Hyperloop One Founder Elon Musk Also Has Another Company Called SpaceX

Hyperloop is coming to townImagine zooming to city to city passing all those slowpoke cars thinking, “Those Cars are like Snails.” You can do that in Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is like a product out of a science fiction novel. CEO of Hyperloop One Rob Lloyd says, “It’s real, it’s happening now, and we’re going to demonstrate how this company is going to make it happen.” The Hyperloop is a product mainly being worked on by Virgin Hyperloop One.

It is a new type of transportation that is revolutionary. It uses magnets and a tube to travel at near supersonic speeds. You can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by car in two hours. On Hyperloop you can get there in only 12 minutes. You will be like lightning. The Hyperloop will be revolutionary. The Hyperloop one has a top speed of 760 mph. A Boeing 747 only goes at 550 mph. The speed of sound is 767 mph. You will be traveling near the speed of sound.

Ou can get to a destination at a truly alarming speed. This shows the difference in travel times between the hyperloop and other transportation. The Cost to Go on this Speed Demon A ticket on the Hyperloop will cost only $20 and a plane ride could cost you much more than that. Just going from Austin to Houston on an airplane costs $375. Hyperloop will truly revolutionize transportation. Now that’s what I call a good deal. Anticipated Release Date? Hyperloop is still in the making. It is expected that in 2021, 3 working models will be available for commercial use.

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One big thing to think about is safety. The company says that the hyperloop is completely safe.

There is nothing to crash into inside the tube and if the pod somehow stops inside the tube, then you can easily be evacuated. Hyper-Where? The prototype also known as DevLoop is in Nevada, California. The next commercial hyperloop is expected to be coming to Andhra Pradesh, India. After that, it is expected to be in Abu Dhabi. Hyperloop One’s founder Elon Musk, also has another company called SpaceX. SpaceX and Hyperloop One in a collaborative effort will bring the first hyperloop system to India. It will be the biggest stride in transportation in the last hundred years. Mach Speed,Reasonable Cost, Is there even a problem?One problem in making the hyperloop system a reality though is the cost. Elon Musk did not anticipate the scale of this project. Hyperloop may cost 4.8 billion dollars to make. Now That is a lot of money for a transportation system.

A Boeing 747 passenger plane would cost 382 million dollars. Although that is still a lot of money it is nothing compared to the cost of this system.pile ofPile of CashIndian FlagSpace X LogoHypeloop India LogoHow Does This Amazing Feat of Technology Work? Here is how a Hyperloop system will work. Hyperloop is a system of a tunnel and a pod. In the tunnel there will be magnets lying on the floor levitating the pod. The tube is also turned into a vacuum. In this vacuum there is very little air molecules creating near no air resistance. If the pod were to reach 750mph without the tube becoming a vacuum or the magnets, the pod would burn up and the passengers inside would die. With the vacuum technology and the magnets, the pod can safely reach 750mph. The tube will sit on top of pylons which give energy.

These pylons are expected to go underground. The underground pylons will be put there by Elon Musk’s third company the “Boring Company”. These 3 technologies, the magnets, the vacuum, and the pylons, together as a chimera make the amazing Hyperloop System.How Hyperloop will levitate  Hyper-ConclusionIn conclusion I think that when the Hyperloop system comes out it will be a big deal. It will revolutionize transportation. With its relatively cheap commute cost and super high speeds, it will be a great way of getting from place to place. You will be traveling near the speed of sound for a mere $20. That is much less of a commute cost than an airplane. It will truly revolutionize transportation.   Hyperloop Pod

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