A Data Analysis and Assessment of the MCAS and Performance of Jake

I have worked with a student, from my small tutoring group which consists of 2 students, I am going to refer to the student’s name as “Jake” for this paper. Jake is a 10 year old boy, he is in the 4″‘ grade, His MCAS score shows that he is proficient in math, he performs according to the grade level. The data and assessment collected in the last five weeks, helps me indicate Jakes understanding about his geometric learning skills on lines, angles and triangles.

Basically he had to identify and classify them, along with their properties I knew that Jake enjoyed doing math, but he doesn’t show much interest for doing geometry. These five weeks assessment and planning geometry lessons, helped me make it more fun and challenging for Jake to develop and retain his interest. During these five weeks I used different forms of assessments to gather his knowledge and monitor his progress During the instructions and learning time, I let him have hands on experience with geoboards, matchsticks and an old analog clock (where he could move the hands manually to show angles and lines).

Firstly I collected the prior knowledge of Jake, to get an idea of his understanding about classifying lines like parallel, intersecting and perpendicular. I gathered that he had minimal knowledge of these basic lines. Then I moved on to a geometrical game using geoboard and dotted paper, Jake had to make different line segments using rubber bands on a square board and transfers the design into the dotted paper with proper labeling I let him figure out how to use the rubber band on the board, let him get a hang of it and then I created a target for this assessment by scoring his work for 5 lines, angles and triangles each week to be transferred into the paper with proper labeling.

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The purpose of this assessment is to give Jake a hands-on opportunity to work with these geometric figures and get a deeper understanding of their properties.

He would have to make 1 figure on board and transfer the same on the paper and label it right. Similar instructions were given for angles and triangles through these five weeks. The target is to continue and make 5 lines, 5 angles and 5 triangles and then record it on the Geoboard paper and he has to keep moving to different sides of the board to create different figures at all times. The goal was for him to the record on paper accurately and label using geometric vocabulary on the sheet. Data: Score performance of the geoboard paper assignment and labelling respectivelively. During the above assessment the student was able to label the respective figures using the geometrical term.

He was able to tell the properties of each of these lines, angles and triangles. I observed that he would do the required angles on the geoboard using rubber bands, but while transferring it on the paper, it didn’t show the same results and he had to go back and forth many times to fix his angles and triangles on the paper. This would usually happen more with triangles. He showed lots of interest working on the board. I would even provide him different manipulative for practice during the week, He was able to orally tell the properties of most of the figures accurately. At the end of each week, to challenge him, I even conducted a weekly test; he was given three sets of papers for independently classifying and identifying lines, angles and triangles on different days of the week, Some papers had 10 questions and some had 51  Using these five weeks I got to understand Jake’s knowledge of how he identifies and classifies lines, angles and triangles.

These assessments helped me to alter my instructions and gauge Jake’s progress. It also helped me understand Jake’s strength and weakness in this unit. Student Progress: The data collected during these five weeks study gave me some clear indication of Jake‘s interest and progress. I used percentage for during the week assessment and the end of the week test, this helped me better monitor his progress. During the first week of assessments, he showed good knowledge and understanding for the line segments and the angles using the board and the test. By the end of the second week he continued to work more on practicing for right and obtuse angle. I gave him an old analog clock, where he could manually move both the hands to make different angles, to develop a deeper understanding of lines and angles During the third and fourth week, he showed adequate knowledge about lines and angles and needed more practice for obtuse and isosceles triangle.

During these four weeks, I even noticed that if I would give him limited questions, he performed better rather more questions During this week I gave him match sticks to practice his lines, angles and triangles as a game time I even asked him to make different letters and identify it in geometric terms. Week five was more of wrap up time for this unit; he was assessed during the week with geoboard and at the end of the week with a summative test. In both these assessments, he seemed to show a good progress by the final week Through these five weeks, Jake has shown a deeper knowledge and understanding of these geometric terms and properties. Each week showed some dip and rise in the assessments. By the end of five weeks, he showed a consistent progress for a deeper understanding in this unit and getting ready for higher level learning in geometry. Instructional decision: Jake showed lack of interest for doing geometry because he felt that it was not fun to draw figures and angles, To develop Jakes’s interest and keep it sustained, I had to modify my style of teaching.

I decided to use hands on activities for him during this unit, I used many manipulative to make it a more fun learning experience and to keep him engaged at all times. I would ask him questions in between to check for his understanding about the properties of these geometric figures. I used geoboard throughout, since it was great way to assess his knowledge. Jake thought that the transforming the figure from geoboard into dotted geopaper was a game, so when I would ask him to do a parallel lines or angles and transform it, he would keep saying “Now it will be a transformer,” I realized that he was enjoying it and not getting bored The reason I asked him to use different sides of the board each time to show figures because I didn’t want him to transform the same figures again on the paper and loose interest Initially I collected his prior knowledge about lines, he showed a minimal understanding. Then I proceeded the week with geoboard gamesr During the end of each week he would have a test to review his learning.

During the second week I used an analog clock for him to practice the angles along with the geoboard, so that I could help him sustain his interest. The third and fourth week I saw that he was confused with some angles and triangles, so I asked him to use matchsticks to create different angles, triangles, letters and lines. This helped him get a deeper understanding about the different geometric terms, During these five weeks, I realized that he prefers hands on learning when it comes to geometry and using different manipulative helped him gain better knowledge, showed consistent growth and increased his interest for further learning. These are some of the instructional decisions, I made with Jake, to help him get better at mastering his geometric skills. Next Steps: During this five-week case study, Jake showed a consistent progress, improvement and potentials grow by proper altering/modifying the instruction accordingly. He lacked interest in geometry

because he did not have an interest in figures These five weeks gave him a different experience to build his existing knowledge and advancing it for a higher learning. The assessments show that, Jake has the potential and capacity for understanding different angles and triangles and ready for further advancement. I think he could use the geoboard and manipulative for extending his learning and developing his skills in geometry Jake has shown a good progress through these weeks He seems to be more of a hands on learner when it comes to this subject. By including this method of manipulation and games it would help him better to achieve high level learning and understanding various techniques of geometry.

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