology became more advance social media has become a primary source of communication not only with people person lives but also with the exchange of communication between businesses and their customers or target audience. A lot of…...
Big DataCommunicationDataInfluence Of Mass MediaInformation TechnologyMedia
B Workload Dependent Performance Evaluation of the Btrfs and
Words • 1924
Pages • 8
B. Workload Dependent Performance Evaluation of the Btrfs and ZFS Filesystems The target of this paper [6] was the assessment of perfor- mance of ZFS and BTRFS filesystems under workload en- vironment. The author measured throughput and efficiency as well. The efficiency was calculated by the result of throughput divided by CPU-utilization. 1) Experimental setup: The experiment involved the setup of single SSA disk (having 4 concurrent IO threads) and RAID 10 of 8 disks (having 8 concurrent IO threads).…...
5G Wireless TechnologyComputer ScienceComputersDataInformation TechnologyTechnology
Words • 1287
Pages • 6
Netflix is an American media streaming provider with wide range selection of film and has served in 190 countries. Established in 1997 by two engineers Reed Hasting and Marc Randolph. It started by small DVD rental company but now the company has more than 125million paying subscribers across 450 million devices and become a $133 billion company that produces its own content and defines new notion to on-demand entertainment. The headquarters situated in Los Gatos, California US. And has 5,400…...
Range Facility Management Support SystemSGT Horner Timothy
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
Range Facility Management Support SystemSGT, Horner, Timothy, AEngineer Advance Leader Course2 February 2019Range Facility Management Support SystemThe Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) is an online integrated system that allows a unit to manage and schedule ranges and training areas. RFMSS is utilized at the company leave to reserve Range and Training Areas (RTA) for the platoon and company to secure time at the RTA without the company or platoon running into scheduling issues with other units. RFMSS is extremely…...
DataInformation AgeInformation TechnologyManagementTime ManagementUnited States Army
Definition of Web ScrapingWeb scraping is a term for
Words • 2195
Pages • 9
Definition of Web Scraping:Web scraping is a term for different techniques used to gather data from over the Internet. By and large, this is finished with programming that mimics human Web surfing to gather indicated bits of data from various sites. The individuals who use web scratching projects might look gather certain information to pitch to different clients, or to use for limited time purposes on a site. Web scraping is likewise called Web information extraction, screen scratching or Web…...
DataIndustryInformation TechnologyInternetReal EstateSocial Media
Extra Cridet Change the Way You Persuade Rev01
Words • 966
Pages • 4
To: Dr. Stephen FlahertyFrom: Yazan Al KhalidiSubject: Reading Response 7: "Change the Way You Persuade"Date: 09 October 2019Reading Response:  “Change the Way You Persuade”The purpose of this Memo is to respond to the article of “Change the Way You Persuade " and to provide my personal views on the points raised.Major PointsThe text discussed why the proposal gets rejected even if they are perfectly constructed and presented and, describe that the rejection is due to the presenter focus on the…...
Case StudyDataRisk
Sample size of five students was chosen for the investigation of ‘Why
Words • 1376
Pages • 6
Sample size of five students was chosen for the investigation of ‘Why do Black Caribbean students underperform in schools?’ The classroom behaviour, staff meetings, parent teacher meetings, behaviour of student with friends, etc. of each of the participant in the school were identified. Responses from the participants would vary due to the cultures and socio-economic status of the individuals. Such purposive sampling was deliberately done with a purpose to focus whether socio-economic conditions of the participants, parental involvement, low expectations…...
msp report sem 7
Words • 2263
Pages • 10
289560267335MODERN CITY728345119697549853851301750VISHWAKARMA GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING Colleg127001722755ESr. No. Name Enrollment Number1. NIMESH PARMAR 1601701110582. MAHESH PUROHIT 160170111081Under the guidance ofProf. Jagruti J. Makwana Prof. M.S. ShahInternal Guide Head Of DeparmentVGEC, Chandkheda VGEC,Chandkheda833120553720VISHWAKARMA GOVT. ENGINEERING COLLEGE(ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to the Internal Guide of my project Prof.Jagruti J. Makwana who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic of Advanced Security System using Image Processing. Under his esteemed guidance,…...
AutomationBig DataEnergyImmigrationTimeTransport
Words • 1060
Pages • 5
CHAPTER THREERESEARCH METHODOLOGY3.1 IntroductionThis chapter presents the research methodology embraced in this research. The discussion is categorized into research design, target population, sample size, sample design, inclusion and exclusion criteria, data collection procedure, data analysis methods, ethical consideration, and expected outcomes.3.2 Research DesignThe sketch of this find out about was once that of motion research of data machine which aims atestablishing the important elements affecting utilization of the library at Outspan Medical College. Action lookup is a setup lookup method…...
41 Ebusiness e SCM eprocurement eauction…etc The internet as
Words • 760
Pages • 4
4.1 E-business (e- SCM, e-procurement, e-auction…etc. )The internet as a technology and communications medium offers new conceivable outcomes for data the executives in worldwide stockpile chains, as we have seen previously. However, that is just a little part of the progressions the Internet will present upon organizations and the manner in which business is finished. Named electronic trade or electronic business, new or if nothing else progressively productive methods for leading business exchanges are developing.Models for this sort of business-to-shopper…...
AccountingBusinessBusiness AdministrationDataInternetLogistics
Ror modifying existing knowledge behaviors skills values
Words • 2137
Pages • 9
Ror modifying existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals, and some machines2.3 Electronic LearningElectronic learning is a term that describes the process of acquiring knowledge via the use of a computer and the Internet, intranet, or extranet. E-learning, a tool that emerged from information technology, has been integrated in many university education programs, shifting from traditional way of education to electronic environment. It has not emerged in one night but can…...
Computer ScienceDataInformation AgeInformation TechnologyMultimedia In EducationWorld Wide Web
In today’s competitive telecommunication business reliable
Words • 553
Pages • 3
In today’s competitive telecommunication business, reliable customer retention techniques will give an extra advantage to any telecommunication company. Customer churn prediction is considered as a major instrument for customer retention(Kim et al.2014). An experiment was conducted using the data of an Iranian mobile company by applying different data mining techniques. Four different data-mining techniques were employed to compare with one another’s output to come up with a more accurate hybrid method. Decision Tree (DT), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), K-Nearest Neighbors…...
AccountingArtificial IntelligenceCommunicationData MiningExperimentInformation Science
Effective Text Mining in Twitter using Clustering Techniques
Words • 2666
Pages • 11
ITS-632 Intro to Data Mining Dr. Sherri BrinsonDept. of Information Technology &School of Computer and Information SciencesUniversity of the Cumberlands Effective Text Mining in Twitter using Clustering TechniquesbyAzmath Saifuddin ShaikKarthik Kumar GajulaGautham NimmakayalaAbdul Azeem ShaikSujani Asha DamarlaDeepthi PeddiJaithrababu PeriyathambhiJithendra DuvvurAbstractText Mining is considered to be an important part in today’s life style. From the point of decision makers, this collection of text mining gives us important source of information. In this paper we are discussing about text mining on twitter using cluster…...
DataData AnalysisData MiningInformation ScienceInformation Technology
For My Intern Report On Super Star Group, I Have Collected Both Primar
Words • 1102
Pages • 5
Methodology:For my intern report on Super Star Group, I have collected both primary data and secondary data.1. For primary data, I have talked with my supervisor and the employee of SCM department to know the company very well.2. For Secondary data, I have used the information of Super Star Groups websites.Limitations of the StudyI have tried to make a well- informed report but like every research, I have also faced few problems. There were some limitations while preparing my intern…...
DataResearchSupply Chain Management
IntroductionHow we live or how businesses operate now has
Words • 2753
Pages • 12
Introduction.How we live or how businesses operate now has changed drastically to how people lived orbusiness operated decades ago. This is due to different industrial revolutions that haveoccurred. The aim of this research is to investigate those different industrial revolution fromfirst to current together with the challenges that lead to the development of another.Furthermore, describe the advancement of technology and implication on business, in termsof decision making, focusing mostly on big data which is the vast amount of data that…...
AccountingArtificial IntelligenceBig DataDataInternetTransport
Sharing Experiences on New NAAC Accreditation Framework
Words • 2033
Pages • 9
The era of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation in the 1990s resulted in changing the economic and socio-cultural environment in countries across the world. It made the world come closer with greater collaborations and networking between companies, industries and businesses of different nations including India (Debab, 2011) (Roy, 2016). This networking resulted in the emergence of newer professions. It also resulted in interaction with people coming from different regions of the world with diverse cultural backgrounds, creating a need to prepare…...
DataEducational TechnologyHuman NatureMedicineOrgan DonationTeam
The founder of Yen Beauty Nail Make Up is Ms Tan
Words • 1139
Pages • 5
The founder of Yen Beauty Nail & Make Up is Ms. Tan Mei Yen. The shop was opened in December 2016 and located at Kuantan Pahang, but they already have their own precious regular and loyal customer. This is because of the nice environment and five-star services that they provided. Yen Beauty Nail & Makeup offered a lot of services, bridal makeup, and hairdo, a day or dinner make up. However, it currently focused more on nail services. Yen Beauty…...
BeautyDataDesignInterior DesignLoveResearch
11 Background of the StudyGender recognition is one of basic
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
1.1 Background of the StudyGender recognition is one of basic face analysis tasks. Automatic classification of gender from frontal face images which was taken under artificial conditions has been well studied with remarkable results (Lemley et al., 2016). It is a basic task for human beings because most common functions depend on the correct gender discernment. Automatic gender classification is employed in applications like intelligent user interface, visual surveillance, aggregating demographic statistics for promotions etc. Human faces provide necessary visual…...
Artificial IntelligenceData MiningGenderIdentityInformation Science
1Industry Overview 11 Basic overview of the industry
Words • 2777
Pages • 12
1.Industry Overview1.1 Basic overview of the industryMachine Tools have critical role in manufacturing industry and they are called the ‘mother machines,’ because they make other machines possible.SEW' holds a unique position in the Machine tools industries they offer metal forming, cutting, blanking, piercing, stamping solutions that are reliable and stable in value.India stands 12th in production and 8th in the consumption of machine tools in the world as per the 2017 Gardner Business Media survey. The country is set to…...
DataEconomyEmploymentFinancial StatementIndustryMarketing Case Study
Words • 869
Pages • 4
Executive is a website that helps people to find and share information about homes, real-estate and property. People who seek this information can use the website anonymously and for free. The databases span over 95% of the homes in USA. It provides historical and updated data on property through its operational database. The traffic on grows annually by 30% and hence there was a need for the website to manage, process and update data quickly and in real…...
Business IntelligenceDataInformation AgeInformation Technology
Executive Program Practical Connection AssignmentAjaykumar
Words • 570
Pages • 3
Executive Program Practical Connection AssignmentAjaykumar KotaUniversity of Cumberland’sI am working as Lead at my company. Information technology (IT) is an essential bit of any affiliation, and with rapidly advancing headways, financing troubles, and conflicting needs, it's fundamental for relationship to have a convincing course of action or manual for seek after. It saves in execution time, anyway a fruitful IT key game plan can realize an in a general sense better yield on hypothesis.Stunning fundamental plans help guarantee that obliged…...
CommunicationDataInformation Technology
P4 Submission 1 Draft 12th April
Words • 1721
Pages • 7
IntroductionCurrently, the digitisation of health care has produced an overwhelming amount of data. Mobile apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health are some of the leading contributors. To date, the main focus of these types of solutions has been the collection of diet and exercise information, yet they have unbelievable potential to provide a big data solution that could transform the way that health information is collected and used CITATION Har17 l 7177 (Ramesh, 2017). It was reported around 165…...
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