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Mary is a small brick-and-mortar business specializing in designer clothing, shoes, and handbags. It offers discounted designer clothing and accessories for men and women. The purpose of this project is to promote growth of retail company Mary with an online presence and become more customer-focused. The internet business is much more than just putting a website to life and waiting for orders to arrive. The Internet has revolutionized our lives and how we live them. It provided an opportunity for individuals with ideas that they could compete with large organizations and companies in that virtual world, which was impossible in society before the advent of the Internet and its complete domination.

Many, but only a few, have ideas that cross the path from the idea to its realization. How easy is it to start an online business such as an online store? Today’s business is generating more data than ever before. Many of these data are structured, which means they are organized in a database and can be sorted or filtered by specific criteria.

However, many companies have unstructured data, which cannot be properly organized into rows and columns (social network data, web site search indexes, videos, images…).

The collection of big and complex data is called Big Data. And what really makes Big Data great is the speed of new data generation, the different sources from which data comes, the amount of data (volume) ) and veracity related to their accuracy and consistency. The purpose of Big Data is to use data to answer our business questions.

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The company needs to find out which questions it wants to answer, what areas it wants to have better insight into, and what data it has access to. When all this is taken into account, Big Data must deliver a measurable impact on the business. It is important to relate the issues that a business user has in their head to the data to be analyzed.

So, we would need to achieve IT performance without the heavy costs associated with buying and maintaining hardware infrastructure. In this case cloud servers are a good option. Many small and medium-sized companies, as well as those with changing requirements and workloads, find the most efficient solution in cloud servers. Cloud technology has been around for over 20 years and continues to evolve at high speed, finding widespread use in the business world. A growing number of cloud technology companies are seeing a reliable ally, especially when it comes to boosting their level of competitiveness in the market, optimizing costs and improving overall business efficiency. The success of an online store is like success in every other type of business – building an effective online store requires discipline, determination, diligence and careful planning.

Online sales are one good opportunity to start business, and entrepreneurs who already have physical stores should not ignore the fact that their potential customers are online every day. It does not always happen that online sales, or other online businesses, turn into a huge success growing at the speed of light. Most online entrepreneurs think that customers will find them automatically, that sales will start immediately and that money will only accumulate. They think a couple of tweets and Facebook status is all it takes to launch an online store and turn it into a virtual ATM. However, developing an online store and growing online sales is not an easy job, whether it is a four-walled store or an online business. Still, the online store has its advantages. For example, a standard or “real” store has a limited group of consumers, usually people who live near that store. And when you sell online you will not encounter this problem and your online store will not have such restrictions.

Project Description

Most of business opportunities, however good they may sound, have experienced total downfall due to expensive rentals, slow business growth and low profit margins. Online business or more precisely, online sales can be very enticing for entrepreneurs because it does not encounter any obstacles that are common to traditional sales. Business does not operate in isolation, and business trends are constantly changing. Whether they are changes in technology, marketing, finance or public policy, we need to be aware of all these external influences in addition to their internal operations. First, we need to stay up with technology. This means that we need to upgrade our computer systems, big data and cloud storage. Customers are looking for companies that have simplified process to order a service or a product. Giving customers an easier way to order what they want will increase sales and profit.

The competitive strategy must be developed from a thorough knowledge of the rules competition, which determines the attractiveness of an economic system. Final goal a competitive strategy is to implement, or ideally change, these rules to the benefit of the firm. Technology, as one of the key elements of an organization, has an impact on itself the organization has over acting on other elements of the organization in which it is in direct ties. For this reason, technology is considered one of the most significant elements, if not a key element, on which customer satisfaction directly depends, a hence the success of the organization in the market. A technology plays a key role in all parts of the business, but the key importance lies in the system of communication and interaction between the company and their consumers. These technologies feature efficiency and faster business operations; they make possible direct contact with clients and reduce distribution costs.

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