For My Intern Report On Super Star Group, I Have Collected Both Primar


For my intern report on Super Star Group, I have collected both primary data and secondary data.

1. For primary data, I have talked with my supervisor and the employee of SCM department to know the company very well.

2. For Secondary data, I have used the information of Super Star Groups websites.

Limitations of the Study

I have tried to make a well- informed report but like every research, I have also faced few problems. There were some limitations while preparing my intern report.

I have tried my best to overcome the difficulties but yet some difficulties hamper my work. The limitations I faced were:

1. It was difficult to collect the information from the employees as they are too busy with their day to day work.

2. As I was doing internship there so sometimes they hesitated to disclose the confidential information.

3. I get very less time to complete the report as I am doing two courses with my internship.


The main purpose of this study is to see after completing the academic study how I performed in the practical work field.

And also to give a clear overview of the supply chain management department practices in Super Star Group. The following are the specific objectives:

• To find out how the supply chain management works in Super Star Group.

• To get a view how the supply chain done their official works.

• To find how they tackle the drawbacks of the supply activities.

• To give some suggestion to the issues identified with preparing process


Overview of the Super Star Group

Super Star Group is one of the leading manufacturer, importer and marketer of electrical accessories and equipment of Bangladesh since last two decades under the brand name of “SUPER STAR”.

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They are also certified with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Super Star Group is established in 1994 with its first venture an Incandescent lamp plant located at Narayangonj. For residential, commercial, and other special needs, Super Star group provide wide range of high quality lighting and other electrical solution. For their quality products they are number one in lighting sector of Bangladesh. The product ranges are Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Incandescent Lamp (GLS), Light Emitting Diode (LED), Fluorescent Tube Light (T8, T5), Switches & Sockets, Fan, Fluorescent Lighting Fixture, PVC Insulating Tape, Electronic Ballast, and Distribution Board. In addition, Super Star Group is the exclusive market distributor of Kawamura Electric Inc. of Japan, Federal Electric of Turkey and Khaitan Fan Electric of India. The quality of Super Star Group products is guaranteed and durability is unquestionable. All these products have got both intrinsic and aesthetic value for which we are proud of and find ourselves truly satisfied in supplying the quality goods to our valued and prospective buyers and consumers. Super Star Group have a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals who design all there product. The team have good corporate culture to runs Super Star Group. Super Star Group is striving for brighter future and they have strong distribution network and have good reputation with the banks and other financial institutions throughout Bangladesh.


Super Star Group have different types of company, they are:

1. Super Star Electronics Ltd.

2. Super Star Electrical Accessories Ltd.

3. I.R. Bulb Company Ltd.

4. Super Star Power Tech Ltd.

5. Super Star Fan Ltd.

6. Super Star Engineering Ltd.

7. Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd.

Mission, Vision and Values of Super Star Group


To be the most contemporary conglomerate – LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY.


We will provide the innovative products and solutions that offer customer delight.


1. We’re Bold.

2. We’re Responsive.

3. We’re Innovative.

4. We’re Global.

5. We’re Human.

6. We’re Tec savvy.

7. We’re Bright; Because we believe our future is bright.


Achievements of Super Star Group

• Super Star Group (SSG) a Proud Gold Member of IES

Super Star Group proudly announce itself as a gold member of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society). IES is established in 1906, which is the recognized technical and educational authority on illumination. For over 100 years its objective has been to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers through a variety of programs, publications, and services. (, 2019)


• The First LEED PLATINUM Factory in Bangladesh

Super Star Group (SSG) delighted to achieve the prestigious recognition towards working for building a sustainable environment for a brighter future. Super Star Group would like to thank USGBC, Project Consultants, its Stakeholders, Business Partners, Consumers and Well-wishers.


• SSG (Super Star Group) is ISO certified

SSG recently achieved ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 certificate for significant performance in quality management and environment management. SSG never compromise with quality of its products. It always tries to provide best quality products to give utmost satisfaction to valued customers. This organization also concern for environment. So that it produce environment friendly products by following proper production guideline.


• The Global Leap Award

Global LEAP Awards Outstanding Off-Grid LED Room Lighting Appliance Competition recognizes the SSG (Super Star Group) as winner in two categories 12 VDC LED bulb 5w and T5 tube at the 5th Clean Energy Ministerial in Seoul, Korea, on 12 May 2014. The Global LEAP Awards off-grid LED appliance competition seeks to identify and promote the world’s highest quality, most energy-efficient, and affordable off-grid LED lighting appliances. The Global LEAP Awards is an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership, and is co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Climate Works Foundation.


• Global Marketing Excellence Award

SSG (Super Star Group) has been awarded the Global Marketing Excellence Award in Brand Leadership category from the World Marketing Congress in association of CMO Council, THOUGHT LEADERS and World Federation of Marketing Professionals.

• The Golden Globe Tigers Summit Awards 2015

SSG (Super Star Group) has been awarded “The Golden Globe Tigers Summit Awards 2015” for Excellence & Leadership in Branding and Marketing.

• Global Marketing Excellence Award 2016

SSG (Super Star Group) has been won Global Marketing Excellence Awards 2016 for ‘Future is bright’ Corporate Marketing campaign.


Super Star Group Business units

1. Superstar Professional light.

2. Superstar Solar.

3. SSG Engineering.

4. SSG Generator & Elevator.

5. SSG Properties.

Products of Super Star Group

Super Star Group create different types of light. They have lots of categories in the professional lights. They are:

• Office Lighting

• Industrial Luminaries

• Street Lighting

• Area Lighting

• Earth Embedded Lighting

• Garden Lighting

• LED Lighting

• Explosion Proof Lighting

• Emergency Lighting

• Accessories.

Super Star Group create different types of solar product. They are:

• Solar Home System

• Solar Cable

• Solar Mini Grid

• Solar Battery

• Solar Street Lighting

• Solar Water Pump

• Charge Controller

• Roof Top Solution

Super Star Group Engineering products are:

• Transformer

• Switchgear

• Cable Tray

• Bus Bar Tranking System (BBT)

• Kawamura

• Federal

Super Star Group Generator & Elevator products are:

• Elevator

• Generator

Super Star Group do works in many different kinds of Properties:

• Residential

• Commercial

• Lifestyle

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For My Intern Report On Super Star Group, I Have Collected Both Primar
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