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Subway task and mega environment Paper

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Subway is an American fast food franchise that sells submarine sandwiches and salads and it was founded in Connecticut, LASS, in 1 965 by Fred Delude and Peter Buck. It was originally called “Pet’s Super Submarines” and in 1968, the [email protected] name is used for the first time. Since then, the popularity of Subway has been expanding internationally. Subway is now owned by Doctors Associates and there are now 40,438 Subway restaurants in 1 03 countries all over the world. New Subway restaurants are being opened every. Ere and this franchise chain has employed more than 1 50,000 people. Subway has remained among the top best franchise restaurants for the past 7 years. It is actually the largest restaurant company in the world. This franchise restaurant has been created in such a way that it does not only provide a wide range of great tasting sandwiches but also supplies healthier food choices to customers. Subway also gives their customers the chance to decide how they want their submarine sandwiches to be served.

In this assignment mega environment (international element and socio-cultural element) and task environment (customers and clients and competitors) will be analyses and discussed to show how these four elements have an impact on Subway’s operations. The mega-environment, or general environment as it is sometimes called, is that segment of the external environment that reflects the broad conditions and trends in the societies within which Subway operates.

Major elements of the mega environment are: 1) The technological element 2) The economic element ) The legal-political element 4) The international element- It includes the developments in countries outside Subways home country that have the potential impact to the organization. 5) The socio-cultural element- It includes the attitudes, values, norms, beliefs, behaviors, and associated demographic trends that are characteristic of a given geographic area where Subway stores are found. Task environment The task environment depends on the products and services that Us byway offers and the location where it conducts business.

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Subway may be more successful in affecting its task environment than its mega environment. Elements of the task environment are: 1) Customers and Clients- They are individuals and organizations that purchase Subways products and services. It is becoming increasingly important to stay in touch with customers’ needs.

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