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Zillow.com is a website that helps people to find and share information about homes, real-estate and property. People who seek this information can use the website anonymously and for free. The databases span over 95% of the homes in USA. It provides historical and updated data on property through its operational database. The traffic on Zillow.com grows annually by 30% and hence there was a need for the website to manage, process and update data quickly and in real time.

The website is a great data driven website, it is an interactive website that constantly updates information that its users require. The database contains collected information about related data elements, this information is arranged logically and systematically. The website also spots trends in property valuations which provides users vital information to make thoughtful decisions. Zillow.com uses data mining for this purpose as it helps to analyze all data and extract useful information. It helps users find homes that they can afford based on their incomes.

They can find just the kind of property that they seek, based on number of rooms, monthly rent or any other criteria. They also allow borrowers to get loan quotes without providing personal information, they have to give their identity only after getting in touch with the lender of their choice.


Clearly Zillow.com provides unmatched utility and customer satisfaction. They serve their clients with valuable and organized information for free. Zillow.com can improve a lot more by taking advantage of new technology and ideas.

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Business is growing and becoming largely competitive and hence Zillow.com needs to be dynamic in order to maintain its competitive edge. In order for its services to be demanded by customers, they need to be efficient. The purpose of this report is to analyze Zillow.com as a company, how effective they are at providing their clients what they seek, how they use their database to serve their customers and how they can further benefit from using latest technology.

Questions this report addresses

Question 1: List the reasons Zillow would need to use a database to run its business.

Answer 1: Databases are important for a business like Zillow because it has to maintain and organize large amounts of data for its users. Having a database has many advantages. Firstly, it increases flexibility, therefore it is capable of handling changes and being dynamic, it is capable of physical storage of information and it offers its users with ways to access the information logically to meet their varied needs. A database increases scalability and performance for a business. It implies that Zillows system can adjust to increasing demands and it is a fast website which is convenient to use. A database also increases information integrity(quality) and information security. Information security is increased by passwords that provide authentication of the user. It also decreases information redundancy and duplication.

Question 2: Describe how Zillow uses business intelligence to create a unique product for its customers.

Answer 2: Zillow uses business intelligence to offer its users with valuable information collected from a variety of sources so that they can make a strategic decision that suits their needs. For instance, customers can search for properties with 3 bedrooms within a certain budget and they can then choose from among the options that Zillow provides. Zillow helps its users with making effective decisions.

Question 3: How could the marketing department at Zillow use a data mart to help with the release of a new product launch?

Answer 3: Zillow could use a data mart to allow multidimensional analysis. Since a database contains only two dimensions of information, using a data mart would allow for information to have multiple layers and attributes. This would help their customers to make even more informed decisions and choices.

Question 4: List the five common characteristics of high-quality information and describe their impact on Zillow.

Answer 4: the five common characteristics of high-quality information are:

1) Accuracy – the values and spellings must be correct.

2) Complete – no values should be missing

3) Consistency – all information must be in agreement with each other

4) Unique – no redundancy and duplication

5) Timely – information is latest and updated

High-quality information benefits any organization greatly. Zillow not only benefits their users but also themselves with high-quality information. High-quality information provides insight into how an organization is performing. Decisions are only good and effective if they are made based on quality information.

Question 5: Develop a list (minimum of two) of some possible entities and attributes (minimum of three) of Zillow’s mortgage database.

Answer 5: Entities: 1) list of borrowers 2) list of lenders

Attributes for borrowers: 1) salary 2) type of loan needed 3) assets

Question 6) Assess how Zillow uses a data-driven website to run its business.

Answer 6) Zillow keeps track of important transactions, updates and information about property. Zillow updates this information for user access to be relevant and useful to users. They provide high-quality and timely information to their users.

Question 7)How can Zillow benefit from Wireless network and technology?

Answer 7) Wireless networks and technology result in a connected world. Being connected offers great advantages for a business, such as, it becomes easier to share resources and information. It will provide Zillow with immediate data access from connectivity, an alternative to wiring; it will also potentially increase business opportunities and workflow.

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