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Data environment at Mercy Hospital
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Abstract Understanding the importance of the new data environment at Mercy Hospital will help overall patient care and infrastructure to reach its peak. In the case study being explored, long-term and short-term goals to articulate the benefits, identifying and correcting problems in the infrastructure, and new enterprise-wide data management to improve infrastructure are being questioned. Hospital management needs to ensure there is a smooth and effective implementation through the process of resolving issues in documentation with the new big data…...
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Importance of Big Data in Mobile App Development
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Data is useless until it’s processed. To make it more useful and efficient, we need to extract the information from it. In the past few years, the data has also become huge in size. The scale of user input has been bigger; that’s making the analysis or interpretation more difficult to do. As data could be structured or unstructured, but after analyzing and interpreting, it can be helpful to make better decisions and changes. To handle and analyze this unstructured…...
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Quality Control for Spatial Big Data
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Everyday we have been involved in either using or contributing in the big data around the world, and from the existing big data, approximately 80% of them are spatial big data, which involves geographic locations, addresses and coordinates . We use and contribute into spatial big data daily, even every hour. There are many ways that get us involved into spatial big data, such as using Google Map to search for locations, using Government Transportation Applications to find the best…...
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Big Data Should Be Regulated
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I recall the days when I was first advertised by big data. I asked my dad: ‘How do they know what I want to buy? I was shocked and I enjoyed the feeling of being advertised. As I grow up, hardly can I remember when being bored with this. Advertising emails overwhelming inbox,I learned how to automatically ignore nearby product recommendations in the middle of social information or in the inbox. I am a sample of big data. I was…...
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Big Data And Cloud
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Mary is a small brick-and-mortar business specializing in designer clothing, shoes, and handbags. It offers discounted designer clothing and accessories for men and women. The purpose of this project is to promote growth of retail company Mary with an online presence and become more customer-focused. The internet business is much more than just putting a website to life and waiting for orders to arrive. The Internet has revolutionized our lives and how we live them. It provided an opportunity for…...
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Big Data In Gambling
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The gambling industry has developed and progressed towards complete digitalization since the inception of the first internet gambling website called in 1996. Online gambling is now a multi-billion-dollar industry predicted to reach a volume of approximately 60 billion dollars in 2020. This paper will discuss how big data has recently transformed the gambling industry in several ways. Since gambling is a game of numbers, it can produce a humongous amount of data. This data can be leveraged for personalizing…...
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Personal Data in Our Ever-Changing Business Landscape
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Seemingly every single company is realizing the advantages of big data and has started tailoring their operations based off of the advantages that big data brings, regardless of the industry. It is sometimes hard to understand the magnitude of big data in our society because we cannot see all of the data that is being collected, but it is important to know that it is happening. There are different ways in which big data can be used other than advertising…...
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What Is Big Data
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Our world Is becoming an increasingly digital space today. We manage, share and store our lives. Online data is gathered from our devices, computers and smartphones that collect and transmit information on what we do, but that is just the beginning soon. This phenomenon is transforming our understanding of the world and our place in it. It's become known as big data. Big Data could be invaluable for business. It could provide a window into the lives of customers that…...
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71 RecommendationsLooking back on the experience of the causes
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7.1 RecommendationsLooking back on the experience of the causes of failure, it is strongly recommended to adopt the following simple steps while embarking on the digitalization journey.Step Activity Order of importance1 Develop a clear vision of the business transformation which must be driven top-down High2 Appoint cross functional teams to lead the transformation process. These teams must be filled with employees across all levels High3 Planning must incorporate all factors that will influence or has the potential to influence the…...
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What Is Big Data
...The solution is a patient centric, cross-enterprise, content-agnostic data warehouse, which allows healthcare communities to share and access patient data regardless of its source or format. Advanced connectivity tools which provide a patient centric...
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