The Significance of Three Hotel Operational Functions and an Analysis of Descriptive Techniques for Data Analysis

Developing a clear understanding of business functions helps in focusing on the primary objectives of that particular business. For instance, being the new director of operations of the hotel, I will ensure that all the business operational functions are clearly stated as well as the sound data and information infrastructure to support ongoing hotel activities. For this assignment, I will focus on three hotel operational functions that include room reservation, housekeeping, and security functions. The paper will provide a specification of these functions, the data sources, the descriptive techniques for analyzing the data and the manner of presenting the collected data.

Room Reservation To ensure that the room reservation operational functions run smoothly while providing quality services to the hotel clients, I will conduct a review of the data of the previous bookings as well as the influx and outflow of the clients. Rooms’ division is a vital section of the hotel and can contribute to up to 70 percent or more to the total revenue and even more to the profits.

The data I will require include the past records of the clients that come in and ottt of the hotel to have ensured that there are sufficient rooms for customers and make sure that prior reservations are handled with at most hospitality. I will analyze the collected data using univariate analysis method where I will examine every individual value which includes concentrating on distribution in order to create a summary of the frequency of every range of values for a variable.

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The data type will be integers where the client names and the number associated with them in the hotel records. For instance, to know the inflow and outflow of customers into the hotel, I will get the average clients who check in and

out of the hotel on a daily basis, Presentation of the analyzed data will be done through tabulation of data in frequency distribution table and the creation of frequency bar charts. It will help determining the average number of clients who check in and out of the hotel on a daily basis to ensure that both online and in»person reservations are done smoothly by knowing Vacant and occupied rooms in the hoteL That is forecasting on available rooms while maximizing room rates as well as occupancy rate. Housekeeping As the director of operations, I will ensure that customers can check in into a clean room with sufficient supplies and amenities The housekeeping operations provide services such as cleaning and stocking of the rooms with necessities for the clients to enjoy their stay, The primary activities that take place in the housekeeping function include coordinating, scheduling and managing people, However, the key responsibility of the housekeeping function is to oversee room attendants to ensure that customers get peaceful environment during their stay in the hotel.

Thus, I will collect data about all the room attendants and all the rooms in the hotel, It will help in determining the ration of the hotel rooms to the attendant and assigning every room attendant to specific roomsi After the assignment, I will create a schedule that will ensure that room attendants know the time to perform cleaning services and make delivery of supplies to every room Thus, the variables include hotel rooms and attendants The collected data will be tabulated to allow comparison between the room attendants and the number of the available hotel rooms It will ensure that every individual room is assigned to their particular attendants with the appropriate time of offering essential supplies and amenities as well as making sure public areas are kept clean. The schedules will be created using Excel spreadsheets Every customer will be provided with an opportunity to give a response

regarding the room services the received during their stay and any comments for improvement, It will provide an opportunity for keeping track of the key performance metrics. Security Operational Functions The security of every organization is vital for other business operations to run smoothly. Thus, I will require the data of every instance of security breaches that has occurred in the past. Also, I will collect facts regarding what they feel should be done to improve the security of within the hotel, It will help in ensuring that sensitive information about the customers and the whole hotel are kept secure. I will use frequency tables to tabulate the instance of security breaches within the hotel in the past five years and then record the responses of customers in a table.

I will analyze the data using descriptive analysis methods where histograms are used to clear show the fluctuation in the number of security breaches in the last five years to determine the necessity of changes in the hotel security system, It will help in determining the need for new security systems such as in»room safes, keyless lock and tighter security at the hotel front desk. Thus, the clients will feel safe and comfortable which in turn will prompt them to come back to the hotel as well as make referrals. The performance metrics will be determined through comparison of the drop rate of security breaches and customer response.


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