Elon Musk Is Facing A Federal Lawsuit for Misleading Investors

Tesla has been a popular car known for its smooth and electronic effects. But what people don’t know is that Tesla has been having some red flags. Because of this, they are promising to make up for it. Tesla has had some downs recently because of production and delivery issues. “Sorry, we’ve gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell,’ Musk tweeted two weeks ago, though he promised, we’re making rapid progress. Should be solved shortly.’ This states how Tesla has been trying to recover from these states of “hell”.

In fact, they have. They promised they would build 5,000 cars in a week, and they did. They made their goal and built 5,031 cars in the last week of June. These issues could cause Tesla to be in dept about $1 billion because people wouldn’t want to purchase Teslas if they hear that they have to wait a while for their Teslas to deliver.

Also, CEO Elon Musk faces a federal lawsuit for misleading investors.

He tried to take the company to private at a price of $420 a stock. Because of this, he has been sued by shareholders because they said that this was a “deceptive effort to manipulate the stock price.” I believe that these defects can have a huge impact on Tesla’s business. But it is good that they are working hard to try to stop these problems. Also, I believe that Musk is wrong for what he has said. Even though it was only a tweet and the SEC said that there was nothing secured, keeping a stock secured and only letting certain people purchase it is wrong.

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I think that he should get sued for this because the SEC could be wrong or lying to help Tesla.

This affects the economy because if people want to purchase a Tesla they may be hesitant because of the issues that Tesla has had. But the improvement that Tesla has been trying is helping a lot. They produced 5,000 cars in a month after they set their goal so this shows how people can trust them. Also this can stop people from trying to purchase a share for Tesla because of Musk’s actions. In conclusion, Tesla has had some ups and downs but they are improving themselves in production and delivery rates. Musk almost ruined the stock rate by tweeting that he is going to make the stock $420 a piece and make it private. After all, Tesla proved that they can work their way out of dept and turn it into success.

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