Mikhail Veller Collected Works Vol. 2 Adventures of Major Zvyagin: Book Review

The following sample essay on Mikhail Veller collected works vol. 2 adventures of major Zvyagin. This book advised me to read my neighbor. He took her in his arms and looked at the title, to the delight did not come. At first glance, it was felt that it would be a soldier’s stories have occurred since the gallant Major or about any matters GBshnyh scrolled in the Soviet Union. But from the first page to learn that no major Zvyagin and ambulance worker.

Major he was a long time ago. But his adventure – not an adventure. The author assures that the book: “This book – the” science of victory “and to achieve any goal in our ordinary conditions»

The book consists of 9 chapters.. And each head is a separate story with new characters. Each has its own problem: one alcoholic, ugly second, third has cancer, the fourth left love

And the brave Major seeks out his lost faith in these people’s lives and puts them on the right path in life.

. Hobbies have a neg – to help people. And everyone he hammered the man the creator of your destiny. It makes these people around to hear him. And here’s the first paradox. Quite strangers easily let him into your life and begin to dance to his tune. Our smart Zvyagin wrote them what to do cribs, and lists, where lists of points of how to behave. And when his “kittens” asked him a question: “Who gave you the right to manage our destiny,” he says.

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The book is easy to read. Interesting and sometimes humorous stories in which there is all love, murder, family relationships. And all would do if the author is not stuck in the prologue Zvyagina philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life. And so primitive that read simply boring.

Read or not you decide. To read on the beach or in elektrchke book will fit, but something deep from it do not wait.

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Mikhail Veller Collected Works Vol. 2 Adventures of Major Zvyagin: Book Review
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