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Understanding the importance of the new data environment at Mercy Hospital will help overall patient care and infrastructure to reach its peak. In the case study being explored, long-term and short-term goals to articulate the benefits, identifying and correcting problems in the infrastructure, and new enterprise-wide data management to improve infrastructure are being questioned. Hospital management needs to ensure there is a smooth and effective implementation through the process of resolving issues in documentation with the new big data environment set in place.

Keywords: big data environment, long-term, barriers, infrastructure, management.

Data Project

Helping With Mercy Hospital Operations Nowadays, the amount of data generated in healthcare and stored without an operation has surpassed a data analysis capability. The exponential growth of data is more significant than ever due to extracting useless information from all data that is generated in an organization. “Information technology governance (ITG) is a term used to define this requirement. It comprises the processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals,” (Balgrosky, 2015, p.


Hospital management notices the importance of service quality which is an element in regenerating the revenue for the organization. The effectiveness of proper data management infrastructure will help with additional information from clinical individuals to resolve issues with documentation.

Benefits During Post-Implementation Evaluation

The Mercy Hospital is part of the St. Louis Catholic Health System, which wants to improve overall quality and efficiency in administration and clinical operations. With more than 24 acute care hospitals and 700 outpatient facilities, and physician offices spread across states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

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Without the right data management infrastructure in place, it is hindering quality and efficiency. Looking at the long term, big data environment will be making more informed business decisions which will be enabling the organization to access large amounts of transactional data such as medical history, prior and present insurance and billing data. Big data environment will streamline the process like healthcare services, physician’s and healthcare official’s performance process by executing advanced data processing and analysis at a higher speed. Overall this will make the process more accessible and adaptable for all users. Big data will allow creating more in-depth personal profiles of patients, regardless of what form of commercial transaction it is. “Traditionally, healthcare organizations have purchased licenses for many of these vendor applications, or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, causing healthcare data centers to be filled with many “best of breed” applications,” (Balgrosky, 2015, p. 58).

Which allows combining data from other databases such as social networks, blogs, online reviews, online performance, sales data, and public and open data in order to create personal profiles. This results in more data-driven customer-centric marketing providing an organization with a better opportunity to deliver more one on one relationship with patients and clinical staff. Short term with big data environment provides the opportunity to drive innovation and make preeminent potential decisions based on general data results. It will provide an organization with an understanding of how to satisfy patient care with service and quality provision. “In making these short-term expenditures, we must take care to make investments that lead to substantial short and long-term benefits.” (Bryant, et al., 2008, para. 27). It helps with ensuring sensitive information such as credit card information given for co-pays and deductibles is stored correctly to organization regulations.

Big data environment allows analyzing the threats that are often seen internally at healthcare organizations. With big real-time data environment helps enable organizations to personalize the appearance of both the content and website in real time based on patient preferences and needs.

New Data-Management Infrastructure

The case study discussed how big data environment would provide an opportunity to drive innovation and make it the best decision based on the data results. The use of the automated chart-review process in which medical documentation specialists will begin to work on some cases while the patient is still in-house at the hospital and while that information is still fresh It will help the physician because it is a current case and not a past case. The list of diagnoses or significant complications and clinical rules order will help those individuals such as analysts who will use the big data tools.

Physicians and administrative individuals will need to come together for managing the infrastructure. Improving Data Management Infrastructure. It is improving data management infrastructure with cloud computing. Computing redundancy allows for more tolerance to hardware failure and higher accuracy of data due to multi-level checks which increase the accuracy of insights in healthcare. Cloud computing based technology can be helpful to healthcare organizations when there is a high volume of patient records, market insights, labs, and reports daily. “Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources and services. Many managers and experts believe that it can improve health care services, benefit health care research, and change the face of health information technology,” (Kuo, 2011, para. 1). With commercial organizations such as banks, and insurance sectors will be the most beneficial by implementing data management model. With the right skill sets available to analyze and access the volume of data in an efficient way.


Overall, the new data management helps with improving data quality and efficiency with administrative and clinical operations. With long-term and short-term goals to articulate the benefits, identifying and correcting problems in the infrastructure, and new enterprise-wide data management to improve infrastructure, it will help Mercy Hospital with overall patient quality with improved data analytics. The organization management with the help of IT and administration department will ensure there is a smooth and effective implementation through the process of resolving issues in documentation.

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