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AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of
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AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of Big Data(BD) approach and framework as a very efficient platform used in many applications. One of such applications is the Recommendations Systems (RS). A lot of algorithms had been suggested to implement this application. They are different in terms of complexity and the way they are following for implementation. Next sections will show how the Big Data could be apply in RS and the advantages it gives to comparing to others…...
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Implications This research on egovernance service delivery by Big
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ImplicationsThis research on e-governance service delivery by Big Data technology for the Nepalese labour migrants has come up with some important findings which need to be considered. This can be a starting point for the transformation of e-governance with Big Data applications in Nepal.Implications for PolicyAlthough this study conducted the mandatory needs for transformation of the existing system, it can be expandable to other needs like to incorporate the educated and studying working group in foreign countries. Large number of…...
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BIG DATA WORKS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA TO KEEP US CONNECTEDAshley TurnerMIS 671Professor SrinivasanApril 3, 2019ABSTRACTIt’s great to think about how communication has evolved over the years from letters being wrote, phone calls, cell phones and social media. Over the past few decades as technology became more advance social media has become a primary source of communication not only with people person lives but also with the exchange of communication between businesses and their customers or target audience. A lot of…...
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msp report sem 7
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289560267335MODERN CITY728345119697549853851301750VISHWAKARMA GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING Colleg127001722755ESr. No. Name Enrollment Number1. NIMESH PARMAR 1601701110582. MAHESH PUROHIT 160170111081Under the guidance ofProf. Jagruti J. Makwana Prof. M.S. ShahInternal Guide Head Of DeparmentVGEC, Chandkheda VGEC,Chandkheda833120553720VISHWAKARMA GOVT. ENGINEERING COLLEGE(ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to the Internal Guide of my project Prof.Jagruti J. Makwana who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic of Advanced Security System using Image Processing. Under his esteemed guidance,…...
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IntroductionHow we live or how businesses operate now has
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Introduction.How we live or how businesses operate now has changed drastically to how people lived orbusiness operated decades ago. This is due to different industrial revolutions that haveoccurred. The aim of this research is to investigate those different industrial revolution fromfirst to current together with the challenges that lead to the development of another.Furthermore, describe the advancement of technology and implication on business, in termsof decision making, focusing mostly on big data which is the vast amount of data that…...
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Davis F D Bagozzi R P Warshaw P R 1989 User
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Davis, F. D., Bagozzi, R. P., & Warshaw, P. R. (1989). User acceptance of computer technology: A comparison of two theoretical model. Management Science, 35(8).Davis, K., & Patterson, D. (2012). Ethics of big data. Retrieved from, J. (2014). Impact of migrants’ remittances on poverty and inequality in Nepal. Forum of International Development Studies, Nagoya University, Japan.Dhafer, N., & Sa'ad, S. (2016, June 6). Big data applications for advanced government. International Journal of Computer Systems, 3(6). Retrieved from Donini, A.,…...
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71 RecommendationsLooking back on the experience of the causes
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7.1 RecommendationsLooking back on the experience of the causes of failure, it is strongly recommended to adopt the following simple steps while embarking on the digitalization journey.Step Activity Order of importance1 Develop a clear vision of the business transformation which must be driven top-down High2 Appoint cross functional teams to lead the transformation process. These teams must be filled with employees across all levels High3 Planning must incorporate all factors that will influence or has the potential to influence the…...
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